The Devils Puppet


Thus the meeting began.. my parents stood up and introduced us properly, the man also gave his introduction am William Ainsworth and right beside me is my son Carlos Ainsworth the heir to the Ainsworth family….and Ashleys Fiance` he said and sat down… for about 30 seconds or so, everywhere was dead silent you could her a pin drop….the first person to break the silence was Ashley, what!!!!!!! she shouted, though my face was looking pretty call but inside me i was shocked shes having a fiancee although i wasnt as shocked as Ashley..i dont know why but part of me kinda expected this when i saw the man and his son… but for it to become real is shocking

ok settle down my dad said.. dad explain.. cause no one said anything about being engaged Ashley said trying to be calm…i just sat back and watched everything… i felt my presence isnt here so i decided after i listen to how they came about the engagement i would leave..

mr Ainsworth here has been my friend since we where in the academy so we made a promise to each other that our kids would get married… so you guys are more like bethrode….. he ended his explanation… so its the promise crap that parents do i said to my self…and my gaze went to carlos.. who had black hair and black eyes… he was handsome but i dont mean to brag but am more handsome, my white hair and blues eyes.. are capitavating… anyways he felt my gazes on him and he returned the gaze with disgust and malicious intent..which suprised me at first, his boy is bad news i thought to myself.. well what do i care… i sighed and got up from my seat please excuse me i said as i turned around and walked toward the door.. i heard my mom calling me back.. chris where you going? she asked am going to take a stroll i replied in most respectfull way i could But we are not done she tried making me stay… sorry mom, it seemed my presence isnt needed here and beside am not the one beign bethrode i said as i took my live… as i was closed to the door i heard an unfamiliar voice….. hey, arent you the trash… i mean the low affinity guy… the voice said i turned around and saw carlos looking at me with a smug look on his face.. yeah thats me.. nice to meet you brother inlaw i said with a slight bow and left the house….

inside the mansion;

dont mind him, hes just tired mom said trying to cover up her son behavior oh dont worry kid theses days need their privacy Mr Ainsworth said.. as eveyone kept talking Ashley felt a lustful gaze on her.. she saw carlos staring at her….i hate this guy, hes tryna use magic to see through me,..what a perv she activated her anti magic artifact… when carlos notice he couldnt see through her cloth he smiled and the interest he had in her increased..
ow i have to make her mine he thought to himself while licking his lips.. Ashley on the other hand felt disgusted about the whole situation.. after all said and done both parties proceeded to leave the house thank you for your hospitality Mr and Mrs grayson Mr Ainsworth said then came outside.. but what happened after that shocked everyone.. Carlos walked up to Ashley bowed down in a prince like manner and kissed Ashleys hand he extended his tongue to lick it a little which thew Ashley off guard i hope i get to know more he said as he licked his lips in a pervy way and went on his way with his father…..meanwhile Ashley and her parents where stunned about what they just witnessed wow….hes getting into character her mom commented yeah..even though they just met her dad added….when Ashley finally came to her senses, she wiped her hands with her hand towel and used fire magic to burn it…. Gross… i hate that guy Ashley said out loud.. her parents where shock from her remarks whats wrong dear.. dont you like him? her mom asked everything is wrong…..firstly deciding on my marriage before i was even born….. as if that wasnt enough am bethrode to a total pervert, i cant accept this marraige she said.. panting a little and why am i the only one getting a fiance…what about Chris, why isnt he getting any one? she asked for your first question even though it was wrong to get you engaged without your consent but we know whats best for you, cause we made you…and secondly how do you know he his a perv i mean you just met him once her mom replied.. how do i know he is a pervert you say……well first thing he does to a girl he just met is to use his eyes to defile her..i mean who does thatshe asked what do you mean her dad who had been silent this whole time asked he tried using Xray magic to see through my cloth..but thank god for the anti-magic artefact you gave me…. stopped it….. she said.. are you completly sure about this he asked yes…i mean have i ever lied to you before she said.. well her dad and mom said at the same time while looking away.. anyways we will keep that in mind they both said for the mean time keep your gaurd up around him and let us know if he does anything suspicious, if he does.. we will end the marraige they said… maybe ill have to look for a fiance for chris her mom thought as they entered inside the house.

i have been walking for more than 30mins now they should have gone by now i though to my self i wish i could use teleportation magic i said as i walked back home….as i entered my house i saw my parents sitting down on the couch, the seemed to be lost in thought.. i looked around and saw Ashley having a evil Grin on her face…. i didnt like the Atmosphere it felt weird so i proceeded to head into my room without anyone noticing…..but who am i kidding my parents where one of the best mages in their time… and my sister is currently the top in my school and me, :[ i have nothing .. just as i was brudding over my lack of accomplishments i heard my mom call my name oh Chris you are back.. she said as she got up from her seat and walked up to me… and placed her hands on shoulders her grip where strong as hell.. i gulped down my dry throat..sweating all over my face if you ever leave during an important meeting like you did… hell.. you wouldnt like me.. got it she said with a feirce look on her face and her grip where tight as hell yeah.. i wouldnt dare i said trying not to think about what would happen if i disobey her…. cool… now dinner will be ready in 30mins she said with a smile on her face.. as she got to the kitchen she called out Chris…am thinking of getting you a fiancee she said.. whattttttttt.. no please dont….dad please talk her out of it i said trying to ask for my dad help…but that didnt work out,, well i dont make the decision your mom does.. i just stamp them.. he said as he shrugged it off.. are you even the head of this family i thought to my self…. Then dont stamp it.. i dont wanna end up like her i pointed to ashley whoes still having the weird grin on her face…. dont worry ill try… but dont get your hopes up he said as he stood up to seat at the dinning…hows that suppose to make me feel good i thought to myself while letting a huge sigh escape from my mouth.

Dinner came and passed by quicky… and its time for me to hit the sack..[means go to bed] man am tired i layed on the bed like a log while trying to review everything that just happened today…..i wonder if i would get to see miss X again, she pretty cute though i thought to myself as my conciousness left for the dream World.

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