The most anomaly and secretive scientific project in history, VILER-D was going to be aborted in its experimental initial phase. The project was said to be only conducted on humans. But sadly, no human trial of VILER-D survived the experiment which was the quite opposite outcome from the theoretical study.

The project was said to be the greatest achievement in science and would lead humankind into a new era. Humans would make advance evolution with the combination of science and nature if it succeeds as per their study and research. The project was only in the starting phase but couldn get a breakthrough to move further.

Some human trial exchanged their life for wealth and their needs, some were forced but only a very few( almost negligible) volunteered without knowing the cruelty of the experiment. Even before the human trial died they were tortured mentally and the pain would be unbearable that they would wish for easier death. Because of the nearly hundred percent human death ratio, the public, humanitarians organization, and even international law were going against the project.

On the outside, it shut down due to the protest and failure. But in secret, some people and an organization named AIRS who had introduced the VILER-D project were still conducting the experiments somewhere underground hidden from the eyes of the public. The government had given them the ultimate deadline to completely shut down.

Even in the last minute of the ultimatum the scientists, researcher, and professors were trying their best, researching and testing without rest, and even forgetting their hunger and thirst. Only hoping to have success within the midnight deadline but sadly-no progress.

As the deadline approached, everyone was nervous with their mood downcast. Some people left and only the core members of AIRS remained. The environment had turned gloomy as the experiment, and their sweat and hard work remained unfruitful.

Everyone present knew how inhumane the VILER-D project was but in the eyes of crazy scientists what would be great than doing the research, experiments, and gaining achievement? The death of living didn matter to them.

Three people in their fifties were standing on the upper floor and looking down at the lab from the transparent glass. Two of those were very silent and expressionless but only one with a mole on his left cheek was sad, frustrated, and couldn continue the silence and spoke,

”What should we do next? Are we really going to shut it down? ”

Still, there was no reply. Only his loud voice echoed in the office room.

”Arghh…Just say something. We need to say a few words to those members as we, three are for Gods sake the heads of AIRS Org. Make some decisions and motivate them. ”

Then one of the men with silver hair spoke, ”It is as decided. Tell them to return back. They will– ”

Before he could speak more, suddenly, a sound of low grunting was heard clearly in the large underground lab at the border of country Freuna and Wosmea. ( Oh!! yeah, this was the underground lab of AIRS. ) Everyone was shocked and very surprised because someone survived.

Finally, the project VILER-Ds human trials could be said to succeed at the last moment because someone was alive. BUT–no one could remain excited and was conflicted about what to do as the survivor was only fifteen weeks old child. To gain the final results and analyze the full situation of the VILER-D project, at least two decades should be waited for the child to grow into an adult.

Even a handful of children were made a part in the experiment but most of them were above 10 years old. The only one who had survived was one and only an infant human trial who was less than a year old.

Some old ones were called for a meeting on the upper floor to decide the future of the infant. The people present in the lab were split into three groups.

Group 1: ”This child is the first successful human trial of our research so should be kept here in the lab, under our daily observation. ”

Group 2: ”Exactly, it is the first success so let it live a normal life as the survivor is only an infant. But lets observe silently. ”

Group 1: ”The higher-ups have decided to end this research so the child is the one and only success of our research, so stays here. ”

Group 2: ”Whatever but it needs to live like a normal human being, then only we can know the progress, changes, stage of evolution, and development of our experiment. ”

”No we can . ”….the discussion went on. One group stayed silent saying to act as higher-up decides.

Even when the noise in the room was loud, besides grunting every once in a while the baby was asleep in the incubator. If anyone looked they would have seen marks of stitch on the childs head and chest. The skin was dark blue with scars of injections and the bones were visible with only a thin layer of skin as if the child was malnourished with no muscles.

It wasn sure if the child could survive but everyone was ready to decide the future for the child. This one child was part of the experiment even before it was born.

With the sound of a clap, the whole lab turned silent. The man in his late fifties with a blue eye ( the same one who didn speak before) leading two leaders to his left and right and a bunch of grey-haired, spoke in an elegant manner, ”It has been decided that the child will be kept in the lab under direct observation. The human test trial and the project end here. Keep the child in high security and give it a suitable environment for growth. The news of the successful trial will be secluded from the public and any outsider besides AIRS Org. No one is to mention it otherwise be ready to face my wrath. ”

All the people present were afraid of the man and took his threat seriously. From then on, no one mentioned the child. The child was abandoned to be a human test trial. Some people felt sympathize with the child to be grown up in such a harsh environment but nothing could be done.

A week later after the decision… on a dark, stormy night, a young man without alerting anyone entered the lab, reached near the child, opened the incubator, and slowly but carefully carried the child away.

It was surprising as none other noticed the intrusion. But a pair of cold eyes from far away in the dark observed the young mans every movement but didn notify anyone. A light trace of maternal love in the eyes vanished as soon as it appeared.

The next day even after an extensive search, the child was nowhere to be found. The search was on even afterward but no one got any clue, as if the child had vanished in thin air. But some were relaxed despite losing the child.

Note: The reason for the infant to be the subject of the test trial will be described in later chapters.

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