The Beauty and The Half Wolf


When she arrived at the campus, Bella got out of the car directly. Without saying anything more to the Father. Luck quite understands Bellas attitude of not appreciating him. It is indeed not easy to be a parent. Whats more, the parents who their own children hate.

Luck smiled wryly watching Bella from a distance. His little daughter is growing up now. He watched Bella become a female college student. Dressed perfunctorily with her straight face. Luck hopes, Bella can make a good friend for her.

So that Bellas days are easy to go through. Also, she no longer mourns the deep sadness for her late biological Mother who has died.

Bella walked into the corridors of the campus. All eyes were on her. Some are whispering, some are ignorant. Bella didn care, she just wanted to go to college and study peacefully.

The first day was indeed not easy. Bella hadn made any friends yet. However, it doesn matter to her. As much as possible, Bella was nice to everyone. So that she is recognized with a good image anyway.


The sound of the bell rang, everyone entered their respective classes. Bella walked up the walking stairs. To get to her new class.

So many people were present on the first day. Yes—moreover, this campus is quite competent and good. It is very difficult to get an admission letter from this college. Bella was so lucky, because she could be a part of this campus.

Bella walked into her new class. It turns out that many other students have been preparing to start the material. The girl sat in the backmost seat. Because the front is already fully loaded with other female college students.

Not long after, the teaching lecturer walked in. A greeting smile to all the female college students in the class. With the exception of Bella, who still maintained her straight face.

Every material taught, Bella seemed to focus on paying attention. Until the rest time comes. Bella had no friends. More precisely haven gotten. So, as much as possible the girl went anywhere alone.

In the canteen.

Bella sat down as she fed the burger into her mouth. Both eyes were only focused on looking at the part of the burger patty in her hand. Although the atmosphere of the canteen is very lively. But Bella felt lonely. Her mind was all on Aland.

Aland, where are you? I want to see you again Bella muttered silently in her heart.

When it was crowded, suddenly…


The sound of commotion came, causing everyone in the canteen to fall silent. Bella was also shocked. Both eyes turned towards the sound source. Which is currently the center of attention of the female students there.

Sure enough, apparently there was a female college student who accidentally bumped into another female college student. It seems that the person who was hit was not only one. But there are three people.

”Hey, you can walk?! ” Snapped a pale white-faced girl with golden brown hair at the person who hit her.

So, there were three people who were hit. One is female, and the other second is male. And the person who ran into it was an innocent female college student with round glasses. It seems that he often gets bad luck. Also, it is not uncommon for her to be exposed to bullying from other students.

Bella looked at the girl pityfully.

”Well, she ran into the ELIONER gang! ” another college student whispered. Gossip began to arrive.

”Yes, I guess she will be in trouble. ”

”Thats right, that girl was so unlucky today. If I were her, I would definitely run away directly. ”

”You weird, how about you being chased? Their gang is very dangerous. You can help but have to kneel down and apologize to them. ”

”Huh, yes, too. Yes never mind, I want to continue my lunch. ”

Bella overheard all those conversations. Everyone whispered about the girl who hit the ELIONER gang. These three are siblings. The female one is named Alice, and the two men are named Diego and Josh.

”Already, let it go. Today I don want to argue with anyone. ” Diego said. He is the second child. Younger brother of Alice and Older Brother to Josh.

”Can , Brother. Shes already ruined my mood! ” sarcastically Josh refused.

”Then what do you want her to do? Hurry up! Lunch time is only twenty-five minutes away. ” Diego continued.

”I want her to kneel under my feet! ” said Josh with a mischievous expression.

Alice the Elder Sister suddenly chuckled slightly.

”It could also be your idea, Josh. I support! ” rebutted Alice.

”Hey girl, lets kneel at my feet now! ” Joshs orders on the woman who hit them.

The girl just bowed silently without retorting. Suddenly it made Josh furious. Until clenching his fists in both hands. Which looked like Josh was going to hit the girl.

Alice and Diego had no intention of stopping Josh. The two of them actually seemed to be in favor. Bella, who was watching that from a distance, immediately ran over.

”Wait!!! ” Bella shouted. Trying to stop Joshs ridiculous actions on the innocent girl.

The three siblings turned their heads immediately. Especially Diego, he seems to know Bella. It can be seen from the look in his eyes looking at Bella intense.

”Whats your business?! You want to mess up? Cannot! She has already bumped into me and my brother and my sister! So she had to kneel down and apologize to us! ” said Josh in a loud voice.

Made all the visitors of the canteen look in their direction.

”No! She doesn deserve that treatment! ” retorted Bella refusing.

”Hey, who do you think you are? How dare to fight us! ” continued Alice.

”Im here as a female college student and a friend of this girl. ” Bella replied as she pointed to the girls face.

”Ha ha, want to be a hero? You think you
e great? Get out of the way there! I have nothing to do with you! ” Joshuas rebuttal.

Diego had just been silent as he looked at Bella. Alice the older sister observed and knew Diegos movements.

”Then, who do you think you are too? Even the girl accidentally bumped into you. After all, there are no injuries between you, right? So youd better go! ” drove Bella out at them.

Josh was even more furious, and clenched his fists firmly. Josh walked up to Bella. The closer the distance between the two, the happier Josh became. His face smiled grinningly looking at Bella.

Bella suddenly turned nervous and walked back to the back.

”Hey, holy blood. You… your blood is very sacred. I love it. ” Josh whispered to Bella. Made Bellas body stiffen instantly.

Diego, who was aware of Joshs mischievous and reckless behavior, immediately separated.

”Josh, stop it! Let it go! Wed better get out of here. ” Diego said stopping Josh. Alice seemed to frown.

”Diego, what are you doing? You defended the girl? Its crazy, you like it? ” continued Alice.

”No, I told you earlier. If I don want to have a problem today!! If you don want to go, you have! Im leaving! ” said Diego as he said goodbye and left.

Alice jerked her legs together. Then went to follow Diego away. Also Josh, who was tailing behind Alice while staring intently at Bellas face.

The departure of the three people made Bella breathe a sigh of relief.

e okay? ” asked Bella to the girl. The person just now bumped into the three people. She shook her head, while looking at Bella intermittently.

”No need to be embarrassed, we are not acquaintances yet, right? Im Bella. Whats your name? ” Bella asked again.

”Im… Becca. ” She replied nervously.

Yes—since that incident, Bella and Becca have become friends. But it turns out that the matter is not over there yet.

There is still the ELIONER gang, which will be Bellas enemy this time.

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