The Genesis Experiment

The Youngsters In The Island

he recognized nothing.

The vegetables came in plastic packages as far as his concern, so the variety of green shoots and funny looking plants made no sense to her.

Walking to the front of the house, she encountered two large paddocks at the end. Two sheep and a goat raised their heads to stare at her as she appeared in a corner. She smiled and walked over to the fence. The goat ran, curled its upper lip and turned its head backwards in the most anxious way.

Away from the goat, Arabella followed the fence until she reached the back of the house. Hearing the sound of running water, she walked among a line of trees to see a small stream flowing behind the property. The precipice was steep and she was almost slippery as she negotiated.

Somewhat disappointed herself when she finally reached the bottom to discover that it was more of a shallow ditch than a stream, she turned to her right. Following the stream, she came across three outbuildings, realized that one of them was in the back of the garage they had parked next to, and she made a complete circuit of the property.

Walking into the largest shed, Arabella Mae saw a wooden stall, whose floor was covered with deep straw. Inside there is something wooden bench at one end. The rest of the shed has long, thick rods glued to brackets at various heights above the wall. Small, square, open sided boxes, are placed at the bottom and they are also fitted with straw.

She approached to take a closer look, like a chicken poking its head into a small hole cut in the wall. It looked at her and gave what she could only think of a spreading sarcasm before disappearing again.

Arabella Mae laughed, shaking as she headed to the next outbuilding. Its door split, half tied at the top. Squeezing her head in the lower half, she looked inside. The floor was covered with straw, but except for a large pile of straw piled up in one corner, there was nothing to see. Then she noticed the pile of straw shaking, as if something was moving inside.

”How are you? ” he calls, somewhat dizzy.

With a deep growl and a series of sighs she answered his greeting. A pig unexpectedly lifted its head from the hay and looked at her. It wiggled the tip of its big wet snout, as if returning a hello. Arabella Mae was fascinated and clicked her tongue on it.

”Hello piggy, ” she called. ”And whats your name? ”

The pig suddenly jumped himself out of the hay, ran across the cage, sneezed at the top of his lungs. Alarmed, Arabella Mae backed away, tripped over something, and sat down on the grass with a loud crash.

The pig wanted to get out the door, so Arabella Mae was afraid it might get out. She scrambled to her feet, she did her best to brush the mud on her brand new jeans as she headed for the house.

”Stupid bloody pig, ” she whispered, ”Stupid bloody pig on a stupid bloody farm! ”


Arabella Maes mother told her to go down to the village and get some groceries. Impatient, she readily agreed. Even a half -hour walk to the village and back is better than removing smelly wet straw from the pigsty. Ugh, that job is so bad!

Just outside the village Arabella Mae passed a dilapidated bus shelter. The plastic walls had marks and scratches that she could not see who was sitting inside, only their dark shadows.

Hastily walking, Arabella Mae leaned on her shoulders when she heard a whistle.

”Too much for political correctness and gender equality, ” she muttered, picking up her speed a little. The whistle of laughter followed.

”Morons, ” she calls back over her shoulder.

Arabella Mae spent half an hour in the small supermarket, picking up the things her mother had listed for her. She hid a few bars of dark chocolate that she would keep when she got back. Chocolate is her vice. When the shopping was over, Arabella Mae loaded her backpack and picked up the plastic carrier bag that she needs to buy to pack the rest of the shopping. It will be a long journey back to her Aunts house.

Arriving at the bus shelter, Arabella Mae stopped to rest, lowering the carrier bag with a sigh. It became so heavy that he began to wonder if he could afford to take it back to the farm. He was thinking of hiding it somewhere, for her mother to come and pick it up in the car later, when suddenly a head appeared on the battered screen.


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