The Psycho Afterlife

Chapter Zero | Cole Fallen

The Origin Arc – Part One

September 1st, 4100

The Monarch of Flesh, Bronze

Earth Realm

The birth of life, almost so suddenly appearing in our midst. The flesh of our free will- hiding our true self. Our persona of regret. Yield to thy lord

-The Mark of The Monarch

Lionel: The Monarch, the insufferable bastard cult. Every word that comes out of your mouth- all of you. Punishment is present, succumb to the natures of my abilities. Fall before me.

Somewhere off the coast of Bronze, Wyvern Island

Three Weeks Prior

Draco: Cole, wake – supper is ready. The depressing tone of your snores will scare off the flavor.

Cole Fallen: Grandpa, just, let me sleep in for a little longer eh?

Draco: Out of bed, NOW.

The boy- Cole, launched into the air and landed on a oval like stone.

Cole Fallen: Gah- dammit. Grandpa that hurt ya know.

Draco: Shut it boy, supper is ready. Eat, tonight you tend the wyverns with Palin.

Cole: Not Palin, anyone but her- DAMMIT.

Draco: Boy, lower your tone. The San family have lost another sheep- they are in mourning as we speak.

Cole: Its a sheep gra-

Draco looked heavily at Cole.

Cole: Ill- Ill go get ready.

Draco stood at 63, 235lbs. He wore tan beat up pants. With holes by the knee on both sides. He was always shirtless- and had the body of a miniature giant.

Cole stood at 59, 137lbs. He wore a beat up black tee, grey pants. As well as would occasionally wear

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