At last, I stayed for one more month.

During this rest period, I have been preparing myself, sorting out a lot of thoughts, and having a clear goal in mind- the need to seek answers to my questions, fulfill the promise I had made to someone, take my revenge, and find more about myself. If I don act now then the same situation of assassination could occur again.

After my recovery, it was time for me to leave. Before leaving I had to have a good talk with my master so I knocked on his door. ”Enter ”

I spoke standing by his side, ”Master, I will be leaving soon. but before my leave, I want to have a talk with you. ”

”Speak out your mind, my child. ”

”Someone is after my life. I think there are a few groups, some want me dead but the other wants me alive. After I turned 18, I feel as if someone was stalking me in the dark from far. But recently the movement in my shadows has increased. ” I told him about my blackout and the attempt assassination.

”You are right. What have you decided? ”

”I will investigate my past. Maybe start from where I had a blackout. I feel my future will only be answered by diving into my past. ”

”Okay. But Biva, try to make friends along your journey. Its a little easier to deal with the group. You may have some changes after this incident. I don know if its good or bad but be careful…When will you leave? ”

”Today ”

”Follow your heart, child. If someday you are tired to deal with those worldly matters then return back here. You will be always welcomed here. ”

”Sure Master. Take care of yourself. ”

After asking for leave from Master Leo, thanking the villagers for their help, and bidding goodbye to the elders, I left all of them behind taking my steps toward my first destination.

My first destination was the place where I had a blackout- The Horn Mountain. I need to grab the situation and gather any possible information I could get there. I know most of my questions will be unanswered there but some definitely will. As I don know the place where I was with that manic man I had to start from somewhere.

My journey has just begun and won be easy but do I have a choice? Traveling through the local transportation, I needed to change my transport means from time to time. I concluded it would take two days to reach there.

Thanks to Kai, a lot of food with some daily necessities have been prepared for me. It makes my cold heart cover with some warmth as a ray of light for my dark world. With the knowledge, I gathered from the monastery and from my life experiences I have tried hard to make my emotions neutral but couldn succeed.

The next day, as the terrain of the mountain, was rugged from the place where I was, I needed to walk for a whole day on foot. The mountain was named the Horn Mountain as it was in the shape of a horn.

At night, I reached the valley of Horn Mountain. The road opposite the mountain from where I came was developed as the mountain was of tourist attraction. I have to find shelter quickly because the weather turns cold at night and snows here. But the main reason was; that maybe I won be able to find a room as it was tourist season if I don act quickly.

I found an affordable room and decided to rest. It was fine too as I could use the daytime to gain information from the local ones, maybe they know a thing or two. After dawn when the red sunrise could be seen I roamed around the mountain for an entire day hoping to find the clues and talking to locals. In the evening I walked toward where I needed to go.

Within these mountains was a black market. As the mountains valley was on the borders between Ashpor (a nation where I lived) and Freuna (a neighboring country on the north and east side), made the transactions more convenient.

I have to be very careful here. I can just alert anyone. Im wearing a long coat and scarf covering my face. Maybe no one recognizes me as I usually wear a disguise to cover my original appearance and identity but I can leave any possibilities, can I?

Hoping to see a familiar face I walked through the market and then I saw him. A man in his late fifties with one of his eyes damaged and wearing glass to hide it. I know him as he was one of the men who could work for money but provide reliable information.

I walked towards him as his back was facing me. I reached him and whispered to him to meet me two hours later in the forest nearby. No one noticed me nor did he as I blended with the groups of people nearby.

It was fun to roam around the black market. Who knows, maybe I could find something crucial.

After an hour I made my way toward the meeting place and waited patiently. As I remember due to some personal reasons and to find a certain antidote I came to Horn Mountain two weeks before my blackout.

As I gained the antidote, it became no use to me because I got the news that the person I was trying to save died. Then I was thinking of returning with my companion and the incident happened. Before I lost consciousness I saw a sly expression on my companions face and heard a familiar voice and the rest became history.

Hearing the rustling sound I became alert. Observing the situation I saw the one-eyed man at the right time. He is punctual, isn he?? I like the quality of this man so we worked together sometimes. He was one of the subordinates of my grandmother staying in the capital but a year ago, I asked him to be on this mountain. Surely I paid him well. He was the best of the informers I met.

”Miss, thank God you are fine. You vanished without informing me as it has never happened before. I was afraid something bad happened. I stayed here hoping you would come back but you didn return for a long time as I was thinking of going back to the capital. Luckily I stayed back. ”

”Parrot ( as I named him as he won stop talking as he starts to speak ), I am fine. Sorry for not informing you. I want you to do a mission; Find information about my companion who was with me when I was here and everything regarding the antidote and the one who has had a deal with me. ”

”Sure miss, I have the information and some documents about the Antidote group but for others, I need a day. ”

”Take your time, Parrot. Find me after you finish. ” I walked away leaving him alone as I know he has a way to find me afterward.

I know, I didn ask him about my blackout and the whole situation because I have a gut feeling he won find anything, moreover he didn notice someone tried to assassinate me.

Note: I named the dealer and the antidote manufacturer ( who invented the antidote) group as the Antidote group because both were done by the same group.

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