”huh what. ”

”You heard me right it belongs to the Hemington family. Its a ducal family from Cetron kingdom. And that ring is a translation tool. ”

”I see. ”


Finally I got something that can allow me to understand what people are saying. Looking at the old man I carefully asked.

”Are you going to tell the soldier that I stole it from him? ”

Hearing my remark the old man smirked and said-

”Don worry pal, my old age experience tells me to not interfere with others business as long as it doesn give me any profit. ”

”I see, so you will not tell that soldier about it as long as it doesn bother you. ”

”Yup. My name is Renard. Friends call me Ren. What about you. ”

”Leo. ”

For some reasons I was very cautious about people from this world. But at the same time I was very happy seeing someone whom I could understand. Maybe because I wanted to talk to someone in this foreign land I let my guard down and decided to talk to a stranger.

”Hey you why were you taken as a prisoner. ”

Hearing my question the old man showed an amused expression. And decided to reveal the secret.

”Lets see, where should I start. I was an alchemist by trade and making potions and poisons is my duty. ”

”Hoooooh. ”

”Yup, one day I received an order from a noble to make 200 elixirs in 2 weeks. ”

”That sounds like a lot of work. ”

”Lot of work is an under-statement, young boy. It is impossible to even make 200 elixirs in 2 years. ”

”Really. ”

”Yes. It take around 7-8 days to get all the materials to make an elixirs. And considering the fact that there are 456 days in a year. I can make only around 50-60 elixirs. ”

Hearing old man Ren words I naturally I came to a conclusion that this world has 456 days in a year.

”So why did this so called noble gave you such an impossible task. Don tell me all this was because of some personal enimity. ”

”Oh wow, young lad you must be a oracle. ”

”What is an oracle? ”

”Someone who can read minds of the other person. ”

”Nope sorry to break your fantasy but I am not this seer. ”

”I see. And here I was excited for nothing. ”

”Old man you still haven answered my question. Why that noble did all of a sudden targeted you. ”

”Well you are right young boy it was because of personal enmity. We both were once partners who studied about alchemy in a prestigious academy. But because he was not able to create… ”

”STOP. ”

”What is it young lad. ”

”Let me guess, he got jealous of your ability and decided to deliberately make your life miserable. ”

Hearing my remark the old man was gawking at me with wide eyes.

”As expected you are very perceptive. ”

To be honest even in my previous world powerful people like VIP, politicians, judges, civil servant etc. were like this. If they didn like someone they would just send some assassin to get rid of them. As someone who worked as an assassin in my previous life I knew how the world works and about human psychology.

”Well, you guessed it right he didn liked me and I didn liked him either. As simple as that. ”

Saying that there was an awkward silence. And for someone reasons I found this silence very vexing.

”What about your story young lad. ”

”Huh me. ”

”Yes you lad is there anyone else present here. ”

Looking at the other slaves who were still sleeping I sighed and looked at the old man.

”I don remember anything at all other than my name. ”

What a bad lie. Anyone would think that I am making excuses and avoiding the question. The old man looked at me for some time and nodded.

”Amnesia. Huh. Well I understand, you must have went through some harsh conditions. ”

Hearing his words I felt a little guilt. I felt very bad for lying.

Just as both of us were contemplating what to do we both didn even notice that one of the two soldiers that went out on guarding duty has come back.

”Hey you bastard. Why do you have that? ”

Pointing at the cloth bag the soldier looked at me and yelled. Well it looks like he is extremely pissed.

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