Feeling myself descend rapidly, I embraced the feeling of falling to my death.

But then, I felt something gripping the back of my shirt.

”Goddamnit. ” Was all I said, as I was flown back up and thrown threw my window and onto my bed.

”Cor might have trusted you, but I knew you better than anyone Callian. ”

”When you turned back then, you started pressing you index finger to your thumb every time you lied, so, you remember everything right? ”

Not even changing my expression, I just sat there glumly on the bed.

”Why didn you just let me die then? ” I asked, slowly pronouncing each word out.

”You might have remembered everything from the past, but you haven done those things yet in this timeline. ”

Hearing this, I knew that there was only one way to convince her to let me die, or for her to kill me.

”Did you know, Im not even the Callian you were raised with? Im only a guy that somehow came to possess this body. ”

”Like I would believe that. ” She snorted. ”You
e only trying to make me kill you. ”

I tilted my head, letting my clothes slide down, and exposing my neck.

”See for yourself. ”

Watching what I was doing, her eyes widened in surprise.

”You seriously want me to… ”

”Yes, if you don believe me, then just look at my memories, I believe youll see the ones from the past timeline too. Ive wronged you guys more than you can imagine, so please, just let me die. ”

She got on the bed and slowly crawled to me, looking pretty erotic if it wasn for the fact that she was 7 and I was 9.

Seeing how her chest was showing due to the weight of gravity on her clothes, I subconsciously looked away and said,

”Cover yourself, although we
e still young, we have our past memories, and its also unbefitting of a noble. ”

Her cheeks reddened as she heard this, and she quickly pushed up her shirt with one hand, whilst crawling the rest of the way to me.

”Why the ** did they put us in such huge beds? ”

”Beats me, now, get on with it. ”

Now sitting up, she could use both her hands, so she revealed more of my shoulder and neck with one hand whilst hugging me with the other.

Feeling her hot breath on my shoulder, I couldn help but think about certain things, but, as I was still 9, my little brother wasn able to act up yet, thankfully.

”This might hurt a little at first, but then youll feel extreme pleasure afterwards, make sure to not wet yourself. ”

”Yeah, like this young body could even do that. ”

And, like that, I somehow smiled my first smile since my transmigration, my first smile after leaving my daughter.

”You know, that was my first… ”

”Smile? Yes, I could already tell. ”

Then, I felt two sharp objects pierce the area between my shoulder and my neck.

”Aughhhh! ”

I couldn help but cry out for a second as a burning hot, searing pain briefly flashed throughout my entire body as my veins enlarged.

But then, as quickly as the pain came, it went away and I was left with an intense feeling of pleasure.

Not being able to feel sexual pleasure yet, the pleasure I felt was more akin to that of an extremely good massage.

Then, I blacked out, as both Caroline and I were taken on a journey through my memories.

Opening my eyes, I found myself on a raft in a dark, tumultuous sea.

On the other side of the raft, I saw a man that I had never seen in my life before.

As if anticipating my question, the man answered,

”Its me Caroline, this is what I looked like before I came into this world. ”

I stared at him, shocked as I heard this.

He was… unnaturally handsome!

He had a perfectly sculpted body that was on full show as he sat there half naked, his pepper gray hair flowed lusciously down his back, and the features of his face were just divine.

Having already absorbed all of his memories, I asked the first question that came to my mind.

”Why in the world did your girlfriend leave you? ”

He chuckled when he heard my question, causing blood to rush towards my cheeks.

”I honestly don know, she just left my daughter on my doorstep, and then disappeared from our lives, but you already knew that. ”

”Oh, I just thought that you mightve had another conjecture as to why she left you. ”

You see, although I had seen all of his memories, his thoughts were a completely different matter.

”So you just raised your daughter yourself, pretty impressive I must say. ”

”Anybody stuck in that situation would have done the same as me. ”

”No… I have seen many treat their children like trash, you must have really loved your daughter, enough to hurt us and commit genocide. ”

Hearing the last part of my sentence, he just stared quietly at me, with those deep, transcending eyes of his. I wondered why I had never noticed the heavy weight hidden behind his gaze before.

”So, now that you know everything, would you still consider me somebody worth saving, somebody that doesn deserve to die? ”

I sat there quietly for some time, thinking about my answer to this question.

e… a good person, somebody I can respect… I think. ”

”Even though I forcibly took your virginity last round and then eventually killed you in the end? ”

We both know that I liked it…

Hearing this, like any girl would, my whole face turned red and I crawled over to him and tried to punch him.

But at that moment, a wave hit the raft, and I stumbled and fell.

Expecting myself to plunge into cold water, I opened my eyes to find myself in the handsome mans arms.

”Are you okay? ” He asked, looking at my face worriedly.

”J-just leave me alone. ” I said shyly, pushing myself away from him.

Sitting side by side, we stayed like that for a little bit, before he asked me the question again, but in a different form.

”So, could you forgive me? ”

”Yes, as you haven done any of those things yet, and you were just trying to save your daughter after all. ”

Hearing this, he started laughing, but then, it suddenly switched to crying, as I saw him break down next to me.

”But… How can I ever forgive myself? ” He whispered, almost as if he was the ghost haunting his own soul.

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