”When all is calm. ”

Walking through the winding hallways, the cold was gentle, and the windows showed how beautiful the winter weather was in early November. The gentle serenity, and the silence, no other sound other than the calming sound of her own footsteps as she walked through the hallways, the place she calls home.

Emma hurries her pace into a brisk walk. She knew that her other half was waiting for her in the dining room with the other guests, whereas she was allowed to turn up fashionably late. As was the new norm.

Emma walked down the grand stairway that led into the ballroom and dining room. At the bottom of the staircase, she saw her lover conversing with another lass. There was no flair of jealousy as she watched them talk, smoothing her face out and smiling, she walked down the steps, she was still quite ways from the bottom when Alexander, her lover, noticed her. He turned and looked up at her, his eyes brightened up with joy and excitement although it was concealed with an amicable smile. One that Emma herself knew quite well was that of pure bliss.

He turned, facing his love full before bowing and kissing her hand, the other girl completely forgotten. She almost felt bad for the girl.

Her smile faltered, before morphing into one of genuine happiness, ”How have you been my dear? ”

Alexander smiled, eyes glowing with happiness, ”I have been well, but more so now, as you have graced me with your presence. ”

Emma opened her fan with a deft flick of her wrist and covered her face, fanning herself whilst also hiding her face.

Alexander frowned lightly, pulling his lady closer, gently grabbing her wrist, ”Please, my love, do not hide that mesmerising face of yours. It is a sin for you to cover up such beauty. ”

The two were lost in each other for a moment and the girl that Alexander was originally talking to left feeling like she was intruding on the lovers.

Until one of Alexanders friends came up and tapped him on the shoulder, ”My dear friend, Alexander, ” his eyes raked up and down Emmas figure unabashed, ”You have yet to introduce me to your lady. ”

Alexanders gaze shifted, although it went unnoticed by either party, Emma felt Alexanders grip around her tighten, she looked at him with a questioning gaze. He smiled at her, deep down she knew that Alexander was uncomfortable.

Turning her attention back to his friend who was looking at her with a predatory gaze.

Straightening her back, she looked into his gaze, surprising the other.

”It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr… ”

”Roland, Mr Stanley Roland, ” he grabs her hand, tugging her slightly towards him, but she was not able to move due to Alexanders iron grip on her waist.

Emma did not know why she felt as if she knew the man from somewhere.


Alexander huffed tiredly as the last of the guests finally leave them for the night.

He was glad that both he and his lady were finally alone now. Turning around, with his back to the entrance hall he briskly made his way past the hardworking servants and into his private chambers where he knew his lady was waiting for him.

Once he reached the door, he felt his stomach tense. Smiling wryly; even after all this time he was still nervous to be near the lady he loves. Breathing in deeply, his hand rested on the doorknob, but before he could push in it was opened by Emma who had an impatient look on her face.

He watched as she looked down the hallways before pulling him close into a searing kiss.

Heat pooled in both their stomachs as their bodies meshed together. Any coherent thoughts have fled the couple as they kissed.

Alexander pulled her close, he loves the noises she makes, the small whimpers and moans that come from her. The way her body feels pressed close against his. Making the desire churning in him, struggling to break free, driving away all logical thoughts. And his composure breaks.

All this from just kissing her.

She breaks away for air, Emma looks at him with a beautifully innocent smile, almost as if they were not just lip locked.

Emma brings them both into the room where she unbuttons the back of her dress, she let it fall from her shoulders. Her back was clear with the occasional spot scar that made it all the more endearing to Alexander.

Taking off his jacket and undoing the first few buttons of his shirt.

Gently pushing her onto the bed.

They made love; the passion-filled room made both chase their high together.


Emma woke up earlier than her husband, as was the norm in their dynamic. Slipping out of the bed, watching her husband roll onto the pillow she put in her place.

After putting her clothes on she left the room and went to ask the kitchen for breakfast to be prepared, after that she went back to her office to carry on writing her next book. Emma was glad that some people actually enjoyed her books, although glad that no one really recognised her.

Emma never told Alexander that she was an author.

Looking over the to the bookshelf that was stocked with various genres of books; she went over and pulled a book of finance, it was to support the scene that she was writing on currently, and it was best to always get the technical language right when writing.

Emmas desk was clear, everything was casually organised, her pens and inkpot were on her left; shes left-handed and although most people tried to change her so she became ambidextrous. There were a few books on the side with various bookmarks within them and little paper tabs that stuck out. Apart from those things, there were just little trinkets plotted around, she had a ceramic piggy and toadstool on her desk which her mother-in-law had gotten for her when Alexander had just started courting her.

She started to immerse herself into her writing and was quite startled when a maid came to announce that breakfast was ready and that Alexander had requested her to come down.

”What time is it Bella? ”

”It is currently 7.30 milady. ”

Emma gaped, ”Oh gosh, thank you. Tell him that I will be down momentarily. ”

Bella bowed and left the room.

Putting her stuff away and sorted out her office before she went down to meet Alexander. Time had really left her.

She raced out of her room, quicker than what her mother would have preferred, she slowed down, opting to walk briskly instead. It did not take long for Emma to get to the dining room.

As she walked in with one of her maids behind her, she saw Alexander sipping on a cup of tea whilst writing something.

He looked up and then walked over to Emma, regarded her with loving eyes before gently guiding her to her seat before seating at the head of the table.

Breakfast was a quiet affair, but a harmonious one.

”What will you be up to today Alexander? ”

Alexander stopped and looked at his notebook, ”Oh, I need to go to the bank to go check on our investments, and then I need to go down to the theatre for rehearsal I believe. How about you? ”

Emma thought about her writing, she could bring it along and accompany Alexander for his rehearsal, she voiced it, ”This may be an impertinent request but- ”

”None of your requests has ever been impertinent, ” Alexander cut in with a tender smile.

”Oh well, ” Emma felt her face burn as she watched him smile, ”I was wondering if I could accompany you for the day? I will make myself scarce when you
e rehearsing. ”

”Of course you can, ” Alexander beamed, ”I would quite like for you to join me. ”

”I shall go and put something more appropriate on. ”

Alexander nodded, ”I shall wait for you in the lobby. ”

Emma smiled and rushed off again, she went for something a bit more neutral, something that would accentuate her clear skin, then deciding to wear a simple necklace with matching earrings.

She had a particular fondness for this dress, perhaps it was because her mother had bought this on her 20th birthday and she has still refused to wear it often due to her worries of ruining it.

Shaking off her last worries Emma raced down the stairs with Bella behind her carrying her bag.

When Emma reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw that Alexander was conversing with the housekeeper. A dark look on his face.

Slowly walking up to them, she saw the housekeeper was trembling ever so slightly.

”You have stolen from us, Mr Eland. Have we not treated you with respect and given your family more than enough? We noticed that you had taken from us and when confronted we only wanted to know why. After knowing the hardships you were going through, my lady, through the kindness of her heart, she let you, and she convinced me that you bear no ill intent, ” Alexander spoke through gritted teeth, ”So for you to gamble and squander the money that she has personally given and rewa

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