The Devils Puppet


It was 7:00am in the morning i woke up to someone shaking me..i turned around and found my twin sister Ashley giving me the death stare what is it… i asked while yawning..have you forgotten its Monday you dummass….she said oh yeah i forgot….and sooo what is it to you… i replied still feeling less energetic about the whole school stuff….what!!!!!!!!!!..dont you forget mum made us walk to school together everytime…if not for that, i wouldn want to sully my good grades because of you….just because you cant do magic as great as yours truly doesn give you the right to rub your depression and frustration on me.she complained ok..ok…ok… fine i get it you can quit your yammering now am going to bath…..ugh…. damn twin sisters are a pain in the ass i said as i went to the bathroom. By the way am Chris Grayson and am 18years old by oct 7 which is next month yayyy i guess, moving on, am from a family of 4 me my twin sister Ashley, and mom and dad….as you may have guessed we do magic and my family has one of the highest affinity for magic everyone in my family is a great magician except me i was born with the lowest affinity for magic almost close to a normal human…. my twin sister is one of the top magicians in our school and she even has guilds waiting for her once she graduate… while mee it feels like am living under my parents shadow….we awaken our powers when we are 5yrs old..i was what youd call a late bloomer.. since then have been the trash of the already used to it..i guess my life really does suck huh..

Chris!!! get down here for breakfast or you gonna be late for school my mom yelled.. ok ok.. gosh i took my bath in a flash and wore my uniform with the magic artifact thats been provided for kids with low affinity for magic… i looked at my self in the mirror with my usual I DONT CARE expression..and went down stairs…theres my boy my dad said while gesturing me to come sit near him so hed give me the consoling and advice of a lifetime…..morning dad greeted him and sat near him, my mom and my sister where busy serving the dish my dad kept yammering about his talk about justice, patience and hope…and also words like…don t give up….even if you cant use magic.. or stay true to yourself you know things like that…it was pretty much time to leave for school and our flying school bus was already outside.. time to go chris Ashley sounded in a hurry as always.. yah, coming.. bye mom bye dad…..hey sis arent we walking to school usual..or why dont you just teleport us like we did last time…. i asked you know you ask a lot of question right.. she said as we stepped in to bus…

At times like this i wish i had the power to make myself invisible… i mean the moment we stepped into that school bus my sister got all the attention in a good way an

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