”To love, is to want, to love is to fight and never give up on the other ”.

Xavier P.OV

After a long day of work trying to figure out some new upgrades for the pack has been stressing me the hell out on top of not having my mate by my side. I walk past one of the living rooms and I see Nina sitting on the couch screaming my girl is a baddie, I stopped in my tracks out of curiosity because like who is she talking about maybe its our mate my wolf tell me so I ask her what is it she is all excited to see, she shows me her phone and I see my mate Talia dancing in heels on this guy and just the sight of a guy near her has my chest burning up in anger but I try to calm myself down and just look at how her body is just flowing and going with the music, she is truly amazing the dance ends and she smiles so hard and that makes me smile.

I go to my room and just sit on my bed thinking about what the heck am I gonna do t get our mate to want us and give us another chance and I know I said that I will give her some space I just I need her by my side, I need for her to take her position as the Luna because the pack is expecting for me to find my mat already.

Talia P.O.V

Yesterday was such an amazing day I still can believe that I got the chance to dance with The Aliyah Janel lol, last night I sent Nina the video f me and Juan dancing she was screaming lol she said I did amazing and that she didn know that I can dance like that, this girl talking about she wants me to choreograph for when she and my brother get married, normally we don get married sense were werewolves and our partners are supposed to be life and the bond thats created is stronger than any contract one sign to the other but they wanted it to be official in every possible way lol; I am so happy for my brother he has an amazing partner and me a sister.

Today I think I am gonna chill and maybe go on a walk, later on, I check my phone and see that I have a lot of like on my IG page also a like and comment from Aliya Janel, and of course, I am screaming again because lol its Aliya but lol I calm myself down and reply and say thank you.

I take out my laptop and finish some school work that I didn get to finish when I was at home ,I am graduating early because I did all of the work that was required for the ret of the last semester ,that how I got the chance to travel.

I think I want to travel to Africa just to explore my family roots ,it will be so much fun I tell my wolf ,my wolf jumps in excitement because there there are lots of werewolves that mostly are in their wolf form because there is nature everywhere and no one really cares about what color fur or even who you are everyone work in harmony .

I sit up and text Nina does she want to go with me to explore Africa and that our first destination will be Kenya ,She sends me voice message and says hell yeah when do you want to go I say I do not know yet but when I get back I need to figure some things out specifically regarding your brother I think I will give him a chance ,I think m and my wolf deserve a little love and compassion in our lives, she sends a voice message thank the freaking moon goddess he has been so annoying asking about you every five minutes are you okay and do I think he should come with us to Madrid tomorrow I laugh so hard after the voice message ends and reply in the text this dude is crazy lol but he will not be easily forgiven but he can come the quicker the better for our wolves but he is so not touching me yet. She laughs again in voice and message and says alright I will let him know now so that he can sort out the pack and all of that I sent a reply okay cool I cant wait to see you tomorrow, she replies to babes. The end of the conversation.

Nina P.O.V

When Talia said that Xavier can come I was so surprised because that girl does not play, she is a sweet girl and all but she kind of scary I tell Xavier to pack his bags hes coming with us to Madrid and he gives me a confused look and ask did she say I can come I say yes she told me to tell you that she wants to talk to you as soon as possible so that you guys wolves can stop driving each other crazy with not knowing what is going to happen thats what she told me to tell lol he smiled so hard I started laughing. Xavier ran to his room so fast and began packing his bag and looks like he mind-linked his beta to come by so that he can give him instructions on what to do while he is gone.

I stand there smiling at my brother because he is so cute and funny when it comes to Talia I just really hope that he doesn ** this up because she only deserves love and compassion her brother and my mate Skyler told me that she had a rough past, not in much detail but he told me a little and that if I want to know more I have to talk to her.

I hope that she opens up with Xavier so some sense could be knocked up in his head.

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