The Psycho Afterlife

Chapter Two | Jar Vs ???

The Origin Arc – Part One

The Monarch of Flesh, Bronze

Harpoon: So whats in it for me, ya know? Killing the poor kids family- forcing him to kill, to survive as a murderer.

Lionel: Death.

Lionel picked Captain Harpoon up by the head and crushed his skull with a swift movement.

Lionel: Good work my slave, Hades will be pleased.

Dock 83, The West border of Bronze – Entrance to the Sea of Lead

Tar, Patrol Man 7: Have you heard the rumors of the fearful Eliancoh Four? Have you Dar?

Dar, Substitute Patrol Man: You know how it is with these groups, these cults- they all fall before the king and his army. And if not that- they fall by the Order of Psycho. Direct bloodline to the first Psycho Users.

Jar, The Head Patrol Man: Psycho Users? I don follow-

Dar: You have never heard of Psycho Abilities Jar? The creation of the world past the old days. The key point within the past hundreds of years!

Jar: I dropped out of school to become a Patrol Man for this border. I have no need to learn useless information.

Dar: Oh no, its pretty cool. Ill try to sum it up a little but basically- from what the story tells. The light, a flash across the universe, and all of the realms. It created a surge of energy so powerful that it affected beings that began to inhabit different lands. This was caused from a war at that time between the Gods and the Giants. Fighting for Earth Realm and its nature. Us humans and even some animals learned our natures miraculously one day and we called the abilities we inhabited Psycho Abilities. I don have a clue who came up with the name but thats what it is. Anyways, many soldiers of the army and even common folk use these abilities to advance in life. Some have used these abilities for dark and evil purposes but the army and The Order of Psycho have stopped all of them in their tracks.

Jar: This is useless information. Please stop talking to me.

Back at the Monarch of Flesh

Cole: What will be next, or is our work done for the time being?

Lionel: You haven met Hades, in time- if you become my apprentice. If you leave the rank of slave. I will bring you to him, and see if you are worthy of carrying out our duties. If you are not- I will end your life. Painfully.

Cole: I understand.

Lionel [ What this boy does not know- shall remain locked away. The Shadow of his former self is locked within his ribcage. Fighting its way out. You are my puppet boy. Cole Fallen- I will make you the most unstoppable murderous being in existence ]

Lionel: I have a question, Cole.

Cole: Go on, Im listening.

Lionel: Why have you been tricking me. You know, I almost saw through you- what is it. Who has been killing these people if not you?

Cole: So you finally figured it out. Let me explain- three weeks ago. You and your pal whos head is mush now, both plotted to take me in. And use me as a weapon. I had other plans, I had a friend manipulate your mind. A demon- with a mind that feeble. Those people aren dead. The only death on your hands or anyones but that captains is his own death. That you caused.

Lionel: It may be true, I am a demon. But manipulation- are you sure this is the path you want to take?

Cole: I had a friend named Palin help me. I have learned a lot in these past weeks- and how awful Hades and his pets can be. I learned about the portals you take to travel into our world. And I learned that you, you are the weakest of them all. You hold the ability to control so much, and you still fail at being anything other than mediocre. You kill, you are scum. Maybe thats why you reside in hell. But I know a way to kill demons- a way that they won come back. In any life.

Palin: NOW.

The room grew foggy- the Ability Psycho manipulation was crowding the vision and direction of Lionel.

Cole: You haven seen it yet. Ive mastered the first stage- And now. I will avenge my grandfather.




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