Jack Of All Trades: Chapter 1 – Expulsion

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“Orn Doula, I want you to leave the party by the end of today.”

 I couldn’t believe my ears.

 After the usual exploration of the Great Labyrinth was over, I had first returned to the mansion we rented as a party base.
From then I had been checking today’s magic stones and magic beast drops, when all of sudden I was expelled by the party leader Oliver. 

 Like a bolt out of the blue, surely it was this…

“…What kind of joke is this?”

“It’s not a joke or anything.
All this while you were an old friend from the same village so I let you into the party.
But your current skills can no longer challenge the next floor.
In short, your skills are insufficient.
So get out of the party.”

 Currently, no party has yet to reach the lowest 100th floor of the Southern Great Labyrinth – but this party has managed to descend to the 94th floor. 

 Furthermore, of all the parties who have reached the 94th floor, this is the first and only party in the Labyrinth’s history to have done so. 

 This party that has surpassed the records of their predecessors is known as the Hero Party, and has attracted the attention of a wide range of people.

“I know my strengths are insufficient.
But that’s something that can be said of everyone else.
As long as we carry on like this the lower floors can-”

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“Your support magic is weak, that’s why!”

 In the middle of the conversation between Oliver and I, Derrick the party tank interjects. 


 Certainly, I know that my support magic compared to other Enchanters’ is less effective.
But that’s exactly why I developed a number of original magics to cover for my shortcomings. 

 It’s thanks to that we can survive even if we go below the 91st floor.

 There’s no reason to call it weak.

“Ah? Are you a weakling unaware that you’re weak? Hahaha! No way, you’re such a shameless guy! You’ve been able to get by as an explorer all this while simply because we were excellent!”

 For the first time, I found out what it feels like to have your jaw drop.

 I’m stunned silent by what Derrick said, and he looks at me and smiles as if he’s victorious.

 Does he think I can’t refute him because he had hit the mark?

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“We didn’t really understand how important an Enchanter was.
So until now, even if you could only use the lowest level of magic, we let you stay in the party.
But last month during the joint subjugation was the first time we really felt the importance of Enchanters.
My body was light as a feather, my attack and defence also increased.
I could never have imagined that real support magic is that amazing!”

 When I thought that Derrick’s interjection was finally over, Oliver spoke with gleaming eyes as though reliving that incident. 

 Last month, a Dragon suddenly appeared overground.

 Since early subjugation was necessary, three S-rank parties jointly defeated the Dragon.

 The joint subjugation he is speaking of was probably this one that happened last month.

 Among the members who participated in the joint subjugation, there was a genius called “the best Enchanter on the continent”.

 Certainly if compared to her my support magic may not be enough,


“I’m not an Enchanter by trade.
It’s natural that it’s inferior to my original job.
That’s why I developed original magic-“

“Enough with the excuses!”

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 Once again, Derrick’s interjection came.
Let people speak!

“You converted to Enchanter because your sword skills were also inferior to Oliver’s! And what explorers need are results! The process doesn’t matter! You converted to an Enchanter because of circumstances, but now as an Enchanter belonging to a party, your skills are inferior! You’re not in a position to complain!”

“We’re the Hero Party.
We have no choice but to go further into the labyrinth.
We’ve already found an alternative Enchanter to Orn.”

 What Derrick had to say might be right, but surely there’s a better way of putting it. 

 Is this the kind of attitude towards companions who have shared both joys and sorrows?

 Be that as it may, I understand that to these guys, I am no longer necessary.

 If you have already decided on a replacement, this party no longer has a place for me. 

“…Understood, I’ll leave.
I’ve been taken care of so far.”

 While saying that, when I turn my back to get out of the mansion,

“You’ve finally left!! Ha, it’s refreshing!”

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 Until now, having only been looking at me with an expression like I was an idiot, the Magician Aneri satisfyingly shouts. 

“Swordsmanship and magic both half-assed! Even if you say that you can do various things, with skills that can’t even reach the A rank, the fact that you thought you could offer your suggestions on every single thing made me sick! Do you know what they call people like you? Jack of all trades, master of none! For the likes of you to be in the Hero party, anyone would find it strange! From now on act in a way more befitting your stature!” 

 When I turn back and catch Aneri in my line of sight, her just-shouted harsh criticism seem almost like they didn’t happen as she muttered “wha, what?” in a weak voice.

 These guys might have always thought of me in this way huh.

 I had been intending to devote myself to this party…

 Why was I even in a party with these kinds of people?

 I sigh in my heart as I open the door and step outside. 


 Well, first of all I need to secure a bed.

 After resetting my thoughts, I start walking around the city in search of a suitable inn.


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