Hm…So you want to hear this story? Are you sure?

Its very long you know? It is certainly not just any story that is told before going to sleep, it would probably cause the opposite effect on the listener, as long as he is able to find a brave reader.

You are lucky that I am here … even if I do not like to tell it, not that I have ever told it to anyone, (also because I do not have many visitors), with small premises everyone thought again and asked for something else, futile questions, just to pass the time.

For example, the questions you ask when you meet someone unpleasant you haven seen in a long time and you don know how to escape.

”What did you do after school? ”

”How are you? ”

And things like that.

Well of course I never got these kinds of questions, they could get the answer to any questions and obviously no one backed down, but they kept asking for futile things like;

”Will I marry the girl of my dreams? ”

”I would like to have enormous wealth and live peacefully with my loved ones, how Should i do? ”

”I would like to be the strongest of all, what can I do? ”

Mh… I see you amused, can I know why?

You say its normal? Well…it could be like you say.

In fact, they thought they would return to their homes.

But not always everything goes right, does it? In reality almost never, it seems that man is attracted only to misfortune and misdchances … like polar molecules that turn their positive part towards the negative part of the other molecule.

Do you understand? Things like wars, aggressions, violence and everything that leads to death are as intrinsic, more than anything else not in the DNA of man but in ”Story ”.

What ”Story ”, you say?

Not the usual story, lets not talk about stories to scare children or goodnight, just like I told you before … well the story you want to hear is a little different … yes, lets say its special.

Why, you ask?

I won give you all the answers now, otherwise what story would be excuse?

I can only tell you that it is a story that influences and…yes, we can say that it modifies the ”Story ”.

How do you say? Doesn that seem like anything special to you? For you who don know anything it probably isn , but for me its something excellent, sensational, fantastic, wonderful, enchanting, Horrible, scary, terrible, creepy…almost unimaginable.

How do you say? Ah yes sorry, I let myself be carried away and didn answer your question, but well this also serves to make you understand what kind of story you want to hear, now I get to the point, listen to me well.

So what is this ”Story? Well its a simple thing, you could say its a subjective concept, everyone who is aware of the ”Story ” sees it in a particular way, different from others, some say that there is no such thing despite being aware of it, obviously they are free to believe what they want.

For me the ”Story ” is simply the story of the universe, of any galaxy, of any planet, continent, kingdom, country, village, man who ever existed and will never exist.

What happened had to happen, no matter how and when, if something is written in the ”Story ” then it will happen, obviously there is no way to change this…

How do you say? Am I contradicting myself?

Here you see? I told you to listen to me carefully, I was getting there right now.

You should now infer why the story you want to hear is special isn you? Something that could change what cannot be changed, was a surreal event and I have seen things eh, all the bloodiest wars, all the wildest clashes, the most barbaric murders, the most revolutionary discoveries, the changes of the eras and the arrival of the ”Protagonists ” …

How do you say? Who are the protagonists? You ask too many questions you know? Its been a long time since you asked me about this horrible story…Yes…yes Ill also tell you why this is a horrible story for me, lets calmly but okay? Now I will start with the first Act.

I know what you
e going to ask for and no, I won tell you how many Acts there are, so now sit back and listen to me….

Ah! I almost forgot! What do you think of the ”Story ”?

Wait, lets do it this way, answer me when this horrible story is over ok? You will have plenty of time to reflect…

Small parenthesis before I start, whats your name?

How do you say? Should I know everything? Well its true but I like to ask directly, everyone can present themselves as they want, you can even tell me, Ill give you a name.

”… ”

Ah! Ahahaha…so thats your name! Fantastic, really magnificent, there will be a lot of fun with you.

Well, lets start this horrible story.

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