The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY

The Azzwang and Azzo Tribes

Brando and Toto hurried down the stairs and walked towards the river. They passed several houses and a dense forest. They found the river where the women were washing and others were swimming. Some residents individually hang their clothes, bedsheets, and blankets after washing. Mary, too, was there for her daily pastime in washing clothes. This is the only time she is free from his parents strictness.

At the foot of the bridge, tall trees and boulders are beautifully curved and some rocks are castle-shaped.

When Brando and Toto arrived at the river they immediately took off their clothes and swam in the clear water. They saw people but not far away. Because of Brandos joy and new experience, he really took off everything he was wearing, including his brief. Then they squeezed their clothes and dried them in the sun on the rock, but, they were both naked while under the water.

The wind blew the dried briefs, pants, and T-shirts they had dried, and it unknowingly drifted Brandos brief to Marys whereabouts while busy doing laundry. The water flowed hard until Mary saw it. He picked it up and looked at Brandos whereabouts without knowing what had happened. But when he turned around Brando saw that Mary was holding her brief. Since he was naked, he just asked her to give it to him. Mary approached them at the foot of the bridge and Mary personally handed it to Brando. ”Heres your short salwal! Ill put it here, ” Mary exclaimed and was about to leave but she turned to Brando, and only now did she see it in the river. The maidens blood jumped, and her attraction began. Mary took off her dress and was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt that was high. When she took a bath, Marys healthy breasts came out, which she actually showed with the new face in their place. Brandos playboy nature worked and he could do nothing but look at the girl with lust in his heart, ”Shes beautiful and young. ”

”Uncle Brando, her name is Mary. Her parents were always on the farm working all day. She is alone in her house. ” They followed the girl to her house, they hid behind a tree and watched Mary. ”Are you sure hes alone now? ”

”Yes, Im sure Uncle Brando. ”

”Lets go then … I think its time to play, ” Brando signaled that Toto followed him at the same time.

They knocked twice on the door, and Mary came out to greet them. ”You
e the one, in the river, aren you? ”

”Yes my lady. My name is Brando and this is Toto, ” he held out his right hand to her.

”Yes, my name is Mary, Nice to meet you. ” She extended her soft hand to accept the friendship. Brando held Marys hand tightly looking her straight in the eyes. The girl felt Brandos hand bring an ”electric jolt ” inside her body. She knew she was in love immediately with this stranger.

”Can you come with us around the river to see, you know, Id like to explore this place? ”

”Sure Brando, ” Mary said as she looked at Brando whose muscles seemed to explode. They wandered around the river, in the forest, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Toto was very happy because this was the first time he went around without fear of being reprimanded. As the two were united by their instant love for each other, they prevented Toto from staying under the mango tree eating bananas and guava. They hid under the bushes, stripping their clothes, and caressing each others bodies. This was the first sensation that heaven had given Mary. And, this is also her first lovemaking, and to strangers only.

”Brando … this is the… first time … for me … to do this … but I like it, ” Mary stammered.

They exploded at the same time as their bodies and lips came together; united their souls where Brando unleashed the best spurts of his life, inside the body of a vi_gin. She experienced it for the first time, that her first time was the best, she thought and she smiled slyly. They did not know, that the seed was needed in Marys womb.

They went back to where Toto was before they left, and they saw the boy still eating guava. Toto smiled at them and said, ”You two swam in the river again? You
e both wet! ” Brando and Mary smiled at him. They went home separately. Randy saw everything that happened between Brando and Mary. He was watching with enthusiasm and jealousy at the stranger. He didn want this to happen. He loved Mary.

Mary went home happy and contented. She went into the kitchen, washed the body, and examined her private flower. Still swelling for the result of lovemaking, for the twelve inches that penetrate her, she clung to it and felt an inexplicable feeling inside her stomach. The legend was reborn inside her womb.


The cave is in a secluded area of ​​the forest, with tall trees that grow trees, large rocks are scattered everywhere and shrubs covering the entire mouth. Remnants of the past still continue in the zealous gathering held before the full moon. The traditions of their ancestors are still believed to be the greatest and most powerful. They trained and followed with enthusiasm, energy, and devotion.

Inside the cave, participants formed into groups of six, who wore hooded clothing and chanted to their leader. Simultaneously, they stopped as the head of the clan shouted and shouted for joy for the union of man and ancestors being, which they had long-awaited. It was a very important event for their tribe to extend such power given by the devil.


”The union of man and destinys child is over. The full moon will seal their union so that we can continue to live in this world. We do not want people to conquer us. We will rule the world with our fierce strength and power. Two weeks from now, bring the vi_gin and the man for showing them to Satan. The darkness is ours, don give up! Go … and… multiply !!! Spread evil !!! Evil is eternal !! Ha-ha -ha-ha.. ” Satans boast. One by one they left the cave, closed the entrance, and disappeared.


In Manila, Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez were bothered by Brando Ramirezs whereabouts. ”Chief Matti, find him right away, I will pay any amount for this matter. ”

”Okay Sir, we will do our best to find Brando Ramirez, ” said Chief of Police, Mario Matti. ”Mrs. Ramirez, don worry well do our best, ” while smiling, accepting the envelope with the money.

The couple went to Sharons place for any information about Brando. They know about this womans character but they are positively hopeful. ”Guard, open the gate, I want to talk to Sharon. ” Mrs. Ramirez orders the guard.

”Madam, please wait Ill call Mam Sharon. ” The guard called Sharon and handed the receiver to Mrs. Ramirez.

”Yes, Sharon, you are still silly !! Where is my son Brando? ” Cried, Mrs. Ramirez.

”I don know where your bastard son is. In fact, I don care about him anymore. I have nothing to do with him now! ”

”How is my grandson? ”

”Ha-ha-ha-ha- …. Im not pregnant … Im just acting you know … Mother Monster !!! Ha-ha-ha- … ”

”This bitch! I will kill you! ”

The couple went home disgusted with todays event. They decided to wait for the result of Chief Mario Mattis investigation instead of getting tired even giving more unjustifiable events.


In the Hinigaran river, Brando and Mary lovemaking one after the other, and every time they meet, their urges to emulate increase. They enjoyed their fruitful companionship in the same place near the river. No one wants to stop bringing their souls together, not even Randy. He loves Mary but for the good of the family, he will do it.

”Brando, you always seem to be in the river. Its been two days now that youve been there all day? ”James asked.

”My friend James. Well, you asked me, you know, because Im dating a beautiful young woman and shes a vi_ gin. Her name is Mary. ”

”Do you know her well? ”

”We just met with Toto. ”

James called Toto and his wife Melba to provide information about Mary. He asked them anything Brando should be aware of at the moment. ”James, Marys parents are from the Ramirez family; Daniel and Virginia. Theyve been here a long time and they have a house near the river. Isn it Toto? ” Melba said.

In James mind, he knew that he was also Ramirez, is this what my grandfather told me then? So was Brandon, thinking to himself, he was also Ramirez. ”Yes dad, we were there with Uncle Brando at Marys house, ” Toto said to his father. ”But, lately, Im not included. Why dad? ”

”From now on Brando, Melba, Toto, never stay there long on the river, especially at night time. Okay? ” James told them. Brandos urges to lovemaking with Mary are very strong and powerful. Even he couldn resist the force that pulled him towards Mary. Mary, on the other hand, experiences the same urges with Brando, that every encounter, their strength, and deep feelings come from within the power to create a new life. A child must be born again within her womb through love. ”Mary I love you so much. I can help but see you tonight. ”

”Yes my dear, Brando, I am also all for you. ”

The baby was overflowing inside Marys stomach because Brando had given it to her. They fell together without knowing that they had both slept in the forest.

They want to stay there, want to be together forever. Little did they know that the souls of their ancestors were watching them, smiling and happy for their love. Although Marys parents were overjoyed for this union, they hid behind the boulder and heard their howls of pleasure. They left the forest unnoticed by Brando and Mary. Sound for the development of the union of the two, they prepared food for Mary on her homecoming, human food.


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