The Maned Wolf

Chapter 1 - Run Away

My legs dashed through the forest. My heart slammed against my ribcage while my lungs screamed in pain. I felt lightheaded, so close to that familiar peace of wonderland. A place where all my worries washed away in the river of nothingness.

The trees bent their heads, laughing at my misery as their vines and branches weaved my arms and feet in a feeble attempt to trap me. The moon whispered its darkest secrets to me, desperate for my attention as the sun slowly pulled it further and further away from my sight.

It was getting closer. I could almost feel its breath raising the hairs on the back of my neck. My adrenaline screamed at me to go faster but my body begged me to stop. Every bone that I have ached and every organ felt like they would suddenly combust. It was getting harder and harder for me to breathe. I cursed every living member of my Poven. Everyone expected me to defeat this beast with ease.


Well, Ill answer.

Its all because Im the daughter of the two most powerful supernaturals in history. The daughter of the Lycan and the Sire Queen. If only they knew that my powers were in the range of a mere human.


My aunt would surely be humiliated considering shes the one raising me after said parents were killed by another one of the creatures that were running after me.

I spun around, eyes widening as its pale translucent face was directly in front of me. Its scrawny arms reached out for me as its transparent claws slashed forward successfully grabbing onto my hair and hauling me onto the muddy pavement.

I hissed, struggling to get out of its grip but it only tightened. Another set of claws dug deep into my chest, ripping the skin apart and forcing my blood to spray all over the wilderness, staining everything crimson.

”Ahh! ” I hallowed. Pain consumed me, forcing salty tears to stain my cheeks. I put my hands on it, glaring into the space where its eyes should be but instead of eyes, there was nothing. Just a deep, dark abyss of darkness.

It had no eyes but the dark holes still held vengeance and a thirst for my blood. Its razor-sharp teeth shimmered in the moonlight before its lips stretched wide. As wide as the Cheshire cat. I screamed out from the soul-crushing pain of having its teeth jammed into my jugular, drinking from my neck as if it were having its last meal.

Suddenly, everything went away. The forest, the blood, and the creature we named ”The Wonders ”. I was brought back into the entirely white room with thick colours framing the building for support.

Looking around my eyes met with angry ones. Had to bend my neck to look at her, which wasn because I was on the floor. Even if I was standing I would still have to look up to glare at those dark brown eyes. Her pixie-cut hair stopped just at the tips of her ears. A long purple streak is prominent at the front. Her arms were folded and her stance was wide. She accumulated authority wherever she walked. A powerful force to be reckoned with considering she is my mothers sister. Shes the only vampire in existence known to successfully master necromancy.

She marched over to me in angry strides. Arms folding tighter around her model frame.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I prepared for the word vomit from my aunt.

Sighing, I decided to ease the tension.

”If I had more time, I could have defeated it. ” I began. Her eyes burned with anger as she ripped me off of the floor and pulled me close so I could look directly into her boring eyes.

”The Wonders don need more time, Armaít! ” She tugged me closer. ”One slip up and you
e dead! What would I do then huh? ”

”I just need more practice, next time- ”

”There won be a next time because you
e done! ” I glared at her in disbelief. She couldn take me off the team! I trained every day in this holographic room just so I can be as good as the Elite team set to find the Wonders nest and kill them.

I thought if I joined, maybe just maybe Id feel better about myself. Better about the praise that I got from the Poven, knowing that Im no longer a fraud but shes taking it away from me! Everything Ive worked hard for.

”You can do that! ” I protested. She shoved me off of her, running her hands through her curls in frustration before she began to pace from left to right. ”I just did, ” She stopped, the glare in her eyes softened as she walked over and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

”Im sorry Armaít but I just can stand the thought of you going away tomorrow with that team when you have no powers. Whats worse is that the Scarlet Wolf has killed hundreds with the Wonders worshipping at her feet. I recoiled from her touch, grimacing as I pushed her away from me.

”Don touch me, ” I seethed. ”I can do this! Mom and Dad can finally be avenged…please! ” I begged, tears threatening to leave my eyes. Sighing she shook her head no. That stern glare in her eyes showed that her decision was final. That small glimmer of hope that I had shattered.

”Fine! ” I shoved past her and ran out of the training building. Running into the small road that bordered the Poven. Street lights flooded the narrow pathway as cars passed by unaware of the dangers that lurked beyond in our woods.

Since the beginning of time, humans were absolutely clueless about the supernaturals existence as a safety measure. No offence, but homo sapiens are known to be the most destructive species in the entire world.

Killing or studying anything and everything that they didn understand or that was new. I know for certain that I don want to be any of their lab rats so I try to keep my true identity hidden.

Unfortunately, It wasn hard. I didn possess any qualities of a werewolf or a vampire. No sharp claws of fangs. No heightened senses. No transformation. No craving for blood. No nothing.

If I didn know that my parents were supernatural I wouldve lived my life believing that I was a mere human. That made my heart ache even more. I just couldn stand to watch the Elite team leave tomorrow without me….no. Any pride that I had left would shatter. Questions and rumours would swallow the Poven. Theyd ask why I didn go with them. I couldn let that happen!

Thats why I made my way hom

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