” Watch out ! ” Scarlett screamed at the top of her lungs with horror in her eyes . It wasn until she got closer did she realize that she didn make it in time .

” Oh no no , please no , I can lose you . I shouldn have let you come alone . Its all my fault , I should have been here to keep you safe ” tears rolled down Scarletts eyes as she cried her heart out .

Scarlett sat there on the ground holding her bestfriend , Daisy in her arms . She couldn believe the fact that she was holding Daisys lifeless body in her hands .

Soon it was time for the elites to do their usual check . They came down towards the forest only to find Scarlett holding Daisys lifeless body . They sent out words to the academy that they had found two students in the forest , out of which one was dead .

Elites were the soldiers of Bloodline Academy . Very few out of many are selected for this respectable work as they have to pass challenging tasks in order to qualify for this position . It was a very responsible position as it required for them to keep the academy safe .

They carried Daisys body to the academys infirmary and helped Scarlett back to the academy as she didn seem to be in good shape .

On the way to the academy no one spoke a word . It was utterly silent as no one wanted to make the situation more mournful for Scarlett .

Everyone in Bloodline Academy knew about Scarlett and Daisys friendship . They were known to be the friends whod give their lives for each other . No one dared to come in between them as they knew theyd be put through hell if they crossed them . Daisy was all that Scarlett had and now that shed lost Daisy , what would be the consequences ?

But what caused this horrifying incident to take place ? Was it even related to Scarlett and Daisy ? Did they provoke someone ? Questions and questions , that is all we
e left with . For us to understand what was happening in the present , we have to dive into the past .


Scarlett was living with her foster parents in a small town called Driscot . It was said to be so small that everyone knew each other in that town . Scarletts foster parents – Joseph and Greta , loved her dearly .

Joseph and Greta were trying to have a child since eight years but luck didn seem to be on their side . After a long time of struggle for a child , they decided theyd adopt a child . In a stormy evening , when Joseph and Greta were returning from the grocery store , they could see from a distance that there was something in their porch .

Someone seemed to have left a parcel for them . But as they got closer they realized it wasn a parcel , it was a baby wrapped in a towel and left on their porch . From the looks of it , it seemed as though the baby was born just a few hours ago .

”Look , Its a baby girl. ” said Greta with a huge smile on her face as she couldn take her eyes off of the beautiful baby .

” Looks like someone left her out

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