The Lord Of Destiny

Happy birthday

After finishing breakfast and saying goodbye to my mother. Me, Beatrice and Ethan left the house. Our destination was the forest behind the village. A forest without dangerous creatures that we have been using for years as a ”secret base ”.

This secret base is located inside a majestic tree 30 meters high and 15 meters wide, it almost seemed artificially created…

Over the years we have improved it by adding a table, a few chairs, pillows, a wardrobe and a bed to rest.

For the light we rely on the candles scattered around the place.

”Shouldn we add something? ” Beatrice asks with her ringing voice.

”What would you like to add? We can bring anything else, also because it would be useless, ” replied Ethan.

”Mhh…maybe some decorations? I should have some carpets and paintings that we no longer use! ” He suggested Beatrice.

”As expected of the Lords daughter… ” murmured Ethan. ”What do you think Kaizer? Do we really need any decoration? ” Ethan asked me

”I don know…maybe some books? Even if you..mhh…don read too much. ” I replied.

”… ”

”I understand, then Ill look for something at home. We should have some old books at home ” Beatrice said to break this embarrassing silence.

I wasn and Im not good with people. Im not used to these kinds of speeches, speeches that aren out of work. I simply never had real friends, the ones I considered as a friend in my previous life now I understand that they were nothing more than colleagues. We were only talking about work and current events, never gone any further. In middle school I wasn very sociable. Not that I wanted to be excluded, I wanted to go out with friends and maybe have a girlfriend. Well now nothing right can be done anymore? I will try to improve in this life without falling back into the same mistakes that led me to be like this.

”Hey kaizer I see you lost in your thoughts as always hehe…how about some training? Asks ethan as he grabbed me by the back.

”Of course…but don use your core, otherwise I wouldn be able to do anything against you ” I said

Ethan had awakened his core at the age of 5. An elementary core that allowed the manipulation of fire. Everyone, including me, thinks he has talent. And it is true, to be only 7 years old and without having a teacher (his parents are coreless) he is able to keep his flames active for about 10 minutes and release them within a radius of 2.5 meters.

Despite his talent for manipulation, his sword and hand-to-hand skills were below average. Even I, who won train seriously, im able to overwhelm him with ease. This was due to the fact that he did not have a teacher, in his spare time he trained with me and my father, but nothing more. As for me, I think I have talent with the sword…and I had practiced taekwondo for a few years in my previous life.

We took 2 wooden swords and came out of the tree.

”Are you ready to lose? ” Said ethan with a smile.

”Well well see, ” I said as I took off my coat, it was cold today, I was dressed in comfortable black silk pants, accompanied by a long-sleeved shirt and a heavy black coat.

Ethan instead had pants similar to mine and a simple white silk shirt, this is because his core allowed him to have ”passive skills ” such as resistance to cold.

Beatrice who stood aside sipping tea was dressed in a beautiful long white dress, with a coat and matching gloves. He wore his horsetail-bound hair and wore a wool bonnet. As expected of the Lords daughter.

Without wasting time ethan sticked me. ”Here I am coming! ” He decide to attack with a slash from above, I just parry as I backed down and without wasting time, with a leap, I felt a quick and effective lunge that Ethan managed to dodge.

The blow and answer went on for several minutes until with a blow to the hand i managed to disarm him. Ethan backed down and as I followed him to confirm my victory, Ethan used his core to attack. Using his manipulation of fire as a thruster under his feet he managed to bridge the distance by 50 in an instant by throwing a left hook that I paraded at the last second.

This last blow made me lose my sword and balance. Ethan noticed and took advantage of this to attack me relentlessly, I could barely enslave and parry the shots, ethan didn leave me for a moment to recover. I was losing.

”Maybe I should let him win, ” I thought. But I didn want to lose. Not in this life, I had let too many people take advantage of me, I avoided arguments just so as not to have problems in the future.

I have always lost.

Because I was a coward. I didn want problems and I didn want to cause any and I always let it go.

But now I want to do better. I want to be a respectable person. Someone you can trust. Thats why I won let Ethan win, he would just be disappointed that I didn fight properly.

I was cornered. Ethans attacks did not cease and he was pushing me towards the river located in front of our tree. If I had fallen I would have lost permanently … and here the opportunity presented itself.

Ethan tried to hit me with a direct right. With my right foot as a pivot I rotated my body 180 degrees. I had lost my balance and I was falling but with this movement I managed to hit, with my left foot heel, Ethan in the head knocking him out.

Several minutes later ethan opened his eyes again.

”What…what happened? ” He asked a little stunned.

”Kaizer is very strong! He managed to beat you despite harnessing using your core! ” Said all excited Beatrice, I don think shes ever seen such a fight.

”Ah yeah…sorry man, I just wanted to try one thing heh…anyway, where did you learn that move? In an instant you disappeared from my sight and struck me by making me lose consciousness, ” asked ethan visibly disoriented.

”Don worry you didn overdo it with your core and…mh… I think it was instinct? I don even know how I did it, ” I said. I can say that I learned a martial art in my previous life eheh.

”Instinct huh? Okay, how about going home? Im really hungry , ” said ethan perhaps a little disappointed with the answer.

”How about going to my house then? ” Beatrice suggested.

Ethan and I nodded with our heads and decided to head to Beatrices house.

Still unaware that someone had been watching us for some time.

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