The Elemental Healer


The old saying goes that things are always simpler in the eyes of a child. Black is dark, white is light, good and evil, right and wrong its either one of the other and never both. However, nothing in the universe is ever that simple, as such narrow notions can be widened with age or experience, and the minds ability to comprehend. Entire civilizations can rise and fall over a simple notion, but its true leaders and innovations that see the world in a new light for a new era. This is the story of one such person, who despite his unlikely beginnings, shaped the world into a new Era of Enlightenment, in a world where magic, man and beast lived in a constant state of fear long since the beginning of time.

The world was at first a primitive terrain, one where humans were lower than the beasts, and mere fodder for the greater monstrosities known as Demons that roamed the planet. From the winged lion to mighty chimera, Demons were neither beast nor man, but a strange hybrid of both with near infinite combinations of species lurking in the shadows. Humanity was not the strongest of the beasts in the world, but they were intuitive for their ability to adapt and match wits with the great beasts of the world. It was this ingenuity that led to the first discovery that magic, while thought only existing in Demons, could also be harnessed by humans through sheer force of will and development during what would become to be known as the First Era of Magic.

In its infancy, the first circle of magic, known as the inner plane, could only amplify the first four fundamental elements of inner strength; mind, body, soul, and spirit. Mankind learned to think faster, fortify muscles and bones, and draw strength from within and from their surrounding environment in a way that transcended average human potential. Harnessing these four forces was the first step to creation of true magic, when mankind started using the very elements themselves. The first Mages learned to draw on the power of all four strengths and used them to combine together the very natural forces around them. Like kindling a fire in a ring of stones and then breaking that barrier to be released, mages learn to harness their powers like wildfire. That was the beginning of the Second Era, the dawn of the Elemental Mages, the power of the outer circle.

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, the first elements of the outer circle of magic, soon to be followed by 3 more circles in an Age of Enlightenment that followed a Third, Fourth and Fifth Era. While the demon problem still persisted, many began to develop civilization beyond its primitive roots. Soon cities were formed, then provinces, then kingdoms, and then nations, forming the 5 great Kingdoms of World spreading across the 5 great continents. To the East of the first continent, is the Republic of Mentor, the largest and most diverse lands. To the West of the second continent, is the Empire of

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