A cryptic movement could be seen amongst the shadows of the buildings in front of the dark sidewalk. The cars passing didn seem to take in the scene while they slashed past…even if they did… they won have noticed anything among the harsh shadows.

Whatever was there did not want to be seen… whatever was there came to a halt at the opening of an alley and then slipped inside.

This alley was opposite a stray bench with a nervous-looking man pacing in front of it; the man was medium height with a hat tilted on his head; he wore black jeans and a black coat with black boots. Soon, another man arrived at the scene. He emerged with hasty steps but soon regained a steady pace as he came nearer. He wore a black blazer with trousers and a black shirt that peeked out of the unbuttoned blazer. His shoes were black, and he wore a black fedora; he had a black nose mask over his mouth, so only his eyes were seen. These eyes were sky blue. As soon as he entered, the latter pacing man with the tipped hat looked up. His face lit up a little as he tapped his hat in greeting and gestured for his companion to take a seat on the bench behind them. The masked man lowered his mask; the pair began conversing in whispers.

”…this meeting is not necessary ”, said the tipped hat man,

”Ive told you countless times – I will be in deep shit if I am caught- ”

”-you have been living with a girl, haven you, ” the masked man said

”Yes, I did- ” replied the tipped hat man. He glared at his companion

”What do you mean did- ”

”-she did not tell me her name though, ” the tipped hat man said while he leaned backwards, ”but when they gave her to me, she looked worried… et she was, she had to be cuz she knew too much. ”

”Too much about what, ” said the masked man

”Everything, ” the tipped hat man whispered with bulging eyes. The masked man leaned forward; he didn want to miss any information.

”she, ” he continued, then stopped. He nervously looked around. The tipped hat man eyed him; was he chickening out? The masked man stared at his companion, who had one leg tapping the floor. You could almost see his courage withering. The masked man would be a problem if he decided not to talk.

With a defeated sigh, the tipped hat man ”she had seen a document that was taken to one of the men, she was caught-really easily though–then taken away. To keep her mouth shut, she was given to me ” he paused and watched his companion. He looked for any interruption, but none came, so he continued, ”she was supposed to act as my wife because the place we were told to live was a quiet place, and the lots around us were damn nosy, plus she was pregnant…. ”

”she was pregnant, ” the masked man said. His face had nothing but pure shock. Did he violate her? His gaze slowly met the tipped hat mans

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