The Psycho Afterlife

Chapter One | Psycho Users, Psycho Abilities

The Origin Arc – Part One

September 1st, 4100

The Monarch of Flesh, Bronze

Earth Realm

The birth of life, almost so suddenly appearing in our midst. The flesh of our free will- hiding our true self. Our persona of regret. Yield to thy lord

-The Mark of The Monarch

Lionel: The Monarch, the insufferable bastard cult. Every word that comes out of your mouth- all of you. Punishment is present, succumb to the natures of my abilities. Fall before me.

Somewhere off the coast of Bronze, Wyvern Island

Three Weeks Prior

Draco: Cole, wake – supper is ready. The depressing tone of your snores will scare off the flavor.

Cole Fallen: Grandpa, just, let me sleep in for a little longer eh?

Draco: Out of bed, NOW.

The boy- Cole, launched into the air and landed on a oval like stone.

Cole Fallen: Gah- dammit. Grandpa that hurt ya know.

Draco: Shut it boy, supper is ready. Eat, tonight you tend the wyverns with Palin.

Cole: Not Palin, anyone but her- DAMMIT.

Draco: Boy, lower your tone. The San family have lost another sheep- they are in mourning as we speak.

Cole: Its a sheep gra-

Draco looked heavily at Cole.

Cole: Ill- Ill go get ready.

Draco stood at 63, 235lbs. He wore tan beat up pants. With holes by the knee on both sides. He was always shirtless- and had the body of a miniature giant.

Cole stood at 59, 137lbs. He wore a beat up black tee, grey pants. As well as would occasionally wear sandals. His hair was all black and reached his eyes.

Cole: Im ready grandpa. Grandpa? Whered he run off to in such a hurry-

Outside a rumbling of fire inflamed rocks hurdled from ships attacking the Wyvern Island-

An attack had begun…

Cole: Whats that noise? GRANDPA HEY ARE YOU OKAY?

Cole ran out of their small cottage, only to see flames and blood leaking across the island. Dead bodies and wyverns corroded the walkways and fire caved the area around in, a large coat of unbearable heat.

Cole: Wh- what… n…no

Cottage began to burn down, crumbling and falling on top of the dead.

Cole: How- how could this happen…

The ships road off, Cole falling to his knees in pain.

Palin, still alive…

Palin: Cole… its awful… the… oh my god…

Cole: I- I know. Please, tell me… do you know who did this?

Palin: A group of sea dwellers is all I saw. But on their ship- I noticed a flag Id seen before… it… it was your dads flag Cole…

Cole: My… dad… he- hes dead. Whoever- whoever did this. Is trying to ruin his name. I, I have to find out who it is. And… and… NO MATTER WHAT, I WILL AVENGE GRANDPA. THE WYVERNS, AND EVERYONE ELSE. I SWEAR IT.

Palin and Cole sat in the midst of the flames, as the night sky went completely black.

Three Weeks Later

The Monarch of Flesh

Lionel: Kill the priest for me would you Cole.

Cole: Of course, anything to please Lord Hades.


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