”… ”

”Maybe someone should stop him… ”

”He lost a lot of blood. ”

”Stop!! Thats enough! ”

”Now- ”

”Ah ah…uff…still this dream. I thought that after my death I shouldn relive it again…just today then…

I got out of my comfortable bed with all the calm in the world, changed my clothes and brushed my teeth. Today I was wearing a simple black light pants with a matching t-shirt, always black.

Decide to fix the room and head to the living room where there is probably someone waiting for me…

”Good morning to all- ”

”Happy birthday!!! ” My greeting was interrupted by my parents, Beatrice and Ethan. Today we were gathered to celebrate my birthday. I turned 9 today this meant many things, like the awakening of the core that I had alredy awakened a month earlier.

My core is a elementary core, it allows me to manipulate the wind and I also possessed a passive ability that was simply a ”boost ” of my speed. In essence, every elementary or mystical cores possessed in addition to the manipulation of its own element also passive abilities that depended on the individual, for example my father and a colleague of his both possess an elementary core of the earth. My father has a passive ability that gives him more resistance to damage while his colleague is able to clear his steps as long as he is in his ideal terrain, so unless faced in the water he is an opponent who makes no noise…

As for the fights between core owners I could define them as the clashes that take place in a novel or video game. There is no such thing as mana or ki so you could say you can fight endlessly, but well thats not the case. The amount of the manipulable element is due to the size of its core. So the smaller the core the less we could manipulate our element.

In my case I have a core, which I decided to call, class B. Its not very big but not even small. But it doesn allow me to manipulate my element to its full potential. The wind element is one of the most difficult to use unlike the others. The element of fire allows you to have a high attack power, the earth in hand-to-hand combat and for protection is the best, you could say that it is the most balanced element. While water, I don know how to describe it, if you don have a large core or as I say, class S core, is not very effective, unfortunately its better than the wind because of passive skills like Beatrices that allows her to heal her wounds, so light wounds don cause her problems. As for light and darkness, I know practically nothing. They should be the best elements among elementary corea, but they are not very common.

Always talking about the size of the core, there are methods to allow you to ”enlarge ” it even if very little. So in a fight what matters most is the size of the core and its endurance.

From my fathers books and explanations, the core and soul are the same thing, but I don think so. I believe they are 2 things that are not the same but connected, if the core and the soul were the same thing then ”the coreless ” should not exist since they do not have a soul. I theorized something like ”without a soul a core cannot exist but without a core the soul can exist ” but for now I will not investigate further for 2 reasons. Mainly I don care about the issue, I don see how it can be useful to me. Second, I don think I have the necessary skills and knowledge. There are so many of those things yet to be discovered, since I decided to commit to improving myself, I have become more and more curious about the world around me, I have discovered that there are various secret organizations with evil purposes throughout the kingdom and not only in ours. I learned about the ”Clans ”. Clans represent most of a countrys offensive power, it must be remembered that they are not under the control of the King but work for him profiting from it. Obviously not all clans work for the King, and between clans there are always conflicts no matter if they work for the King, they can stand each other and this hatred has often broken out in fierce battles.

”Even best wishes honey! Today you finally turn 9! ” My mother said as she hugged me

”Happy birthday Kaizer, you
e finally not the youngest anymore hehe, ” Beatrice said in a mischievous voice, but I know she was joking and Im glad our relationship has improved. The same goes for Ethan who now considered me his best friend and loved me as a brother.

Best friend. Brother.

I don know why…I can believe it. I can imagine having such a relationship and I can see it the way he sees me.

I obviously didn tell him that. I don want to hurt his feelings, we
e the same age, but mentally its like Im 34. Maybe its this difference that doesn allow me to see him as a brother? Or maybe…

”Come on! Open the gifts your friends gave you!! Then well eat all the things your mather made together! ” By patting me on the back my father encouraged me to open the presents.

”Uff..eheh I don know what to expect, ” I said a little excited.

”Well, Ill start with…this ” I didn know who the gifts were, so I took one at random.

Ah! Thats mine, I hope you will like it! So this is Beatrices eh … who knows what she has in store …

Holding it in your hand seemed quite light, I wonder what it is…

A necklace.

If I had received a necklace from some girl I would have thought she was in love with me, but thats not the case. Beatrice is a good and honest little girl, she also gave the same necklace to Ethan. It is simply a symbol for our friendship. She care a lot about us. Well we are the only children in this village…the others are too young (2 or 3 years old) or too old (16 or 17 years old).

”Thank you very much…I really appreciate it ” thanks Beatrice from the bottom of her heart.

”Ehehe ” laughed blushing. How cute.

”Now its up to…this ” by taking the smallest and lightest package. I wonder who he is…

”Thats from me. I hope you like it! ” This time it was the turn of ethans gift, who knows what he gave me.


He knew my gloves had just broken and he bought a new pair. They were very simple. Black in color and with a sun and moon in the palms of the hands. I really liked it.

”Thank you very much, I really needed it, ” I said

”Say nothing man, ” ethan replied

”Now its up to our gift, ” my mother said. I was excited I can imagine what they could give me especially with such a big box. About a meter?

Lets see… wait, but this is…

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