The Other World I Created R

Chapter 11: The Grand Pety Village

Seven days have passed since the Blood Moon new year celebration. The winter cold is slowly fading, it looks like there won be many more deaths from cold. Urion was in Alexhanders room, he decided to start to teach him now, since the merry mood have already passed for the most part.

-U-r-i-o-n, A-l-e-x-h-a-n-d-e-r, now what am I called?

Urion slowly said his and Alexs names while pointing at himself and to the infant. The toddler could understand what Urion was trying to do and tried to repeat with little sucess, he still didn have enouth control over his tongue and these days he felt his mouth itching considerably.

He tried to talk with his finger on his mouth, and as you all may know that doesn really help. Urion tried to take out Alexhanders finger from his mouth, but not long after he would put it back there.

Urion thinking that there might be something wrong with Alexs mouth, he puts his fingers in the babys mouth and opens it. He investigates the mouth and realizes.

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