Yuki opened her eyes lazily when she heard her cell phone ringing calling for a song called Maneskin Beggin. Quite surprising and managed to make him wake up with just the intro.

”I should have just changed the alarm. Every morning I was surprised that I had a sudden heart attack, ” she muttered as he left.

The girl glanced at the clock on the wall in the middle of the room. Its seven oclock and it looks like Logan and Ayalla will be coming soon with their parents, ”Luckily yesterday I remembered inviting the children to the house. If its not complicated, I won have time to go to church, ”

Yuki chose to grab a towel and staggered towards the bathroom. Immediately wash her body lazily lazily.

Until no less than fifteen minutes later Yuki finished her shower. The girl came out of the bathroom with a fresh face. She wore an oversized white T-shirt and a plaid skirt which suited her perfectly.

Yuki approached the bed and grabbed a hairdryer that lay there. Immediately dry her long curls.

ting tong

Yukis apartment bell rang suddenly making the owner turn around. Carrying her favorite comb while smoothing her hair which was still half wet, the girl stepped towards the main door to immediately open the door for the guest who had just pressed the doorbell of his apartment.

The girl smiled broadly as soon as she opened the door, ”Hi Logan. You
e handsome in the morning, ”

”Hello mama, ” the boy smiled broadly, spreading his arms to signal Yuki to carry him.

The woman laughed crisply, put down her comb and carried Logan into her arms while inviting an adult man who came with the boy, ”Sorry mister, my apartment is a bit messy, ”

”Well. Your apartment is immaculate as usual. You never change, ” Lucas smiled charmingly.

Yuki immediately looked away, trying to restrain herself from rolling her eyes lazily. As annoying as the man beside her was, Lucas was still her boss. She didn want him to fire her just because she was rude.

”Mamas apartment smells good, ” said Logan enthusiastically.

”Oh yeah, ” Yuki replied proudly, ”Logan sit here first, let me get you a drink. What do you want to drink Logan? ”

”Logan, do you want mango juice, ma? ”

”Hush has visited and has chosen to drink, ” said Lucas lazily.

”Its okay, theres also mango juice, ” Yuki smiled faintly, ”Mister, what do you want to drink? ”

”Just mediocre, ”

”Coffee? ”

”Yes, coffee is better, ” the man smiled.

Yuki nodded, immediately stepped into the kitchen to prepare drinks for the two guests.

”Dads been here before? ”

”Hmm? ” Lucas turned his head and nodded slightly, ”Daddy used to come here often, ”

”Oh yeah? Daddy often play with Mama, right? ”

”Yes, daddy used to play with mama often, ”

”Then why did Logan just meet again with mama yesterday? ” asked the boy.

Lucas shook his throbbing head, for some reason this son has a lot of vocabulary that should be used by adults, as well as complicated questions that sometimes even children his age can understand, ”Because Daddy and Mama are far from home. Then just met yesterday. Coincidentally. Mama works at daddys place, ”

”Oh, I see. Daddy and Mommy aren enemies, are they? ”

”No, no. Why do you say that? ”

”Yeah, I don know, Logan, just ask, ”

”Enemies are not good, you know, ” said Yuki, who came with a tray of snacks, a glass of mango juice and milk coffee.

”Thanks. So the impression is really bothersome, ”

”Not bothersome at all, Sir. I actually like the apartment to be crowded, ”

”It can be an enemy, can it, ma? ”

”You can , ” Yuki chuckled, rubbing the boys mane beside her in excitedly.

”I heard youve been working in kindergarten for a few months, ”

Yuki turned to Lucas and nodded, ”Yes. Besides, I also like children and have been used to taking care of children since I was little. But being an honorary teacher at kindergarten can meet my needs, mister, ”

”Mama, ”

”Hm? Why Logan? ”

”Do you want to take Logan to school tomorrow? Lets be like Logans friends go to school with his mom and dad, ” asked the toddler with an innocent face.

Yuki blinked her eyes a few times, then turned a broken glance at Lucas. She could see that the man was as clumsy as her.

Yuki quickly cleared her throat to neutralize her voice, smiled broadly as he leveled her height with Logan, ”Logan, mama is busy tomorrow, how about next time? ”

”Just once, maa, please. Mama Logan never took Logan to school. But now Logan has a beautiful mother, Logan goes to school with a beautiful mother, ”

Hearing the toddlers innocent answer, Yuki immediately looked down sadly, she finally nodded in agreement, ”Yes, tomorrow Mama will take Logan to school. Don be sad anymore okay? ”

”Really? ” the boy squealed with joy.

Yuki nodded no less happily, ”Yeah, ”

”Yeyy, ” Logan cheered, hugged Yukis body tightly and the owner immediately replied.

Seeing that sight, Lucas smiled warmly, ”Thank you for being nice to Logan. Even though— ”

”Logan is completely innocent, ” Yuki interrupted first, ”Hes still a kid and he doesn know anything. I can hate him just because of that incident, ”

”I feel guilty for that incident. Especially towards you, ”

The girl took a deep breath, smiled faintly, ”The events have passed. Its been five years, mister. Just let everything go according to Gods destiny. No matter how much I hate what happened, I will never be able to turn back time, ”

The grown man nodded. Yuki never changes, even though the girls emotions sometimes explode but inevitably Yuki is a wise and kind woman. She is also loving and gentle. Ah Lucas regretted ever dumping the girl, ”Thank you, ”

”No need to thank me. Im just doing what Im supposed to do, ” the girl replied calmly, ”Logan have you eaten? ”

”Earlier, I ate the fried egg that daddy made, ”

Yuki laughed crisply, ”Want to eat more? Mamas cooking this, ”

”Mommy want to cook Logan? ”

”Yeah, Logan, what do you want to eat, hmm? ”

”Logan, what do you want to eat? ” The toddler made a thoughtful gesture that suddenly invited the girl beside him to chuckle, ”Logan wants to eat grilled meat, ”

”Why not just vegetables? Its healthier, ”

”Logan is not in the mood to eat vegetables, ma, ”

”Vegetables are healthy, you know. It makes Logan grow fast, grow tall. Later, if Logan eats Logans vegetables, he can grow up fast, ”

”When Logan grows up, can you marry mom? ”

”Yeah, the basic kid is still small, just thinking about getting married, ” snorted the father, ”You don have to just feed it all, ”

”Ugh, why don daddy interfere. Just go home, you don have to come here. Lets just let Logan and mama alone, ”

”Shut up. Whose apartment is this, ” Lucas snorted in annoyance.

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