[Back in Aviscar…]

The double doors of Viscar Enterprises hissed open, allowing a young woman in a tight black skirt and white blouse to approach a lone figure setting inside the control room.

Several monitors displayed the different players inside the game. It had begun a little while ago and the players had successfully chosen their characters.

Except for a glitch that happened seconds before all the players were accounted for, the new seasons pre-trial was going smoothly.

Click, clack, click, clack.

The young lady finally reached the man whose back was facing her. She bowed to show her respect before handing the folder she had in her hand. They contained information for the individual players they had sent the invitation to.

Accepting the folder, the man flicked his other hand to dismiss the secretary and browse through the files himself.

He listened to the door eerily shutting close on its own after the young woman left.

Licking his lips, he clicked his tongue. Reaching out for the small flask he kept hidden inside his coat, the man had it opened and favored himself a few gulps of the gin he carried around.

His alcohol addiction became intolerable. But he managed to tone down the craving to a few sips of gin every now and then.

It was a side effect of what he had done to cope with the harrowing pain his wifes death left. A part of him would always feel empty, meaningless.

But Shiro was still out there.

He couldn fail his wife for the second time.

Putting away the flask, the man went started flipping through the player profiles.

Most of them had outstanding backgrounds, coming from families who were lucky to survive the terrible tragedy mankind has ever faced.

Several years later, the earth started its healing. Along with it, the remaining mortals started from scratch.

But taking into consideration the mistakes of the generation before that led to Earths ruins, technology thrived but environmental measures were countering any harmful effects that can harm nature.

Still, what happened in the past and the losses every person encountered had brought forth depressing memories to most.

To lift the morale of many, Aviscar was founded. The goal of the company was to create a Utopia where everything was possible. However, that seemed like a bland idea.

Hence, Russell Gold, one of the brilliant minds behind Aviscar, suggested they make it into a game.

The man smirked at the memory.

But before he could recollect the happenstance, the current profile of a player caught his attention.

”Huh? ”

Player Profile:

Name: Red Suzukie

Codename: Paranoia7xx

Age: 25

Blood type: A+

Height: 6 ½

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: 0

Occupation: Null

History: Mother died at birth. Father was unknown. Red Suzukie was transferred to the childrens care center. He was a good lad but never got along with other kids. At age 16, worked as a delivery boy. When he reached 18, moved out of the care center.

The man stared at the photo of the young man. He was surprised to find his profile among the others.

They had carefully chosen those players who had outstanding backgrounds for this specific test run. Red Suzukie stood out like a sore thumb.

Additionally, he had no history of playing any season of Avalon Falls.

Pulling out his profile from the folder, the man fetched his phone inside his pants pockets and dialed Yakimoto.

Yakimoto sent the invitations. He was a greenie—a term they used for those who were new to Aviscar. He started two weeks ago.

The one before him had been promoted to another department.

There were only two plausible explanations for this certain players appearance at the pre-trial.

On the third ring, Yakimoto picked up.

”Mister Kagura sir! ”

”Can you give me a list of those you sent the invitation to for the pre-trial? ”

”Yes, sir! Right away sir! ”

Ryumen Kagura heard the furious sound of the keyboard. A second later, he heard the notification sound for an email on his phone.

”I sent the files sir! Did you need anything else? ”

”I need you to stay on the phone, ” Ryumen pulled the phone away from his ars. He switched to speaker mode while he browsed the email and opened the one Yakimoto had sent him.

Comparing the names on the list with which the invitations had been mailed, Ryumen found no fault in them.

Perplexed, Ryumen glanced at Red Suzukies profile.

”Thanks for your time, Yakimoto. Get back to work. ”

Ryumen closed his phone, gathering the folder before rising to his feet. The only other plausible excuse for the odd person in the midst of the game was no other than Seth.


[You have received the Cloak of Deception]

-Please note that this magic would last you five hours maximum and need to recharge for an hour and a half before you could reuse it again.

Red frowned at the screen before him. He was expecting to receive a grander package other than a cloak.

But briefly remembering the quest he was to accomplish, he blew out a resigned sigh.

I can keep complaining.

Though he was still salty for the glitch, Red knew he would need to start moving.

The first quest for him was to find the book of Incantation.

Pressing the tab, Red whistled and dropped his mouth as the translucent screen provided him with several options for skin tone and faces.

”Whoa, ” he smirked. ”This doesn look so bad after all! ”

Grinning, the player took his time to consider what skin tone he wish people would see him as.

”Lets see, ” he mumbled. There were different shades ranging from dark to light. ”Fair or Olive? ”

Red pursed his lips.

Its not like Im here to impress someone, am I? Then, any skin tone would do. Right?

As he mused about it, the more he got concerned about how the female players would see him as. Despite being in character, appearance still mattered.

Truly a despicable reality, Red thought bitterly. People would treat you differently if you don pass the standard of beauty they have in mind.

”This is why beautiful people tend to get away with whatever crime they may intentionally or unintentionally commit. ”

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