The Heir Of Great Hermit

Su family members\' patients

Who would have thought Zhang Ye could heal a patient? He wasn a doctor, so how could Xue Yaning believe him?

Seeing his sister-in-doubt, laws Zhang Ye said to reassure Xue Yaning. ”You can relax, sister-in-law, because Ill handle it. ”

Xue Yaning was dazed for a while before experiencing an unexplainable sensation in her heart. He felt compelled to put his faith in his sister-in-law.

It couldn be!

How could this useless trash man inspire such trust in Xue Yaning?

Xue Yanings anxiety was certainly relieved by Zhang Yes words. However, calming down wasn going to be enough because he wasn sure if his sister-in-law could cure a patient that he couldn .

”How do you heal the patient? ” Xue Yaning whispered as she grabbed Zhang Yes hand with her jade fingers. ”I will not forgive you if you make a joke. ”

”This is the first time a beautiful woman has taken the initiative to touch his hand, ” Zhang Ye said, speechless. Its extremely soft.

”Ehm, I have little understanding of medicine so far, so Ill try to cure it. ” Zhang Ye uttered nonsense.

Then he noticed the patients lovely face. He reached out his hand and lightly pressed two fingers on the inside of his neck.

Zhang Yes face was as calm as water, and he quickly deduced the reason. But he didn say it to Xue Yaning or the others directly.

It was because Zhang Ye knew it exactly that way. It would take him a long time to explain. It is preferable to save the life of this lovely patient first.

”Sister-in-law, Please don ask me again, but do you have a syringe with a length of 30 cm or longer? ” Zhang Ye inquired.

Of course, Xue Yaning was curious about the needles purpose and why Zhang Ye required it. There aren many syringes with a length of 30 cm in public hospitals.

For some reason, Xue Yaning happened to have it because the hospital received medical equipment from the center incorrectly not long ago.

”Wait a minute, Ive got it. ” Xue Yaning quickly grabbed it and handed it to Zhang Ye.

He had no choice but to believe, as if his professional future was dependent on his sister-in-actions. laws He was expecting a lot from Zhang Ye.

”Sister-in-law, keep your shoulders back and your head higher than your stomach. ” Zhang Ye gave the order, and Xue Yaning immediately followed him.

Zhang Ye immediately unbuttoned the beautiful patients clothes.

”What do you think you
e doing? Shes a woman you can easily touch. ” When he saw Zhang Yes actions toward the patient, Han Guo, who had just stood up, roared from a distance.

Zhang Ye gave Han Guo a cold look before saying, ”Could you please keep quiet? Im only doing this for his safety. There is no intention of taking advantage of him in any way. ”

”Modus, you
e not a doctor; you just want to exploit Miss Su, don you? ” Han Guo yelled angrily once more.

He was still in pain in his stomach. If the patient is not saved, Han Guo will file a lawsuit and imprison Zhang Ye.

”I will imprison you if he gets any worse. ” Han Go said with a hearty laugh. He thought, finally finding a scapegoat to blame for Miss Sus predicament.

”I don care, and Ill be held accountable for any problems I cause. ” Zhang Ye smiled confidently in response.

Zhang Ye only took the tip of the needle at first. He wrapped Qi energy around the needle using the memory of the great ascetic. He did this to avoid causing another wound when he used the long needle.

The tip of the needle pierced the snow skin in the center of the chest, drawing everyones attention. It continues to enter the body and travel to the stomach. A milky white liquid shot out of the needles center cavity in an instant.

It appears to be a fountain. After a few minutes, the lovely patients breathing returned to normal, and Fatir quickly removed the syringe, revealing no wound on the pierced skin.

”Cough… Cough… Cough… ” The lovely patient coughed a few times and looked around, perplexed.

”Where is this? ” asked the lovely lady when she felt better. When the long needle was on Miss Sus body, she felt no pain.

”Are you all right, Miss Su? ” Han Guo asked, surprised. Even he doubted that the best doctors could handle it, but who would have guessed that Zhang Ye had transformed him into such a master?

”Yes, Im perfectly fine. What is the reason for my hospitalization? ” Su Qing responded in a perplexed tone. Besides, he didn like Han Guo, so why was he in her presence?

Han Guo is his pursuer, and Su Qing runs into him by accident, and then he has no idea how he got to the hospital.

Zhang Ye, who witnessed this lovely patients temporary recovery, was overjoyed as well. With the strange power of the great ascetic inheritance, he did a favor.

Of course, Zang Ye seemed like a dream at first because he suddenly possessed the highest medicinal ability. He nodded in satisfaction as he subconsciously looked at the stone necklace around his neck.

Xue Yaning stood beside him, staring at Zhang Ye as if she saw a ghost. To his complete surprise, the man he had dismissed as trash possessed quite extraordinary medical abilities.

That is not possible!

Xue Yaning denied it right away. Zhang Yes actions, in his opinion, were too risky, and it was all a coincidence.

Thats right, just a coincidence!

”Are you all right, Suer?. ” A middle-aged man approached from afar. He received a call from the hospital without Han Guos knowledge.

Han Guo became terrified when he saw Su Hai arrive. He hoped that no one, especially Su Qings father, would find out about his actions.

”Im fine, Dad. ” Su Qing responded by slowly getting out of bed. He moved around freely, as if nothing had happened to him.

Su Hai had previously panicked when he learned of his daughters dire condition. He even skipped a crucial board of directors meeting. Of course, she adored her daughter and didn want anything bad to happen to her.

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