Juliette looked at herself in the mirror after spending the whole day getting ready she was finally satisfied, she knew she looked so stunning that she knew for sure no man would be able to keep their eyes away from her.

Her rose gold dress was hugging her body and every curve , although it was really hard for her to breath through the corset that she was wearing but she sucked it up and waited from her window for William to arrive as he was her ride.

She was feeling like a true rebel wearing a dress like that and escaping from her window to attend a ball hosted by a rich old man . She giggled thinking that.

She had specifically asked William not to make a noise and just wait for her to reach him as she did not want her mother to see her in this dress . She went ahead earlier that day and told her parents that she will not be attending tonights party much to their relief as she did not wanted to go with them

She doesn wanted her first impression to Joseph to be a a daughter of a mailman so she decided she would sneak out and just avoid her parents,

She looked down her window and gasp in anger as she saw William down there . She could not believe his audacity as he came in his motorbike she thought that there was no way in hell she would go to Josephs party in that !

She climbed down her window which proved to be a difficult feat considering the fact that her dress was tightly hugging her body and could get ripped by a slight wrong movement and that she was wearing heels as long as six inches or perhaps she had styled her hair and have tied them in a face snatching bun.

She climbed down with the help of the pipe that was hanging on the wall and marched straight towards William ”how dare you show up in this …. thing how dare you!!? ” She whispered yelled while looking at the front door she could hear her parents wearing their shoes just inside the front door and knew that this motorbike was her only chance.

”Look I tried to arrange a car for you but umm there was a problem with it so I bought my motorbike…. Look I know how much you wanted to go this party now climb up like a lady ”

Juliette knew the truth that William could not afford to rent a car but decided to yell at him later as she knew that her parents would step out of the door in a minute she climbed the bike and sat awkwardly as both her legs were swinging on side of the bike

She clutched William tight and noticed that he was wearing a white button up shirt and a dress pant and he actually looked really good she thought ” don you dare to drop me ” she warned him jokingly and he Chuckled ”never baby ”








William parked the bike outside the front wall of Joesphs huge mansion and they both got off as they were walking through the front door passing through an abnormally large garden of the mansion William offered his arm to Juliette,

”What we are going in style darling ” William defended his gesture as Juliette looked at him in disbelief but then shrugged and took his arm in hers and they both went through the front door

And gasps broke out as Juliette stepped through . Women looked at her with harsh judgemental gaze as they noticed the bold dress she was wearing.

As both of them made their way further Juliette held her head high truly enjoying the attention before the everyone looked away from her and towards the grand staircase from where descended a women who looked nothing short of a queen

In her turtle neck white gown she looked breath taking as the gown highlighted her brown skin ton and her well defined cheekbones her turtle neck highlighted her sharp jawline

She had her hair up in a lose bun as she held a glass of champagne from a waitress and immediately started greeting guests warmly and in that moment for the first time in her life Juliette saw a women who outshadowed her

And she was furious absolutely furious but knew she could do nothing about that for she realized that the women was no other than Joesphs wife .

As she sulked in the corner she saw her parents entering through the front door her mother was wearing a knew length floral sun dress and her father was wearing a check button up shirt and overall her parents looked just like they did everyday

Mediocre,poor and simple and she scoffed seeing the sad excuse of bun her mother had tied her hair in and was glad that she did not came with them

As she sneakily went to the kitchen to grab a champagne for herself she admired the beautiful marble interior of the kitchen and saw an old waitress carrying a tray of champagne she went ahead to grab one when the waitress pulled the tray back,

”No drinks for the whores … Your job starts for the after party to entertain the men and so don try to act like a respected guest because you are none ” the old women told her in a derogatory voice

Juliette felt tears threatening to fall at this baltant disrespect and turned around when she crashed into the hostess of the party herself and spilled the champagne the hostess was holding all over her dress

The hostess apologized in her gentle yet firm tone however the maid/waitress from behind snorted ”no need to apologize to this tramp lady mariam she should be grateful that she get to touch a respectable woman like yourself ”

Juliette felt tears rolling down her cheeks and felt a lump in her throat as well as a sudden need to defend herself when the lady said harshly to the maid ”thats enough Gertrude stop being rude to our guests and show her my room so she can wear something else and show her my new dresses as well alright ”

The lady smirked at the maid and as Juliette was following the maid Mariam grabbed her shoulder from behind with her slender fingers gently to stop Juliette ”and remember Juliette all that glitters is not gold ” she said knowingly

Juliette felt humiliated as the lady knew both who she was was and her reality and in that moment she made a dumb mistake and said ”but all that glitters shines better than gold my lady I will take my chance ” and saying that she followed the maid .

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