The Elites Magic Academy.

Mage Academy | Talent test.

”Am leaving for home ”

Darius pack up all of his stuffs and he is ready for the journey to home.

”You are so excited to meet your parents hmm? ” Eric asked.

Darius nodded.

”Thats good ” Darius finds a tinge of sadness in Erics voice.

”Why are you sad? ” Darius curiously asked s they started the journey.

”Hahaha, that is because my parents are no more ” Eric let out a dry laugh, he is just trying to hide the pain with a laugh.

”Sorry, i did not know that ” Darius apologize for bringing such a sensitive topic up.

”Never mind ” Eric shrugged it off.

”lets increase our pace ” Darius said.

Coincidentally, Erics hometown is also Aduna where Darius is staying.

The two friends move extremely fast, as the result of their training, there stamina has massively increased and they could run much longer.

”Hey, will you miss this place? ”

”Of course i will, you know what? ”

”I don know, just say it ”

”I will not stop the daily routine training ” Eric said.

”hahaha, try slacking off for even one day and your body will tell you ” Darius knew the feeling of missing training even for just one day.

After some moments of running at full speed, the spotted Aduna.

”Home sweet Home ” Darius happily said.

”Yeah and lets try to keep in touch ” Eric said.

”I promised i will ” Darius said and they parts way here.

Darius is extremely happy seeing the familiar people on the street, he wave and smile at everyone and then he run straight to home.

”Mum and Dad! ” Darius shouted as he run straight inside.

”Hahaha my boy is back ” Robert is the first one to come out.

”I said you should stop joking with me and this your joke, i am getting use to it, it is too old. you always do that, you know ” Madeline said.

”Mum! i am really back home ” Darius confirmed.

”What? My little baby has grown much taller ” Madeline is surprised at Dariuss transformation.

”Hahaha, i told you i can do it ” Darius boast.

”But you are still shorter than me ” Madeline look down and tease Darius.

”Ahh! Mum stop it. One day i will be taller than you, i promised ”

”But you will always be my baby boy ” Madeline smile.

”Seems you have come to terms that i will one day be taller than you ” Darius teasingly said.


”why do you use so much strength in knocking his head? ” Robert asked.

”SE-CR-ET ” Madeline said it bit by bit.

”And back to you now, will you get cocky again? ” Madeline twist Darius ears.

”Ahh! please I am sorry, i will never do it again ”

”Will you even try to dream of getting taller than me? ”

”No, i don dare ”

”And lastly, you are now much stronger and older, if you try irritating or imitating me again, hmm ” Madeline shook her fist in the air.

Darius felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

”I will knock your head at full force ” Madeline said it with a smile that is not really a smile.

”Go and settle in your luggage ” Robert said.

”Alright ”

Hmm i miss you my lovely room Darius happily jump onto his bed and enjoy the feeling of been back at home.

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