The stars were out and the night was warm, a slight breeze made the weather perfect. The night was one you would hear about in fairy tales. Mia supposed that this was fitting for the kingdom of angels. She sat atop a tree branch and drew in her book, she was looking at an owl and was jotting down his looks and his actions. She had never seen this type of owl before and was truly interested. Mia was knocked out of her thoughts when she heard someone calling out to her. She looked down to see her friend Breanna standing below the tree, out of the corner of her eye Mia saw the owl fly away spooked by her friend.

”Get down here, I have tea. ” Her friend Breanna called out. Mia laughed and fluttered down to where her friend was standing.

”You scared the owl away. ” Mia stated.

”What owl? ” Breanna looked around in the trees.

”Nevermind, what did you need? ” Mia crossed her arms.

”Claire got her wings cut. ” Breanna blurted out. Mias eyes went wide, she couldn believe that.

”What? Why? ”

”Well she was hanging with the demons, feeding them info. I knew she wasn good, I never liked her. She was always so rude and Im pretty sure she was homophobic. ” Breanna rambled on. Mia laughed, Breanna was always so outspoken and very righteous. She believed what she believed and if you didn believe the same well you better start. Mia never minded this because Breannas beliefs were all about equality and allowing others to make their own choices.

”We all knew she was homophobic, but I still can believe that she would go as far as conspiring against us. ” Mia said wondering how any angel would want their wings cut.

”Well i heard she was conspiring with the future demon king himself! That he wants to start a war that will put all races under his rule. Now if that isn a horrid man then I don know what is. But i mean he is a man what can we aspect from him. ” Breanna ranted. Breanna hated most men, she thought they were all dicks that didn care about anyone around them. She had a soft spot for a few of them though.

”Well if a war goes on, he could probably do what he wants. The demons are very powerful and we know that most of the other kingdoms don get along with each other so its not like we would be able to team up against them. Although we would be able to hold our own, if they went after other kingdoms first and added more power to themselves they could invade us very easily. ” Mia rambled on. Breanna groaned.

”Can we just go get food or something and not talk about depressing things? ” She asked. Mia laughed and nodded.

”Only if I get to pick what we eat. ” Mia teased, Breanna agreed and the two went to get food. When they had arrived at the restaurant that Mia had picked, the only thing that anyone talked about was Claire. Mia had started to get annoyed. She wanted to enjoy her lunch not continue on the gossip that she tried to get away from. Breanna seemed to have thought the same thing.

”Do you wanna get out of here and just go home? ”

”Yeah, we can play video games and eat there. ” Mia replied as she got up. When the two left to walk home a messenger from the queen came up to them.

”Hello Miss, I am delivering a message from the Queen. ” Breanna looked at Mia.

”Are you sure you have the right people? ” Mia questioned giggling.

”Quite sure actually, Mia and Breanna Correct? ” They nodded. ”Great follow me, we can walk and talk. So the Queen has sent me to let you guys know that you will be attending the seers audience tonight. As you may know the seers audience is like a ball. So you two will attend this ball as honored guests of the queen. Which leads me to the next message. ” The messenger stops infront of a expensive dress store. ”The queen has asked for me to make sure you have attire fit for the occasion. So we shall go in and pick your dresses. ” Mias mouth hung open as she listened to the messenger speak. She was going to be an honored guest of the Queen. She wondered why thi had happened and what she did to earn the chance for this.

”Umm actually can I wear a suit. Im not very into the whole dress thing. Actually I would rather die. ” Mia laughed at her friend. She knew that Breanna didn like dresses but this was a ball.

”Of course, the Queen would want you to be comfortable and a suit is good enough for the occasion. How about you Miss Mia? Would you prefer a suit too? ” Mia shook her head no.

”I would love to have a dress. ”

”Very well then, we will get Miss Mia a dress and Miss Breanna a suit. ”

They entered the store and the girls were immediately astonished. The dresses were beautiful, there were so many of all different shapes and sizes and materials.

”This is what rich people wear huh? ” Mia mumbled.

Breanna laughed and hit Mia on the shoulder. ”I hate you. ” She giggled out. Mia laughed too and bumped Breanna.

”Alright you two, Ill go get someone to help you guys find what you want and ill be here to pay when you guys are finished. ” The messenger walked away as the girls looked around to get a feel of what they would like to wear.

When the helper came she was bright, cheerful and god was she loud. Mia wasn a very loud or outgoing person so when one who is like that shows up, she kind of sinks into the shadows a bit. Mia realized she wouldn be a good guest at the ball. Ignoring that thought she tried on many dresses, and after about an hour and a half decided on one. The moment she put it on she fell in love. It was a midnight blue dress, the top was a delicate material and swoop into a low v-neckline. Which then poofed out into a ballgown dress. The top layer of the dress was a sort of sheer sparkly fabric. Mia fell in love. When Mia walked up to the counter, Breanna was there already with her suit.

Breanna turned towards the messenger. ”Women am I right? ” The messenger looked at her strangely and payed for the clothes. Mia laughed at Breannas comment but didn say anything.

When they left the store the messenger turned towards them. ”The coach will be outside your house around 9, be ready. ” With that the messenger was off. Mia and Breanna looked at each other excitedly. They hurried home, when they arrived it was around 5pm. They took turns showering and then made dinner. After dinner they started to get ready. Excited for what was to come.

The coach did arrived at 9 like the messenger said. The girls didn understand how people wore clothes like that everyday. They couldn fly very well in the clothes, their wings felt stuffy. The girls arrived at the castle in a short amount of time, shorter than they had thought.

”Wow, Its so beautiful. ” Mia stared in awe at the castle. Breanna snorted.

”Yeah duh, their rich. ” She then stepped out of the carriage before helping Mia out. Mia rolled her eyes at Breanna and gave her a smile. The girls walked into the castle escorted by their coach. When they entered the ballroom they were announced.

”Miss Mia, and Miss Breanna. The Queens honored guests. ” Everyone stared at the girls, wondering who they were and why they were honored guests.

Mia and Breanna descended the stairs, without tripping much to Mias relief. The messenger greeted them at the bottom of the stairs.

”You two look gorgeous, May I take you to the Queen? ” The messenger held out her arms to the girls. The girls took them and started to walk to the Queen.

”Ah yes! My honored guests! ” The Queen boasted. She walked up to the girls and greeted them.

”So how are you liking the party my dears? ” The Queen asked.

Mia curtsied and replied. ”Very much your majesty, thank you for inviting us. And thank you for the attire. ”

The Queen laughed. ”Don worry about it, Come I want to introduce you to my seer. ” Breanna looked at Mia and smiled.

”This is awesome. ”

The Queen introduced them to the seer and the seer looked at them with judging eyes. Breanna rocked back and forth on her feet, uncomfortable with the silence and the staring. Mia looked at the ground and played with her hands.

”Ah yes, you picked mighty fine young ladies didn you my Queen. ” The seer said with an all-knowing smile. The Queen smiled too.

”Ah, Why don you two go and enjoy the ball. Ill find you again at the balls climax. ” The girls nodded and walked away. Mia released a breath she didn even know she was holding. The girls enjoyed the party, they had some snacks and danced a bit. They met many people and talked a whole bunch. Both ladies were feeling very worn out. They found a little corner to sit in and enjoy some beverages and talk.

”God Im so tired right now. ” Breanna groaned.

”I hear you, these heals are killing me. ”

”Then take them off its not like anyone is going to notice. ”

”No, what if my feet smell. ”

”Knowing you they probably do. Actually you better keep those bad boys in the shoes. We wouldn want to clear the whole room out. ” Breanna said while tapping Mia on the shoulder.

”Ha-ha so funny. ” Mia scowled at her friend. Just as Breanna started to laugh, the whole room went silent.

”Hello everyone. I hope you have all had fun tonight. But it is time for the climax of the evening. I know many of you are here because of the recent events with one of our angels and you want to know what our seer has to say. Well Ill let you all hear it from her yourselves. ” The Queen stepped aside for the seer to be seen. Everyone applauded included Breanna and Mia. Proper ball etiquette they supposed.

”I have had a vision. And I am here to tell you all that the prophecy time has come to us. In the midst of this beginning war, young heroes have arose. They will guide us through this troubled time and make sure peace is found. Now many of you are wondering who these heroes might be. Many of them are not living in this kingdom. But we do have one hero amongst us this evening. Her and her friend will go on a journey to find the other heroes of this prophecy, five others for each kingdom in our realm. This will be a hard task but the young women will prosper. ” Mia and Breanna looked at each other in awe.

”That poor girl, that has to suck going on a journey like that. All that pressure. ” Breanna whispered to Mia. Mia nodded agreeing.

”Now will the Queens honored guest come up here with me? ”

Everyone turned towards the girls. Mia held her breath and stared at everyone. She froze. Breanna hit her as she smiled at the queen. Mia looked at Breanna and they started to walk forward. Everyone was judging them and staring at them.

”Mia you are one of the six heroes from the prophecy. ” The seer bellowed a proud look on her face.

Mia gulped. ”…Umm are you sure? ” The crowd erupted in laughter. The seer held her hand up to the crowd and they instantly stopped.

”My dear it is very clear. You are the girl in my dream, the others are faceless so I cannot help you there. But I do know that you and your friend here are of great importance, so please do not doubt yourself. ” Mia nods and glances at Breanna who looks apologetic, probably about the comment she made before.

And with that the ball was concluded, angels congratulated them and left. The messenger took the girls to rooms that had big beds and clothes for them to sleep in.

Before the messenger left Mia she told her ”Get lots of rest. You will need it. ” Then she was gone. Mia got changed and climbed into the bed, she tried to sleep but could not. She heard her door open and saw Breanna in the doorway. Breanna shut the door behind her and quickly walked to her bed before getting in.

”I got scared. ” Breanna said before cuddling and going to bed. Mia too realized she was scared, not only of the big unfamiliar surroundings but of the future. With that thought and Breannas company she drifted to sleep.

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