Juliettes pov

I felt extremely irritated and …… Jealous looking at the ladys luxurious wardrobe , it was a whole room dedicated just for her clothes, shoes and bags and in there were the most beautiful and magnificent dresses that I had ever seen . I mean I knew they were super expensive by just looking at them.

I looked around and found a simple floor length cream colored dress , it was not as attractive as the one I was wearing but it will have to do.

As i was trying to zip up the dress I suddenly saw Joseph and my heart leapt out of my chest. He looked at me in anger and yelled ”who are you and what are you doing in my room? ” and stepped towards me aggressively

I was startled and at lost to explain anything as he was very intimidating, then without waiting for an explanation he yelled ”you thief! ” and grabbed my elbow by his hand and was dragging me out of my room when he stopped abruptly,

His wife entered the room and looked shocked ”god Joseph why are you dragging the poor girl like that …. Drop her arm ” she said the last sentence passive aggressively and he immediately dropped my arm

”I need to know what was doing here and ……. Is that your dress she is wearing ” he demanded his wife and she scoffed in amusement ”no Joseph don be so thick I sent that girl here after I accidentally spilled some champagne on her dress …. I thought that maybe she will find something likeable in my wardrobe ”

Joseph relaxed a bit and walked towards his wife and dropped his arm on shoulder lazily and said ”oh dear you possibly can be that naive to think that she is worthy of even seeing the designer clothes you wear , ley alone wear them ” .

I felt embarrassed and humiliated but suddenly Maryam shook of his arm and turned her back on him and said ”that is offensive Joseph you know what ? get out ” and to my surprise he did and I guess Maryam noticed my surprise and giggled ” come let me zip up that dress for you ” and with soft and delicate fingers she began zipping the dress up

”You are young, pretty and ambitious Juliette trust me when I say that men aren worth this much effort ”

I was enraged obviously she would say that after all she was nothing but an ungrateful bitch ,did she even realize that all she had was because she was married to Joesph. The money, the status and everything.

But in an attempt to not offend her I nodded ” all done ” as she pushed my hair in front of my face she stood up and I followed but before I could walk out of that door she said ”I am serious don ever trust these men , you will get nothing but a broken a heart ”

I against nodded not even looking in her direction joined the party, today was humiliating enough I just wanted to find William and get the hell out of here

I looked around and found my parents talking to some guests . I decided to stay away from them, now even though I have changed my dress

I still told them that I was staying home so I turned around to find a random door and decided that I will just stay here for some minutes and will leave as soon as my parents end this stupid conversation and turn somewhere else

As I shut the door I was startled to see Joseph laying there on the bed looking tired our eyes met and I decided to leave before he can say something rude but as I turned around he stopped me ”wait ” he said getting up from the bed

He grabbed my arms and made led me towards a single chair besides his bed and asked ”what is your name ” I was nervous remembering what he did to me earlier when he held my hand and started massaging it with his thumb ” I am sorry for earlier.. I was just shocked to see you in my wifes dress to be honest you look way better in it that than she did ”

He smiled at me his hands went to my lips as he traced his thumb over them and then slowly went down to my chest . I was in shock he acted so rude before and now he was being all ….. Seductive? ”

”You are beautiful sweetie and its okay don tell me your name ” saying that he laid down pulling my hand aswell making me fell on top of him

I was shocked when he started taking both our clothes off he smiled sweetly at me when he saw how nervous I was and I smiled back awkwardly








”Don bug me William ” I said for the hundredth time I was working at bakery and he has been bugging me about who dropped me ever since the party which was almost a week ago

”no Juliette I was your ride back I know you don know anyone else in the town and I tried to find you everywhere but could not so who dropped you home because I know you didn went with your parents they left way earlier ”

I blushed remembering what I was doing that night and who dropped me that night just before dawn , William saw my blush and looked at me accusingly ”wait wait wait don tell me it was that douche Joseph ” he saw the smile on my face and looked furious

”What did you do that night? ” He asked sternly and I couldn help it I was dying to tell someone what happened that night with me and Joesph , so I told him but only the things that happened after I went into that room and not the embarrassing events that played before and by the end he looked disappointed

” Did you said yes before he did ”that were you truly willing? ” He asked me seriously and I averted my gaze and mumbled a yes ”Juliette ” began looking so disappointed but he was cut off by the bell ringing signaling a customer and he turned back

As he saw it was joseph he flipped and punched him straight on his jaw Making Joseph stumble back William yelled loudly for everyone in the shop present to hear ”you **ing pedophile ” and was about to punch Joseph again but I stopped him from doing so

I went ahead and grabbed his collar before yelling at him to get out he looked like he wanted to break something but listened to me nevertheless

Joseph looked preplexed what was that all about he asked me and I knew he was not pleased that I told William the events of the ball ” nothing Trust me Joseph he saw us .. he saw you drop me off as well so I could not do anything about it ”

After I explained him my side of the story he relaxed a bit an gave me a package ”thats for you my darling and ….. I would love to see you in it tomorrow same place same time ” I giggled shyly and gave him a yes

I opened the present during my break and found a beautiful dress with a corset in it and a note saying ”looking forward to seeing you in it my doll ”

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