The Genesis Experiment

Dingdong Morales

ing that had any meaning in his life.

Dingdong was afraid at first that he had somehow caused his mothers death, that aliens might have followed him here from the island and then retaliated by killing his mother. It was like that in his frequent nightmares.

He knew he wanted to kill the aliens, because he saw on Linapacan Island and he was scared. So Dingdong slowly laid out his plans. How would he know where they had their nest and how he would kill them all.

No one else believes their story or accusation but Dingdong knows differently. He saw them on Linapacan Island. He knew what they could do. His plans will soon be over and he will soon be able to stand.

”Ill be proud of you Mama. See if I don want to. ”


”Its useless to sit there with your lower lip spread like that, Miss. ”

Arabella Mae Villar did her best to ignore her mothers taunts, threw her long hair over her shoulder and looked out the window.

”I still don see why I can stay home alone, ” she said, clasped.

”Because Im only sixteen. Do you expect me to leave you alone for five weeks? ”

”Why didn he pay someone to take care of his stupid animals, thats what I want to know? ”

Rotated by Mrs. Alicia Villar was driving in a large truck, feeling the slight pain in her stomach that she always does when she is forced to overtake on a narrow road with a restricted view. Finishing the maneuver, she looked in her rear-view mirror and relaxed a bit.

When she looked at her daughter, she smiled. ”You
e really going to step on that lower lip of yours if you don stop sulking. ”

”Oh hardy ha. Its so funny, Mom. ”

”Look Arabella Mae. Your aunt didn ask to have cancer that you know. So stop being selfish. Just imagine how you would feel if you had to go to the hospital for a double mastectomy. ”

”I guess. ”

Arabella Mae prefers not to think about her aunt, or the fact that she is undergoing a horrible operation. All she knew was, she was pulled away from her home in mainland Palawan, to spend the next few weeks on some silly farm taking care of some silly animals. And just at the beginning of the school holidays!

She plans to spend time with her boyfriend, Dario Nuevo. The Winner Boys play at the Lyceum, and there are at least four movies they want to watch together. It is not only fair that she be taken to the house of his mothers sister Mrs. Marilyn Borres.

”Its not bad, Arabella. You might still enjoy it, you know. ”

”How can being a worker on some muddy farm be,
ot too bad? ” Arabella mimicked the air quotes.

Her mother chose to ignore her daughters sarcasm. ”Its not really a farm. Its just a small piece of land. ”

”Anything. They
e all the same. Stinky animals in a stinky farm. ”

”There must be one going here somewhere, ” said her mother, ”Youll see a signpost of the place, won you? ”

”There, ” Arabella Mae called.

Her mother turned and for a moment Arabella Mae watched the fields pass by.

”Mom? ”s she said eventually.

”Uh huh? ”

”Why did Dad say I couldn be with him? ”

That was the question Alicia dreaded. Gilbert, her ex -husband, recently moved in with a younger-beautiful woman.

”Woman? Huh, almost a woman! ”Alicia thought when she first saw it.

When she called her ex to discuss Arabella Maes stay with him for a few weeks, she sobbed and cried so she finally shouted it out: ”Whats wrong with you, Gilbert? Your daughter wants to come along to be with you. Do you have a problem with that? ”

”Well, I don . No, of course I don . ”

Alicia gets a slight emphasis on I.

”Oh don say- ”

”Well its a bit awkward, ” it snapped at her.

”Yes Im sure it was Gilbert. But if you can get your act together with Mara as far as your daughter is concerned— ”

The line became quiet and she saw in the mind of her eye – Gilbert, staring at the floor with astonishment on his face – something she had always seen done when things heated up and she didn know how to deal with it. ”Oh don . Just tell her, Mara the smart, that we won stoop down at her! ”

Mara the smart, the name used by Alicia and Arabella Mae when talking about Gilberts new partner.


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