The Prophecy: Chosen Ones

Chapter Two: Bianca

The trees whipping past me in a blur as I ran through the woods, I was running away. I couldn remember why I was running but I knew I had to. A loud rumble cut through the air and the shaking of the ground sent me flying into a fallen log. I quickly looked behind me expecting to see something chasing me yet I saw nothing. I quickly got to my feet and started to run again this time faster. Another boom sounded but I managed to stay on my feet. I broke through the woods into a clearing, my lungs burned but my body kept pushing.

”Almost to the river ” I thought.

The air smelled of grass and dew mixed with the damp smell of the earth. Another boom sounded out and a crack split open right before me. I fell backwards trying to stop myself from falling in. The crack expanded as I scrambled to my feet getting up to head the other way then another boom sounded out breaking the earth behind me leaving me on a small circle of isolation. Panicking I tried to calculate if I could jump across the cracks, just as soon as the thought crossed my mind the cracks enlarged greatly to a size I could not jump across. The smell turning to burning and ashes started to float into my vision along with embers. Looking into the crack I noticed lava. I scanned my surroundings looking for a way out. The lava was rising and if I didnt find a way out I was going to die. Another boom sounded out knocking me over the edge forcing me to grab onto the ledge, holding on for dear life. My fingers were slipping due to the wet grass from morning dew. I kicked my feet trying to find something to get my feet hooked in, anything that could possibly save me from falling. The lava was getting closer and my fingers were close to falling. I saw a flash of lightning and closed my eyes knowing whats next to come. I willed something or someone to come and help me. When the last boom sounded out I fell screaming. I could smell and feel the heat of the lava drawing closer.

I sprang up taking in deep breaths. My clothes were soaked with sweat as if the lava had really been close making me sweat. My head fell into my palms as I tried to calm myself. Ive had the same dream every night for the past week, each night the dream went longer and added new parts. I couldn help but feel the dream had something to do with my burning today.

A knock on my door startled me.

”Owen, honey its time to get up ” my mother called in a cheery voice. ”Its your burning day! ” She cheered walking away from the door.

I slowly got out of bed. My legs felt like jelly and my heart was about to burst from my chest. I slowly walked out of my room making my way downstairs for breakfast with my mother. I walked into the kitchen to find a place setting for my mom, my father, me, and disturbingly my little brother. I stared at the plate set out for my little brother. A new chair accompanying the table for him.

My mom walked in to see me staring at the spot.

”I didnt mean to upset you or anything…I just think that he deserves to be apart of this day. He is your brother. ” My mother whispered.

I walked over to his place setting and ran my fingers down his plate as if just touching the plate would allow my brother back into this world.

”Its ok, I think thats a good idea. ” I whispered giving my mom a forced smile, walking over and giving her a kiss on the cheek. My mom gave out a sigh of relief and her face broke into a large smile.

My mom quickly changed the subject to something cheerier. ”Your father will be home soon. He got the day off of course. Nobody not even the King could keep your father away on this day. ”

Smiling I asked my mom if she needed any help to which she replied no shooing me upstairs to get ready for my big day.

As I was getting ready I heard my dad come through the door. I hurriedly got ready so I could see my dad faster. Racing down the stairs I reached my dad who was smiling big and holding my mom.

”Happy burning day son. ” My dad said with a grin. I ran to hug my dad breathing in his scent. Both my mom and dad specialized in weather spells. They both smelled like rain and snow. I grinned up at my dad who tried scooting his way to the kitchen for breakfast. Upon seeing my brothers sitting place his smile changed to a wistful one. He brought my mom and I closer and laughed.

”Why dont we get to eating? The food smells ravishing. ” We all quickly sat except mom who went to the kitchen to get milk and coffee. Dad was rarely home and when he was it usually wasn for long. I talk to my parents about everything so my dad and I have a lot to catch up on.

”So Owen, how is everything? ” My father asked.

”Well… Ive been having these…dreams ” I started. My father looked at me strangely.

”Dreams…what kind of dreams. ” My father asked not understanding why I brought this up.

”They are dreams Ive never had before and Ive never experienced any dreams like this ever. ” I was getting a little worried that my parents would think Im crazy or brush it off as nothing.

”Son…when a boy..a man gets older they experience changes…and whatever your experiencing in your dreams are normal and its a completely natural thing. ” My father started. I looked at him confused.

”You dont really think! ” My mom gasped and looked at me then my dad again. ”Hes having..wet dreams? ” My mother whispered even though I could clearly here her. Now I was just embarrassed.

”No! Thats not what I was talking about! ” I exclaimed embarrassed.

”Son theres nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to everyone. When I was your age- ” I cut him off.

”Dad I was talking about a different sort of dream! My dreams are more like nightmares, really vivid nightmares! ” I explained. My dad and mom looked at me serious, then started laughing.

”Whats so funny? ” I demanded. My dad went back to eating his food.

”Don worry about it Owen, the dreams have to do with your specialty. ” My dad chuckled. I felt confused and clearly it showed on my face because my dad brushed it off again.

”It happens to everyone Owen dont worry about it. ” My dad stated. My mom and dad went on to a different conversation.

I nodded my head slowly and started to eat my food. We all joked and laughed, swapping storys of the two weeks my dad has been gone.

When breakfast was over my dad cleaned up as my mom and I went upstairs to get her ready. Just as we picked out a dress for my mom, my phone went off.

Mac: Dude, come to the park and bring snacks Im hungry

Reading the message I laughed.

”Love you mom, Im going to bring Mac food. ” I laughed. I kissed my mom goodbye and grabbed the keys to leave saying a quick goodbye to dad. Making my way over to the park stopping at a convenience store for Macs snacks. When I arrived at the park I saw Mac sitting on the swings playing on his phone. There were a few kids playing on the jungle gym while the parents sat on benches chatting and watching their kids. I took a seat next to Mac swinging myself a little bit. I tossed the food to Mac and watched his face light up.

Mac looked at me grinning. ”Your the best! ” He exclaimed digging into his food.

I chuckled. ”Yeah, whatever ”

I watched Mac eat his food, patiently waiting for him to finish.

”Are yah ready for your burning? ” Mac questioned, finishing his food.

I smiled at him. ”Im excited, but no defiantly not ready. ”

”I understand, I was the same way when I thought about it, actually more nauseous than anything. ” He shrugged. ”Nothing to worry about, it doesnt hurt too much. ”

I gave a sarcastic chuckle. ”Oh yeah, that makes me feel better. ”

Mac smiled at me. ”Dont get sarcastic with me or youll regret it. ” He smerked. ”Besides, I wasn trying to scare you or anything. I mean its called a burning its gonna hurt a little at least. ”

”I didnt really think about it… ” I admitted looking at the children playing. ”You know I kinda dont want to be a weather specialist. ” I whispered.

”You don ? ” Mac looked at me puzzled. ”I mean I support you and everything, but its not like you have a choice. ”

I looked at him trying not to look annoyed. ”I know I can choose, but Im really hoping Im not. If I am thats tons of pressure, not only to be great and get a good job, but also to marry another weather specialist. I want to marry who I want for love not to breed for more weather magicians. ” I complained. ”Also weather magic isn that powerful and if- ”. Mac interrupted me.

”I know you want to avenge your brother and weather magic doesnt seem like the right magic to use. ” I nodded, agreeing with him. Mac was someone who could understand my need to avenge my brother. If I didnt avenge my brother then I would feel like that one moment would control my whole life, make me think back and feel horrible about the fact that I could do nothing.

Macs face broke out into a smile.

”Why don we go back to your house and prank your dad? Call it a welcome home present. ” He smiled deviously.

Smerking I nodded my head, jumping from my swing and throwing Macs trash away.

When we arrived at my house I watched as Mac sneakinly climbed into my window. We couldn let my parents know he was here, that would ruin the prank. I walked into my house, trying to act as natural as possible.

”Honey, your back. I was wondering if you could help- ” I interuppted my mom.

”Sorry, Im feeling a little tired so Im going to take a nap to refresh for my big day. ” I lied.

”Of course. Ill just ask your dad. ” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and left to find my dad. I arrived in my room to find Mac laying across my bed on his side with one of his hands propped up to be on his head and the other on his hip. He was smerking greatly.

”Owen, paint me like your one of your French girls. ” He exclaimed while striking a pose. I laughed and shut my door. Mac wiggled his eyebrows at me before sitting up into a normal position.

”Lets make up a master plan. ” He said deviously while tapping his fingers together like a corny villian in a kids cartoon. I scoffed and sat next to him giving his head a little push.

”My dad is helping my mom do something so we have enough time to think of something good. ” I explained. ”And it can be anything we have already done. So things like glue and pillow feathers, or paint on the door frame, are out of the question. ”

Mac pretended to put a thinking cap on, and made a very concentrated face.

”Well we could do a smack cam? ” Mac questioned.

”Smack cam? ”

”Well youll call your dad upstairs to like help you with something and Ill be waiting in like the closet or something and hell come in and Ill have a plate full of shaving dream and Ill smack it in his face. ” Mac explains rather quickly.

”That sounds messy…lets do it! ” I exclaimed.

Mac jumped up with his fists in the air in a silent cheer.

”Great! Now go get the stuff but act inconspicuously. We dont want to be found out. ”

I snuck my way downstairs, my mom and dad nowhere in sight. I quickly grabbed the stuff and ran back upstairs.

Macs face lit up when he saw the supplies. We got everything ready and Mac was taking his place in my closet.

”Oh hey!! Look at that, back in the closet where I belong! ” Mac joked and winked at me. Laughing I closed the closet and called for my dad to come up.

I was in my bathroom pretending to be concerned about the shower.

”What do you need? ” My dad called through my bedroom door.

”Come in. ” I called. ”I need help with the shower, somethings not right. ” My dad made his way in looking accusingly at me.

”What did you do to it? ” He questioned making his way over. Just as he was going to pass the closet Mac jumped out and smacked my dad right in the face with the shaving cream. I started to laugh as my dad stood there shocked, then a smile broke out on his face. He started walking towards me. With his hands outstretched to grab me. I turned around and grabbed the shower head and pointed it at me dad.

”Dont come any closer or youll regret it. ” I said laughing. He didnt stop getting closer so I turned the water on. My dad quickly ducked out of the way and the water sprayed Mac. Mac looked at me with a glare. Then grabbed the shaving cream. They both came towards me.

”No guys stop this isn fair, it was Macs idea. ” I pleaded, neither of them listened because then I was tackled and covered with shaving cream. We all looked at each other and started laughing.

My mom came in to see what all the ruckus was about and chuckled at the sight, instantly knowing what happened.

”Alright, boys its time to get going, All if you get cleaned up. ” My mom laughed. I instantly quieted down, anxiety creeping into my body as I thought about how the next few hours would go. Apparently I looked terrified cause Mac gave me a tap on my shoulder with a reassuring smile.

”Ill be here for yah. ”

I gave him a nervous smile. ”Thanks. ”

We all got cleaned up and then loaded up into my moms small car and headed to the inner walls. Since my dad was a guard I was to have my burning in the inner walls of the castles surrounding ones.

The ride there was filled with my mom and dads excited chatter of me specializing in weather magic. Mac and I were very quiet on the way there. Every now and I then I caught Mac looking at me with concern, no doubt making sure I was ok.

As we drew closer to the burning centre my anxiety got worse. I imagined the worse case scenarios. I imagined the burning not going right and I ultimately died from severe burns. I also imagined not being a weather specialist and my parents being not only disappointed but also disowning me, yelling at me wishing my brother was the one who lived. I also imagined being a weather specialist and going through life knowing that all my choices are already made for me.

Mac noticed me starting to freak out and grabbed my hand, a weird jesture but oddly calming. He gave my hand a reasurring squeeze and smiled.

He whispered softly to me as if trying not to scare a little bunny. ”Itll be ok Del. I promise. ” The use of my nickname made me smile. Mac was actually a nickname, not actually my friends really name. His real name was Nuada, but we all just used his middle name. Mac was Irish so his name was hard to pronounce.

”Thanks Mac, just nervous thats all. ”

Mac squeezed my hand again in reassurance. The car came to a stop and my parents called for us to get out. Mac let go off my hand and started to get out. I sighed getting out of the car, my hand still tingly from Macs grip. We all walked to where the burning centre was. The equipment looked like the really old witch burning pits from old human stories. I shivered thinking of burning to death while everyone I knew watched unaware that something was wrong.

A middle aged women and two men who looked like bodyguards walked up to us smiling.

”Now which one of you is Owen? ” The lady smiled. I timidly stepped forward, and gave an awkward wave.

”Uh…me. ”

The lady smiled knowingly. ”Of course you are. Come this way, only one person is aloud with you from now on. Everyone else will have to wait. ” My parents looked at me telling me to make the decision. My parents didnt tell me I could have a person with me, they actually didnt tell me much. When Macs burning day came around he was by himself. I was confused and in a daze, scared by the burning and just wanted to be comforted.

”Mac…please. ” I pleaded, hoping he would accept.

My parents didnt look the least bit surprised or even disappointed. Mac smiled at me wrapping his arm around my shoulder, trying to calm me down. The lady smiled and started to walk away, Mac and I followed waving my parents goodbye.

”Its ok, just breath. ” Mac whispered, rubbing my shoulder in an attempt to calm me down. ”We dont want you having a panic attack, right? ”

I nodded trying to keep my breathing steady. Mac was a person I trusted and I could easily show my signs of distress. I didnt have panic attacks frequently but when I did they were very intense.

The lady took us to a room where they had laid out paint and other ritual items. Two younger ladies who looked about 14 were waiting for us.

”Ok, Jennet and Beatrice will take care of your symbols and get you ready. Now Mac can stay with you until you get tied to the burning stake, then he will be as close to you as possible. ” This time it was me who grabbed Macs hand, I squeezed his hand while staring at the floor. ”Then right after Mac will be brought to you. We will try to make you as comfortable as we can. ” The lady gave a reassuring smile that I caught from the corner of my eye.

”Thanks, he is just nervous. ” Mac said politely. The lady left the room being very quiet. I stood in the same spot for a few seconds. The two ladies walked towards me.

”Hey, Owen? Right? ” I nodded. ”Im Jennet, I promise that itll be ok. Just come over to the table we will get you ready and Mac will come over too. Ok? ” I nodded again making my way over to the table. The ladies gestured for me to sit on what looked like a doctors table. I sat and waited for them to grab their supplies. They carefully drew the symbols on my face. A symbol for each specialty. When the burning happens the symbols change into whichever one the person will specialize in. Then you just have a bunch of the same symbols on your face. It can get any clearer than that.

Mac smiled at me.

”What are you looking at? ” I questioned wierded out.

”You look like a very good sacrifice. ” He laughed. I did not find this as amusing. Giving him my best glare, I silently flipped him off. He just laughed.

”Im sure something will come to gobble you up! Maybe a vampire or a demon. ” Mac laughed making scary jestures with his hands.

”Ha ha, so funny. ” I sneered.

The door opened rather quickly, the lady was back and smiling. All her smiling was creeping me out.

”Its time! ” She cheered. Dread filled my body, but I forced myself to get up. Only to meet with the floor. Embarrassment flooded my face in the color of red. I looked back noticing Macs smirk and his foot sticking out. I let out a growl. Which actually surprised me. I stood up quickly facing Mac. Macs face went from a smile to a worried one.

”Hey…I was just trying to calm you…Hey..Owen put the paint down.. ” I smiled.

”Fine Ill put the paint down. ” I threw the paint all over Mac with a smerk. ”Oops. ” I giggled walking away.

”Owen! ” Mac growled. I smerked.

”Shall we get going? ” I questioned the lady innocently. She smiled glancing at Mac.

”Of course. ” She turned around. ”Hurry up Mac. ” She called. I turned to look at Mac, I was pleased with myself seeing him drenched in paint and trying to wipe it off.

We walked down the hallways in silence. Mac followed behind. Clearly trying to keep his distance. I smerked to myself. Serves him right. I felt proud for an odd reason. I had dumped paint all over Mac. I sure hope my mom had a camera to take a picture of that. We soon arrived to the burning pit. Nervousness flooded my system and my hands started to sweat. I instantly felt Mac beside me.

”Your nervous. ” He said. I stared at him.

”Well no shit sherlock. ” I deadpanned. Mac smerked and looked at his feet.

”You sure know your way with words dont you Owen. Maybe Ill right a book. Ill call it, The Awesome Things Owen Delgado Has Told Me. ” Smerking he laughed. ”Dont worry, everything will be ok. ” The lady took my hand and led me to the burning stake. I took a deep breath and looked at everyone watching. I saw my mom and dad smiling looking very proud. I gave a small smile that Im sure looked like I was constipated. I turned and looked at Mac. He gestured with his hands and then took a deep breath slowly releasing it. I got the message. Breath. I took a feel breath which somehow made me feel worse. My vision was starting to get blurry and I could faintly here the lady talking. I couldn make out what she was saying she seemed so far away. I looked over at her. She was addressing the crowd. My vision then doubled, my chest started to hurt and I suddenly felt panicky. It was taking all my willpower to not fight against the restraints holding me captive against this pole. Even thought we were outside I felt like I was in a small room and a herd of elephants decided to come in and sit on my chest. I looked down, I felt myself tear up. Then everything got really hot. My head shot up and I saw fire. The fire was everywhere and it was encircling panic started to rise. I tried to convince myself that everything was normal and nothing bad was going to happen. I kept chanting to myself.

”Everything will be ok. Everything will be ok. ” Eventually my chanting turned to quiet sobbing as the fire started to hit my skin. My skin felt like it was peeling but it wasn . I felt a sound rising out of my chest as I cried out. Big mistake, I breathed in a huge waft of smoke. I started to choke and more tears ran down my face. Now my insides as well as my outsides were burning. The fire kept getting closer. My vision blurred even more and I felt as if I was going to pass out. The fire got to bright and I shut my eyes. I felt as if something had defiantly gone wrong. As if it was even possible, the heat got hotter and I let out a strangled cry. Everything burned and I just wanted it to end. I couldnt breath and I was getting light headed. My body started to go numb and I mistakenly opened my eyes only to be met with someone standing in the flames. I was confused, i strained my vision to see farther and i reconized the person. It was my little brother.

”Ivan! Ivan! ” I screamed trying to break free.

”Where are you Owen? It hurts! It hurts so bad! ” Ivan yelled in pain falling to the ground.

”No! ” I screamed trying harder to break free. Ivan started to disappear.

”Ivan! ” I screamed sobbing.

I started feeling light headed, then I blacked out.


My body felt heavy and I heard whispering. I tried to open my eyes or sit up but something held me down. Fear started creeping up into my chest.

”Owen. ” A soft voice called out. ”Ooowwweeen ” the voice called again. The weight suddenly disappeared. I sat up quickly and my eyes snapped open.

”Hey! ” Mac slightly yelled. ”Lay back down. ” He took my arms and slowly laid me back down. My head was spinning and my eyes hurt.

”What? How? ” I questioned, not able to find the right words.

”Everything went well Owen. I admit it took longer than usual but it went well. ” Mac assured rubbing my head.

”And? ” I questioned. Mac seemingly knew what I meant. He smiled.

”Earth. ” He whispered. If I didnt feel like I had been run over by ten trains filled with animals from the circus I would have jumped for joy. My specialty was not weather. I had a chance to make my own choices. A gentle hand touched my face.

”Owen. Your crying. ” Mac said. He didnt sound like he thought I was over reacting. He actually sounded like he understood. I heard the door open and the lady from before stepped into my line of sight.

”Now Mac, please step back so our doctors can make sure hes in top shape. ” She instructed. Mac stepped back and the doctors towered over me. They asked me questions about how I was feeling. I answered honestly and hoped it would be over soon.

”Now sweetie, Im going to sit you up and check your vitals, Im also going to change your burn bandages and check them. Ok? ”

This was news to me. I looked down and noticed bandages in several places on my body. My jaw dropped. I felt angry and scared. I was promised nothing went wrong and everything was ok. Why was I in bandages.

”Mac! You said it went well! ” I shouted sitting up quickly but instantly regretted it, my head spinned. The doctors quickly grabbed my arms to hold me up. A searing pain went through my body. It felt like I was burning all over again. I mustve let out some sort of noise cause the doctors jumped back, startled.

”Thats not normal… ” Mac hesitantly said. The doctors shook there heads. The pain was subsiding a little but my body pulsed with pain. I tried to focus on anything else.

”What went wrong? ” I said, or maybe I didnt. The doctors looked at me strangely. The lady looked at me and so was Mac.

” need to speak English. ” Mac looked at me puzzled. Confusion ran through my body. I thought I was speaking English.

”Sometimes, confusion can happen. Which explains the old language but I dont know about the touching… ” The lady trailed off.

I stared in disbelieve. What had happened? Nothing about this was normal. Mac started to slowly approach me.

”Owen. You have to concentrate. Try speaking English. ”

”I thought I was speaking English? ” I tried. They looked at me blankly. I started to get frustrated. I banned my hands on the table I was on. Instantly pain coursed through my body. I whimpered. Mac grabbed my hanfs seemingly forgetting the no touching thing. Instantly the pain went away.

I looked at him astonished.

”The pains gone. ” I felt my mouth hanging open.

”And your speaking English… ” The doctors said. I felt confused. Mac let go of my hands.

”Why did I speak another language without knowing? ” I questioned. Yet again nobody answered. Exasperation filled my body. Mac grabbed my hips.

”Hey! What are you- ” I shouted.

”And back to English! ” The lady shouted. ”Can someone explain to me what is going on! ” She yelled.

The doctors looked at each other confused. Mac hopped onto the table with me his hands still on my hips.

”Well whatever it is you guys better fix it before his parents find out. They will freak. ”

Honestly I hadn thought about my parents. I knew they wouldnt be able to see me till after recovery.

”Ill go get the alchemist. ” The lady said running out. Mac rubbed circles on my waist comfortingly. I put my head in my hands.

”This couldnt have just been a normal day? ” I whispered.

Mac chuckled. ”I dont think anything that involves you is normal. ” I glared at him. He let out a sheepish smile.

”Young man, why dont you change his bandages. ” A doctor said giving Mac fresh bandages. ”Well guide you and tell you if anything is wrong. ” Mac glanced at me as if asking for my permission. I shrugged and allowed him to start changing my bandages. I had burns on my wrist area and my thighs. The convered a little of my torso as well. Before Mac could finish, the lady came running in with an older looking man.

”Owen, I need you to take your shirt off. ” I recognized the man. I had been to his office before. My parents took me frequently since I was born. I glanced at the lady and the doctors and they took a hint and left. I slipped my shirt of with some help from Mac.

”Your markings have changed. ” He whispered.

Confused I questioned him. ”Are you sure? ”

”Well yes Im pretty sure. Ive been looking at the writing since you were born and they have changed. ” He confirmed. He looked and then suddenly pain shot through my body, the pain pulsed from my back.

”Fuck! ” I screamed flinchng away from the alchemists hands. Mac set a hand on my back where the doctor touched and the pain instantly started to fade.

”Im sorry Owen..This is an interesting development. ” The alchemist murmered.

”Yah think? ” I whimpered still feeling slight pain.

”Something about your burning change you bodies chemistry. Thats why your markings changed. And Im willing to bet thats why only Mac can touch you. Youve always been a special case. Your markings glow when when someone touches you except when Mac touches you, then they turn blue. ” Said the alchemist. I felt tired and exhausted all I wanted was to sleep. I knew that I wouldn be sleeping for a while. I was confused and a little scared. Worried about what my parents would think and everything that might happen in the following hours.

”I think you should stay overnight. Ill explain to your parents. Do you want them you come in and say goodbye or no? ” He asked, making his way to the door.

”Yes… ” I said unsure. ”Yes, please. ” I nodded. I might as well get it over with now.

My dad and mom came in looking worried.

”Oh my baby. ” My mother whispered while looking at my bandages. ”I wanna give you a hug. ” She whined. I smiled weakly.

”No offense mom, but please don . ” My dad. Chuckled giving me a smile.

”We are proud of you son. ” Dad said nodding towards me. I started to tear up. My parents didnt say anything negative and they didn mention my abilities. They were just worried about me. Mac rubbed my back soothingly.

”Well honey, we love you, and we will be back in a few days. We don know when theyll release you, but I know youll be safe with Mac here. ” Mom smiled. ”Give him a kiss for me. ” Mom said turning to Mac, waving at me that both left. Happiness overwhelmed me. My parents weren disappointed in me or at least they decided to keep their disappointment to themselves.

”Are you tired? Hungry? ” Mac turned towards me looking concerned.

”Ah..a bit of both. ” I said sheepishly twiddling with my hands.

”Ill get you something.. ” Mac trailed off while getting up. I felt panicky, I grabbed onto his shirt pulling back towards me.

”Please don leave! ” I shouted, my voice echoing off the walls.

Mac chuckled. ”Ok. I won . ” Mac looked at the table I was sitting on and looked around the room. Suddenly he picked me up bridal style and carried me over to the couch. He gently laid me down.

”Why don you get some sleep? ” Mac smiled.

I sat up. ”Lay with me? ” Embarrassment flooded my body, my chest hurt. I felt like I made a mistake. ”I mean- ”

”Ill lay with you. ” He smiled gently. Slowly getting on the couch with me as I scooted over. I was even more embarrassed now. The couch was rather small so we were cuddling. He was facing me and my leg was up on his with his arms on my waist, while mine were around his neck. There was an awkward silence as we lay there.

”Are you comfortable? ” Mac asked. I really wasn , my muscles ached from the position but I didnt want him to know.

”Yes, very. ” I answered. Mac hummed and laid his head on mine, my face was in his chest. My felt myself heat up. I could smell his body wash and cologne. The smells clashing, although not in a bad way. I closed my eyes trying to calm down.

This is just Mac, we have been friends for years. This isn sexual or anything of the sort. I told myself.

Mac chuckled.

”Whats so funny? ” I asked a little worried that he was just gonna get up.

”Your whispering to yourself. ” He whispered huskily, like he was falling asleep. I was abashed.

”Oh my god, did you hear anything! ” I asked trying to push him away. Macs grip tightened on me making me blush.

”I didn hear anything I promise. ” Mac mumbled. We just laid there for awhile, I knew he was asleep. I started to drift asleep, remembering what I saw in the flames. I fell asleep before I could realize I saw my dead little brother.

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