The Maned Wolf

Chapter 2 - The White Water\'s Pack

”Ok, heres the plan. ” I stated. I had our miniature figures placed in the lost forest.

”We go here first. There is a hidden pack whose Luna had pledged an allegiance with me. ”

”A hidden Pack? ” Zex looked utterly confused and with good reason. Only my family knew about the hidden pack. They remain hidden to avoid the attacks of The Scarlet Wolf.

”I shouldn even be telling you this because my family promised to keep their pack a secret, ” I sighed.

”How will we ever survive in the Lost forest? ” Yeston growled.

”Yeah, its swarmed with not only Wonders but also sprites! ” Elle agreed.

”No need to howl at the moon children, we just need to follow the Hidden packs safe path and well be ok. ” I explained.

Nick glared at the map before pointing on an unusual marking that seemed to be a tree.

”Theres one problem with that Armaít, ” He sighed. ”This tree detects all unwelcome entities and changes the forest like a maze. I would know because it happened to me when I was sent on a voyage there. It took me a month to get out. ”

”No, we don have a month. ” Zex argued. All eyes looked at me as I smiled.

”Have any of you ever heard about the Potions master? ” I huffed at their perplexed expressions before explaining. ”The Potions master lives in the Void Valley just east of the Lost Forest. She creates potions of all kinds but her most popular potion is the changing potion. ” I began to walk over to the entry door before stopping and hastily running around.

”The changing potion can transform you into any supernatural creature that you want to be. If we go here we can change into- what did you say swarm the lost forest again Elle? ”

”Wonders and Sprites. ”

”Changing into a Wonder is dangerous so a Sprite will have to do…plus, sprites are sights without eyes which means that well be able to tell if Wonders are among us before they strike, ” I continued. ”Now like all potions, they don last forever theres a time limit. We need to use the potion wisely, ” I pointed at Nick, seeing his excitement bubbling through the roof. ”This is a mission we must be serious about…oh, one more thing. ”

”I bet its something else that will get us killed. ” Yeston whispered to Ella but even the powerless wolf could hear with how loudly he spoke.

”If I wanted to kill you Yeston, I wouldve done it a long time me. ” I smirked. He glared at me before crossing his eyes. Zex was analyzing the map.

”Anyway, as I was about to say before getting widely interrupted, the potions master feeds off of eyes- ”

”What! ” They all yelled. Each looking over this plan.

”This madness Luna- ” Zex began

”Just listen will you? ” I intervened.

”All we need to do is wear blindfolds, ” I explained. As long as she can see our eyes we will be ok but be warned, she will try and tempt you to remove it please remember that if you show her your eyes she will eat you. ” I waltzed back over to the map before pointing at an axe.

”At first light, we travel through the wasteland into Void Valley and then well male our way into the Lost forest. ” I instructed. Weston didn seem pleased at all and began to pull Zex to the side but he lightly brushed Jim off before looking at me.

Nick skipped after Yester who stormed out of the building. Ella wasn too far behind.

”Alone once more, ” I smiled.

”Indeed, I will escort you to your quarters. ” He made an attempt to reach for my arm but I began to walk in front of him.

”So, ” I initiated.

”So? ” He questioned.

”Did you like the plan? ” I continued to walk with my head held high and arms tightly folded behind me.

”It seems risky but whats a plan without risk? ”

”Im glad that youve seen reason, about Niska- ”

”Its nothing to worry about, its my fault for not seeing how she played me. Im just disheartened by the fact that I am once again without a Luna. ”

”Don lose hope Alpha, maybe your mate is within the walls of the Hidden Pack. ” I stopped and glanced behind me to see him thinking about it before he nodded.

”Maybe. ”

We slowly but surely made our way to the castle embedded into the waterfall. It was a place of relaxation as the water cascaded down the mountain and crashed on the rocks below. Only to become calm again as it slithers far beyond the packs borders.

Soon enough, we were inside. He led me to the west wing of the building. The caste was beautiful! Its walls were crowded with historical paintings of our Luna and the first werewolf, Lycan. The cream columns went so high up that I thought that there would never be an end to them. The floors were porcelain beaming our reflections. Around every corner had a lantern mounted onto the wall and servants frantically walking about.

”Im glad you like it, ” Zex watched as I admired the castle.

”Like it? I love it! ” I gleamed.

”I hope that shell like it too. ” He sighed.

”Im sure she will. ”

”Well this is your room, I hope that you will be well rested for the journey ahead of us, if you need anything, just ring the phone on your bedside table and the servants will attend to you. Dinner will commence shortly and someone will signify it when that happens. Good night luna. ” He walked away.

I walked into the bedroom to see my bag already inside. I quickly went over to it before pulling out the notebook that I had and writing a notice to the hidden pack.

After I was finished I went over to the open window and did the bird call of the crow. Shortly after, one arrived. I fed him the bread that was on bedside table and gave him the note telling it where to go

How could I have known that eyes were watching me the entire time?

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