The Psycho Afterlife

Chapter Five | Cole Vs Lionel: The Plan Unfolds

The Origin Arc – Part One

Dock 83, The West border of Bronze

A large boat, not quite the size of a ship had approached the Border.

Yuki, General of Border Patrol Army: Men, you see that man. Don shoot- Ill take care of this idiot. Of course Jar couldn – all his strength is stuck in his stupidity.

Yuki was 61, 200lbs – and wore a black and green uniform with a cap on his head. And a metal the shape of a squid in front of his left chest plate.

Yuki: Whats the ruckus dumbass? Want problems with the army? We aren technically navy until you hit the border- you don wanna see what theyll do to ya. So how about you surrender before I kick your ass and lock you away in Sector Seventeen. Im sure youve heard of that place.

Sector Seventeen is a max security prison for the most wanted within the continent of Bronze.

The Man: I think Ill enjoy killing you.

Yuki: You knocked out my subordinate what makes you think youll even scratch me?

The Man: Knocked out?

He reached his hand into the sea and pulled out Jar. His body having wet blood over it and marks across his face and down different parts of his body.


The Man: He was nothing more than an insect in my way. I didn even break a sweat killing him.


Yuki jumped off the boat onto the passage between the sea and The Mans Ship.

Yuki: Come on our boat, once we hit land- I am going to kill you.

The Man: I will happily come along with you, so all your men may see me slaughter you before their very eyes.

The Man and Yuki walked onto the boat, and all the men having their muskets pointed at the man- Yuki insisted they do not shoot. They made way to land near by-

Yuki: I figured it out, you are one of the Hells Abyss aren you?

The Man: Clever of you, I am. But quit the chatters we are on land now.

Yuki: The Hells Abyss killed my daughter. Ill enjoy killing you.

The Man: Your daughter was a well needed sacrifice- to Lord Hades.


The Man: Then do it.

The capital of Bronze, Real-Town

Sakura Ebisu: Maybe the map will show me the way to the island. I need to find someone- anyone who knows about the wyverns. Before Im too late- They will begin the attack soon.

For Sakura did not know she was already too late…

Mikato: Slow down Sakura, we have to stick together. Remember what our father told us. If we get lost, well never find our way to the island. And we won be able to warn them. Hades, he wants that boy- We have to find the boy named Cole Fallen.


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