”Its okay, Mark, ” Yuki finally spoke up, ”Its just the past, ”

”You have to say Ki. Even if I can help myself, Ill punch him now. It turns out that the person Im looking for, the person who made Yuki cry for three days and three nights is actually my friend. You better cooperate with me. You are a financial manager like this company offers, ”

”I don want to join your company just because Im your friend from Marks elementary school, Ive often said things like that. Let me be independent okay? ” Yuki patted Marks shoulder several times, ”You better get out now so I can finish the interview, ”

Mark snorted, glared at Lucas, ”And you, you have to make sure Yuki is okay. Don you ever have any intention of doing anything Yuki, ”

”Don worry, Mark. Your little sister is safe with me, ” Lucas laughed lightly.

Mark snorted, but still stepped out of the room annoyed.

”Okay Miss, ” Lucas opened Yukis folder, opened some files there, ”I didn even know I read all of this. You were born on the twenty-third of September. You are twenty-five, have a bachelors degree in economics and are among the top three graduates. Worked at PT Adiwangsa for a year before resigning due to work pressure and too much gossip at the office, ”

Yuki looked up after only looking down at the floor, how could Lucas know that? Even her date of birth and full employment history with the reason he left her old office.

”Yeah, I quite know you
e not the gossipy type. And you don really like being restrained by other people— ”

”Mister, ” Yuki immediately said whether his behavior was polite or not, the important thing was that he wanted to finish this interview quickly because for Gods sake, she couldn stand being in the same room with this mega playboy ex-boyfriend for a long time, ”When will the interview start? ”

Lucas chuckled, ”I didn intend to do an interview after knowing that it was you who applied for a job at my company. You can work here from now on, ”

Yuki fell silent before nodding curtly.

”You can work from tomorrow but not as a finance manager, ”

”What do you mean mister? ” Yuki held her breath unconsciously.

Again the man sitting in his proud chair chuckled, ”My personal secretary. You can work from tomorrow, ”

”But Mister. I have a degree in economics. I can be Misters secretary. Thats definitely not my field, ” Yuki immediately protested. Being the mans personal secretary obviously made her see Lucas often. No, she couldn help but scratch the mans handsome face

”Thats it or nothing. Ah except office girls if you will, ”

The girl seemed to think for a moment. Indecisive. If she thinks professionally, being a private secretary is not his field as an economist.

”Ill give you triple your salary, ” Lucas immediately continued.

Hearing the word triple salary, Yukis eyes immediately turned fresh. Even though her parents are also wealthy people with paddy fields everywhere, but still, the offer of jobs with doubled salaries is certainly very tempting, isn it? And without thinking Yuki immediately nodded in agreement, ”Okay mister Im willing, ”

”Okay you can work from tomorrow, ” said the man, ”Tomorrow at half past seven you can come to my house. You can use this car while you work here. And the most important rule of this office, is that women are prohibited from wearing span skirts. So starting tomorrow I don want to see you wearing a span skirt anymore. You can wear an elementary school skirt or whatever, as long as its not a span skirt, ”

Hearing that, Yukis head throbbed instantly. What kind of weird rule is that?

”And here is your map. You may leave, ”

Ah Yuki forgot, in front of him is still his ex-boyfriend mega playboy who is very annoying. Huh, if she doesn get the lure of a large salary, how would she want to work for a company owned by Lucas Anggara Hadiwijaya, who even just looking at his face makes Yuki emotional.


”Sorry, I didn know that your ex was Lucas, ” Mark looked at Yuki in front of him who was sipping americano quietly without being disturbed at all.

The girl chuckled, ”Its okay, calm down. Youve helped me at least I should thank you. Its pretty good there I got a big salary, ”

”Oh yes? ”

”Yes. But he asked me to be his personal secretary, ”

”And you want? ”

”Three times the salary. Who doesn want to try? ” Yuki chuckled sarcastically, ”I still like money if you forget. And Lucas gave me this, ” the girl put a car key on the cafe table where they were chatting now, ”With three times the salary and an official car. Whats missing? How can I refuse? ”

”Lucas really knows how to deal with a girl like you, ” Mark took a deep breath, ”Donkeys never fall into the same hole Ki if you forget, ”

”Well, instead of thinking about lovey dovey, I think more about how I can get a lot of money quickly and don have to marry the landlords son— ”

”The scary face looks like a market thug, I know, ” Mark snorted, ”I just don want what happened before to happen again. Im really close friends with Lucas. But if he plays with you again, I won hesitate to give him a raw punch, ”

Yuki laughed crisply, ”Don worry. My life isn a drama, isn it. The story is about a secretary falling in love with her own boss. My life isn that cliché, ”

”You don think its all a cliché, ”

”Yes. Including you and Yeri, who loves at first sight. Its really weird, you know. How can someone fall in love at first sight. Physical appearance is what they call it, ”

Mark looked a little offended, ”On what basis do you say that, Yukira Ananda, ”

”Yeah, think about it. You met Yeri for the first time. You guys have a project together, Yeri is a model and you
e the CEO. You asked Yeri to be the star of your companys newest product advertisement and when you first met Gubrak you fell in love with him. Think about it, wow, this girl is so beautiful, Ill definitely fall in love with her. What is it called if its not physical? ”

Mark snorted, ”You
e single you won know how it feels, ”

”You brought my status again. I wonder why I feel at home with you? ”

”Oh, you liked me when you were in high school, if you forget, ”

”It was a mistake, remember it was a mistake. I still don understand love. Oh, Im really tickled when I remember that I used to like you, ” Yeri shuddered, ”Still, it can be counted as firat love. Im just amazed at you, not falling love, ”

”Lucas first love you, right? ” Mark asked, and seeing Yukis face stiffen he clearly knew what the answer to his own question was.

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