”But they never display their grief in front of everyone. It can be said, like a steel. Unparalleled strong. ” Becca continued.

”Im a little curious, with Joshs words yesterday. Whispering the wordsholy blood in my ear. ” Bella said curiously.


Becca then chuckled glaring instantly. Even she repeatedly blinked both eyes.

”You… seriously? ” asked Becca.

Bella nodded slowly.

”It seems that they won be so easy to let you go, Bella. Sorry, because of me, you have become the target of them. You shouldn have to help me yesterday. Im used to being the subject of bullying on this campus. ” Becca said sadly.

”I helped you sincerely, Becca. Its okay, if in the end I have to disappear from this world, I also accept with an airy chest. ” Bella said.

”What? Why do you speak so? Aren you afraid? ” Becca squealed in disbelief. With what Bella said just now.

”No, what am I afraid of? Life is indeed mysterious, right? ”

”But you don have to surrender so well, right? ”

The two separated again, and returned to their respective classes. Because the sound of bell has been heard echoing all over the place on this campus.

Bella walked down the corridors of the campus. Passing by people passing by here and there. The girl again continued her last class.

When she was restarting her class, Bella suddenly missed Aland. Her mind was filled with the handsome man.

Aland, can we meet again? Bella muttered silently in her heart.

Her enthusiasm for learning in the last class immediately decreased. What Bella wants right now is to finish this class as soon as possible. And go back home, so that you can go to the forest. Who knows, she will meet Aland again.

A few moments later…


The sound of the bell rang again. His echoes filled every room. The female college students and college students have finished their last class. Bella hurried up and stood up. Yang also left that classroom area.

Her heart was relieved, because she could go home early. Bella couldn wait to go into the woods. Her face turned cheerful, from what had been gloomy and huffy.

Her feet walked through the gardens. Courtyards around the campus. Her face is so fresh.

Until the end, the three siblings came over to Bella. ELIONER suddenly approached. Even more so Josh, who dared to touch Bella casually.

”Hey, you
e right, the girl who was yesterday? How dare you.. humiliate me in front of everyone! ” slur Josh sniffed at Bella.

”It seems that later in the evening, there will be a good meal. ” Alice rebutted.

While the other one, Diego. He seems to be just staying silent. Without interfering like Josh and Alice. For some reason, Diego actually stared and watched Bella intensely.

”I like the fragrance of your blood! You… is still a virgin. It will definitely taste very sweet and refreshing. ” Joshs chirp whispered in Bellas ear.

It gave Bella goosebumps instantly.

What does he mean? Holy blood? I don understand! Bella muttered inwardly wondering.

”Hurry up, Josh! Lets take her to the house! ” said Alice.

”Wait! What do you want? D-don get close! Don touch me a single hair! ” teased Bella. With a panic expression on her pretty face.

”Calm down, Im not going to play rough on you. Im going to soften my bite. ” Josh said.

”Just shut up you! Weak and helpless girl! You should have been our meal since yesterday. ” Alice continued.

”W-what? Fine dining? I D-don want to die! Don get close to you guys!!! Or I… ” as much as Bella again.

”Or what? Shout? Ask everyone here for help? Ha ha, there will be no one to help you! ” said Alice.

Oh no! Aland, I beg you… Come! Aland… I need you now! Bella said silently in her heart. Mentioning Alands name.

Although it was impossible, Aland came suddenly. But Bella was so sure. If Aland would come to his rescue. Like the events of that night.

Bella was pulled by Josh and Alice. Carrying and putting in their black car. Diego still didn flinch. With his cold face like ice.

”If you shut up, I will treat you softly! So, just obey! ” spun Josh. While tying Bella using a rope. After they were in the car.

Brrrmmm… brrrmmm… brrrmmm

Diego is in control of the steering wheel. Alice and Josh, meanwhile, are behind. While holding Bellas hands together. Holding back so that the girl would not revolt away.

Bella looked from the glass of that car window. They were like they were going in the direction of the village where Bella lived. Still wondering, what exactly do they want.

Bella herself was still confused. With what Josh and Alice said just now.

Holy blood? Virginity? Ill bite you gently, if you obey!

Yes—thats what they told Bella.

Until one day, Diego stopped the steering wheel of his car. Alice and Josh immediately pulled Bella back. Took her out of that car.

It can be seen the atmosphere of the jungle jungle. Which is full of green trees of nature. They took Bella into that woods. Made Bellas panic even more passionate.

Bella tried to rebel from the two people. Alice and Josh. The one who kept holding Bellas hands together was very strong.

”Please! Aland! Help me! Aland! ” shouted Bella calling out Alands name.

”Hey, who are you calling? Your boyfriend? Ha ha, that guy won come to save you, baby… so, stop making stupidity! ” chimed Josh.

Diego walked over first. Is like pointing out the direction of the road. To the three of them.

Soon, they came to the deepest part of the forest. It is very far away from the countryside. Bella was dropped down. Then it was tied by Josh to a big tree that was there.

”What do you guys want?! Don !!! Don tie me up like this! Let me go! Let go! ” Bella shouted rebelliously.

”Shut up! Just make noise! ” Alice said.


Suddenly there was the sound of the bushes around them. It frightened Bella even more. The girl thought, ELIONER the gang will leave her alone in this jungle jungle. Then let it be eaten by the beasts.

”You heard? ” asked Josh to Diego. The man nodded slowly.

”The enemy is approaching. ” Alice whispered suddenly.

Enemy? What do they mean? Bella muttered inwardly.

The strange voices sounded louder and louder. And getting closer and closer towards all of them. Bella could only resign herself to this tense situation.

If Im destined to die in this place, how can I fight fate? said Bella quietly.

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