Bad Luck

Zhang Ye quickly prepared breakfast that morning, as he did every day.

There is a large table in the dining room. It can accommodate at least five people at one time.

At the far end, there is a mother-in-law. His wife, Xue Shuqing, is in another location. But not for Zhang Ye, who had to eat from behind.

”Xueer, I heard the company is having a problem?. ” Her mother expressed concern.

”I see, its just a matter of not having enough funding in the main capital. ” Xue Shuqing replied solemnly.

Xue Shuqings expression was as cold as usual. She was, however, a stunning woman with numerous suitors. She rejects every man who approaches her for a variety of reasons.

This infuriated his parents. Not to mention that when Xue Shuqing decided to marry, she married the poor and impotent Zhang Ye.

Unruly princess, indeed!

Xue Shuqing has a second brother. Xue Yaning is her name, and she prefers to live in an apartment rather than at home.

Xue Yaning decided to leave the house when Zhang Ye became her daughter-in-law. This infuriated his parents even more.

”Why don you ask Mr. Han for assistance, Xueer? Hes both talented and wealthy. Your companys capital funding problem will undoubtedly be resolved quickly. ” Her mother suggested right away.

Of course, her mother desperately wished for Xue Shuqing to divorce Zhang Ye and prefer to be close to Young Master Han, who was quite wealthy and whose family had chosen a specific company.

”Yes, I will consider it, ” Xue Shuqing replied.

”You must contact him; your poor husband cannot assist you. Mr. Han is the only person who can assist you. ” Her mother continued.

”All right, Im off. ”

Xue Shuqing finished her breakfast and exited quickly, without looking back or saying goodbye to Zhang Ye.

To Xue Shuqing, Zhang Ye was nothing more than a trash husband she married in order to silence her teachers. Naturally, with the impotent Zhang Ye. Make Xue Shuqing unconcerned if her husband requests rations.

Not to mention that Zhang Ye slept in a different room. He could never have the same warmth as Xue Shuqing.

Zhang Ye had to have heard Xue Shuqings words with his mother. But he could only remain silent without saying anything.

”I am extremely fortunate to have a strong mother-in-law. Also, a chilly wife. ” Through the back window, Zhang Ye observed his wife driving away.

”Forget it; Ive just purchased an antique necklace. When I get rich, Ill buy a house, a car, and so on. After that, my mother-in-law will be happy, and Xue Shuqing will adore me. ” Zhang Yes laughter could be heard in the kitchen.

But then he was silent again. ”Wait a minute, Im powerless. Despite the fact that I am wealthy and have a large number of women. Whats the point if little brother can even stand?. ” Zhang Ye reflected on his plight once more.

”Ignore it; its time to get rich. ” Zhang Ye looked around, hoping that his fierce mother-in-law would not find him.

”Good thing there isn anyone. ” Zhang Ye bowed in the kitchen corner, holding gauze in his hands.

He displayed the antique necklace around his neck and gently rubbed the stone on the antique necklace.

”Ive had breakfast, and if Uncle Sales is correct, all I have to do now is rub it and ask to be rich. ” Zhang Ye rubbed the antique necklaces stone surface slowly. He repeated the mantra three times.

”I want to be wealthy!. ”

”I want to be wealthy!. ”

”I want to be wealthy!. ”

Thirty minutes had passed.

Zhang Ye was perplexed; he had followed all of the instructions provided by the antique necklace seller, but nothing had changed.

”Why, oh why, doesn a genie appear and grant three wishes?. ” Zhang Ye was irritated.

Zhang Ye was very sorry for spending $10,000 on the antique necklace, believing that the antique dealer had duped him.

”Damn… Damn… how could this astute me be duped!. ” Annoyed, Zhang Ye intended to throw the antique necklace, but didn .

”Ive already purchased it, at least if its to be used on my finger. ” Not too shabby. ” Zhang Ye thus did the rest of the housework, such as mopping, washing, and so on.

”Stupid son-in-law, hurry up. ” Mother-in-law exclaimed in a loud voice.

Zhang Ye, who was in the back, couldn help but run so that the gorilla didn eat the table out of boredom.

”Of course, Mother-in-law. ” Zhang Ye responded in his usual manner.

”Make provisions for my daughter Xue Yaning and get them to her workplace as soon as possible. ” The strict mother-in-orders laws were unwavering.




Zhang Ye was currently on his way to the general hospital.

Her brother-in-law is a doctor who is usually at the hospital at specific times. A doctors life is usually very busy, and if he has a lot of patients, he may forget to eat lunch. His mother-in-law sent food supplies through Zhang Ye several times to that end.

”Aaaaaaaaaaaa… Please… ”

Hear the voice of a woman pleading for assistance. Zhang Ye smirked, unable to perform any martial arts. And because the case of kidnapping women is unfolding in front of him. He couldn help but feel compelled to assist.

That lovely lady was surrounded by four foreign men. Zhang Ye approached him quickly and proudly shouted.

”Stop, Uraaaaaa… ”

Zhang Yes arrival rendered the four of them speechless. They laughed as they looked towards the source of the noise.

”Hahaha, looks like someone wants to be a late night hero. ” one of the kidnappers remarked.

”Search for dead people. ”

”It appears that he will die in a virgin state. ”

Zhang Ye became enraged because the word virgin was a curse word for him.

”You guys, only women dare. Come on, Uraaaaaaa. ” Zhang Ye said in a high tone, prompting the four to surround Zhang Ye without regard for the woman they were about to kidnap.

The neglected beauty smiled gratefully at Zhang Ye. But he refused to reveal it and preferred to flee.

”Damn it, the target is fleeing. ”

”Its all due to him. Break his leg and refuse to let him walk. ”

Zhang Ye was terrified when he saw the four of them. If he can walk, hes already impotent! What kind of life will he lead?

”Patience, Brother… Patience… Patience… Don be so obnoxious. ” Zhang You were at a loss for words.

Unfortunately, the four kidnappers despised Zhang Ye to the core because his arrival had caused the intended victim to flee.

”Bam… Bam… Bamm… Bamm… ”

”Ahhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… ”

The only thing that followed was Zhang Yes agonizing cries of pain and despair.

”Take it out, hell be in a hospital bed for the rest of his life. ” The four kidnappers fled quickly, leaving Zhang Ye covered in wounds all over his body.

Zhang Ye, with his frail body, was clearly not the kidnappers opponent.

”Aahhh. ” Zhang Ye screamed in agony and passed out on the spot.

Of course, Zhang Ye was unaware that a clot of blood was rushing towards his neck and penetrating the stone on his antique ring. The dull antique stone necklace suddenly emitted a bright red light.

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