The Psycho Afterlife

Chapter Three | Cole Vs Lionel: The First Part

The Origin Arc – Part One

Dock 83, The West border of Bronze

A ship arrives at the border, foggy and beaten up.

Tar: Hello, and welcome to the border. I will examine your ship and belongings. If we meet the requirements you will be able to pass into the Sea of Lead.

A man in black overcoat and a hat that covered his face, a very tall man at that-

The Man: Let me pass.

Tar: We can just let you do that man, Im sorry. Its protocol to look over your ship and we HAVE to meet the requirements.

The Man: Let me pass, or die.

Tar: Hey Dar, Jar- get down here. This dumbass thinks hes getting across the border without our jurisdiction. What a dumbass am I right?

Dar began to laugh hysterically, meanwhile Jar stared directly at the man. Not a moment to look away or blink.

Jar: Get inside boys, I have some business with this man.

Dar: Huh?

Tar: Wh-what are you talking about Sir?


The two quickly ran up the steps and into the little overlook above.

Jar: Are you a Demon? Or a dumbass? Nobody gets through you got it?

The Man: Neither, and I don like the way you talk to me. So hurry up and get out of my way.

Jar: I can do that-

A swing of a prickly sword grazed across Jars cheek. In a swift movement he grabbed the sword with his hand and headbutted him backwards. The man then took a step forward and instantly was above Jar. His feet span counter-clock wise and launched Jar back to the staircase. Breaking a few steps in the process. Jar holding on to a railing so he wouldn fall into the Sea.

The Man: I am going to pass. And you will not stop me, old man.

Jar jumped up and charged at the man, knocking him back onto his beat up shit.

Jar: Why bring a ship, one guy- as stupid as you. Why not a boat?

The man: That is none of your concern.

The man stopped Jars pushing and slid the sword into his knee. Jar quickly jumped back and took it out- blood ran down his leg as he ran at the man. Quickly turning around and throwing his body weight onto him. The man quickly dodging as Jar fell through the wood into the floor below.

The man: Sword, come my way.

The sword flew to the side of the mans pants. Connecting with its body.

Jar: This is fun and all, but Ive just began- I should finish you off fast. Before the boys set the sirens off.

The man: Have as many soldiers come as you please- I will gladly kill all of you, 1 by 1.

Jar jumped up and landed his elbow on the mans shoulder. The mans feet staying firm. The man grabbed Jar in mid air and threw him into the Sea.

The Man: I am tired of this game.


The border had become a battlefield for the man, or quickly it would become.

Dar: Who is this guy…?

The sirens roared loud, miles around it echoed. A group of soldiers on Bronze began to head to the location.

The Man: I guess killing you all will have to do. Too bad the master will have to wait.


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