The Prophecy: Chosen Ones

Chapter Four: Scarlet

Thomas was zoned out as his teacher droned on. This was a lesson they had been learning since elementary. Fairies have always been prey to the other species, especially vampires. Fairy blood is very tasty to vampires. Thomas had never seen a vampire, he got annoyed whenever they had this lesson the lesson was mostly about running and hiding not anything about defending yourself. Thomas hated this, he hated that he was assumed to be weak because of his species. Thomas was awakened out of his thoughts when a book was slammed on his desk.

”Thomas, care to explain to the class why you aren paying attention to my lesson. ”

Everyone in the class stared at him, his face heated up and he could tell that his face was red.

”I just don see why we have to relearn the same thing every year. We are seniors and we have never been taught how to defend ourselves against other species. ” Thomas got a little upset, the teacher laughed at him.

”Trust me you wouldn even last two seconds against a vampire. ” Thomas blood was boiling.

”You don know that, you never gave me a chance! ” Thomas shouted. Thomas teacher stared at him.

”Stay with me after class. ” His teacher started teaching again. Thomas groaned, he was gonna get lectured. After class Thomas stayed while all his classmates left. His teacher walked over to him.

”As you know we have a treaty with the werewolves to protect us from vampires. I want you to follow me to the gym. ” His teacher stated. Thomas got up confused as he followed his teacher. When they arrived at the gym Thomas saw young werewolves training with older ones.

”Andreas! ” His teacher called. Thomas watched as a wolf jogged over to him.

”Yes professor? ” Andreas said, looking at Thomas with curiosity.

”Thomas, Andreas is your age, he is in his last year of high school as well. ” Andreas looked at Thomas and smiled. Thomas looked at his teacher confused.

”You and Andreas will spare. I want to see you hold your own against him. ”

”Thats not fair! He has been taught how to fight, Ive only been taught how to cower. ” Thomas shouted.

”Andreas will tone it down. ” His teacher stated. Andreas nodded and looked towards Thomas.

”Lets get started. ” Thomas was led to a mat as more of Andreas classmates were circling in to watch. Andreas was well built and obviously was stronger than Thomas.

”First one to have their back on the mat loses. ” His teacher announced. Andreas got into position, Thomas did as well, he would not gonna lose to the wolf. As soon as his teacher said go the wolf charged at Thomas at a speed he had never seen before. Thomas got out of the way just in time. Andreas laughed.

”Dodging like a little fairy. ” Andreas chuckled. Thomas growled, he took his wings out. Andreas and the other young wolves gasped. Thomas assumed they had never seen a fairies wings before. Thomas lunged at Andreas in his awe, Andreas immediately reacted and grabbed Thomas shoulders, he then grabbed behind his knew and slammed him on the ground. Thomas breath was knocked out of him. Andreas got up quickly.

”Are your wings ok? ” Andreas asked concerned. Thomas groaned.

”Yeah, their fine. ” he growled out. Andres lent Thomas a hand, Thomas slapped the hand away. ”Fuck off. ” Thomas coughed. His teacher chuckled. Thomas glared at him.

”Fairies cant compete against them Thomas. Vampires are even faster and take whatever chance they can to kill you. ” His teacher squatted down next to Thomas. ”You cant win, your better off avoiding them. ” His teacher looked at him with pity. He hadn even lasted five minutes with the wolf. If vampires were faster then he wouldn have been able to dodge the first attack. Andreas looked at Thomas with pity.

”Stop looking at me like that you dumb mutt. ” Thomas said groaning as he sat up. He could tell he was going to be bruised.

”I can take him to the nurse professor. ” Andreas offered.

”Ah Yes. He should probably rest for awhile. ” Thomas scoffed and his wings fluttered in annoyance.

”No thanks ” Andreas looked like a kicked puppy.

”Hes taking you. I have a class to teach. ” His professor said before walking out. Thomas sighed as Andreas offered a hand again. This time he took it. Thomas was embarrassed by how easily he got hurt. Andreas followed him as they walked to the nurse.

”Ive never been friends with a fairy before! ” Andreas exclaimed looking at Thomas wings. Thomas scoffed.

”We are not friends. ”

”Oh come on! we can be friends! ” Andreas wined.

”No, I don want to be. ” Andreas pouted.

”what if I help you learn how to defend yourself. ” Andreas said, Thomas stopped walking and stared at him.

”Your not serious… ” Andreas nodded.

”But only if you agree to be my friend. ” Thomas stared at Andreas.

”Fine, but try not to kill me next time. ” Thomas said walking ahead of Andreas. Andreas air pumped.

”Hell yeah, don worry we wont spare till you get a bit stronger. ” Thomas took it as an insult.

”Oh goody. ” He sighed. They arrived at the nurses office and Thomas went inside as Andreas waited outside. When Thomas was all taken care of he walked out.

”You bruised my ribs you dumb mutt. ” Thomas grumbled clutching his side.

”Ah, Im sorry! I forgot how fragile you guys are. ” Andreas looked at him sheepishly.

”Yeah whatever. ” Thomas rolled his eyes. ”What are you supposed to be doing? ” Thomas asked.

”technically training, but its ok to miss some. ”

Wont you fall behind? ” Thomas asked, he hated falling behind in work.

”No, training isn like academics. I wont fall behind if i miss a bit. ”

Thomas nodded like he understood. ”How long have you guys been training in our gym? ” Thomas sat next to Andreas.

”Not long, our teachers thought it would be a better experience to train around who we are trying to protect. ” Thomas scoffed.

”So werewolves have some sort of hero complex? ” Andreas laughed.

”Something like that, We like protecting people. But we also love to fight. I guess we just like feeling strong. ” Andreas shrugged.

”Stupid mutts. ” Thomas mumbled. Andreas chuckled and stood up.

”You should get back to class. ”

”But i just sat down… ” Thomas whined.

”Too bad. ” Thomas got up hurting a bit.

”We will start training after you heal up a bit. Ill get ahold of you. ” Andreas stated before walking away. Thomas scoffed. ”Whatever you dumb mutt. ” Thomas sighed and rubbed his ribs. He really did not want to go back to class. Thomas turned back into the nurses office.

”On second thought, may i lay down in here? ” Thomas asked the nurse.

”Of course sweetie! ” the nurse got a cot ready for him and then notified his teacher of where he was. Thomas stayed awake, thinking about how training would go. He had never learned how o fight. He was excited, if he could prove that he could hold his own against Andreas then the school would start teaching everyone. Thomas thought about these things to pass the time. After a few periods it was time for Thomas to go home, he thanked the nurse and headed out. Thomas called his mom.

”Hey mom, can you come pick me up? ”

”Sorry honey, I got called into work today. Can you have one of your friends bring you home? ”

Of course mom! I love you! ”

”Love you honey. ”

Thomas sighed, he would have to walk home. Thomas didn exactly have friends, everyone thought he was pretty weird. Thomas headed out, his ribs hurt and he really didn want to walk. Before he even got off the schools property he heard a voice behind him.

”Thomas! ” He groaned, the mutt. Thomas turned around to see the wolf running toward him.

”Are you walking? You really shouldn , bruised ribs are no joke. ” Andreas said, unaware of all the fairies staring at them. Thomas shifted uncomfortably, he didn want more people to notice him.

”Yeah, uh my parents are working. ”

”Let me gave you a ride! ” Andreas stated. Thomas really didn want to get into the wolfs car but he also really didn want to walk home.

”Fine. you better be a good driver. ” Thomas mumbled. Andreas laughed.

”Of course. ” Thomas followed Andreas to his car. Andreas got out of the parking lot and asked Thomas where to go. When they finally arrived at Thomas house Andreas turned to Thomas.

”Now I know where you live and i can come pick you up for training. ” Thomas groaned. Oh boy he thought.

”Just don leak my address dumb wolf. ”

”Of course. ” Andreas said before pulling out of the driveway. Thomas sighed and headed into the house. He threw his stuff in his room before heading to the bathroom. He pulled up his shirt and looked at his ribs in the mirror. He groaned as he saw the black and blue marks covering his back and some of his torso. He went and laid on his bed. HE fell asleep after a few moments due to being exhausted from the previous occurrences.

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