” Ahhh…. ” she gasped as she opens her eyes to find her parents looking at her with concern , ” What happened darling ? we heard you scream . ”

She couldn find it in herself to answer the question . She was petrified and couldn even move her eyes . Her parents poured her a glass of water to drink and calm herself down .

” Do you want me to sleep with you tonight dear ? ” asked Greta with great concern as she had never seen Scarlett so scared . Scarlett was a lively soul , always with a smile on her face and making everyone smile , never once had anyone seen her scared , crying or angry .

” No mother , you can return now , Im fine . It was just a nightmare ” is what she says as she didn want to worry her parents with her problem .

Once they
e gone , she tries to recollect the nightmare . There was a woman who kept repeating the word , Deep in the forest you must hide , for history is to be repeated again and peace must be sustained . Just as the women kept repeating those words something from the shadow seemed to have got to the women and ripped her throat apart .

Scarlett ran for her life , she could feel whatever it was getting closer to her . She was scared for her life because it all felt real . The nightmare was spine chilling and traumatizing as she had just watched a women being ripped to shreds .

Scarlett didn know what to make out of it . She thought maybe it was because of reading that creepy book or it was just a terrifying nightmare and nothing more than that .

Things went back to normal pretty soon , she went on with her school life and didn have any more of those terrifying nightmares . Was everything really back to normal or was it the calm before the storm .

It really was the calm before the storm . As Scarlett opened her locker she found another letter , she was terrified . What does this mean ? Is she going to be haunted by that prankster again ? This time she didn read the letter , instead she threw it into the dustbin . As she turned around , her nightmares came to life , it was the woman from her nightmare . The same woman she had watched being ripped to shreds .

She didn flinch an inch , ” Who are you ? ” she demanded with trembling feet . The woman opened her mouth to speak but Scarlett was dragged aside by her friends , ” Who are you talking to ? ” . As Scarlett turns around to find the woman , she had dissapeared . ” No one , I was just talking to myself . ”

Scarlett now knew that whatever it was , it wasn just a nightmare . That night she couldn sleep , she kept fidgeting in bed . Soon after she heard something in the kitchen , a shatter . She decides to go investigate and while she was at it , she found it was just a glass but then she notices some muddy footprints leading to her parents bedroom .

Scarlett was terror-struck , she couldn get herself to move . She then slowly proceeded towards the door and cracked the door open . There was darkness , she couldn see anything . She entered the room and what lay in front of her , broke her heart into a million pieces . Her parents were no more , there wasn a single ray of life on their body , they seemed to be drained of blood .

Soon the authorities arrived . They investigated the whole crime scene but couldn find a single clue . This was the first time a crime had taken place in their town . Never had there been any news of theft , murder , **** or any form of crime in their town .

” I couldn find anything that points at forced entry or theft , but there was something interesting . As you can see that their body is drained of blood , I found bite marks around their neck . It doesn seem normal , Ive never heard of anything like this ” said one of the officer .

However , Scarlett did read about it . A vampire ! they are supposed to be myths but what if its all actually true . The letters , the book and my nightmares . Besides how do I explain seeing the very same woman of my nightmares at my school . Everything is somehow connected , they
e connected to that academy she considered deeply .

” We
e sorry for your loss Scarlett , they were good people ” said one fo the officers and it brought scarlett back to the present . She could think about all this later but right now she had a duty to fulfill. She had to pay her respect to the only family she ever had .


Everyone from the town was present at Scarletts parents funeral . Everyone offered their prayers and the ceremony was performed by a celebrant . Then it was time for Scarletts eulogy .

Scarlett had never thought therell come a day where shell have to dona eulogy for her parents . She wasn ready for it , but she poured her heart out in front of everyone . This day brought back the memory of her parents .

She had once said , ” I personally believe that eulogies are just meant to make the person cry . Shouldn we let them live in peace instead of reminding them of who they lost ? ” to which her mother had replied , ” yes , eulogies tend to do that but my dear Scarlett wouldn you want to tell the world of the good things theyve done ? Eulogies are meant to respect the deceased , for them to have a moment of peace before moving forward to the afterlife . ”

Scarlett sobbed as she was reminded of what her mother had taught her . Once the ceremony was concluded , she got home and cried her eyes out . She was an orphan now , with no family . Life seemed to be hard on her and it wasn getting any easier either .

She tried focusing on school the coming days but nothing could take her mind off of things . She had an unsettling feeling of wanting to investigate and thats what she did . She decided to find the academy at all cost . ” Im coming for you and nothing will save you from my wrath ” she said with a determined look , clenching her fist .

She wasn sure who it was or maybe what it was . She didn know why her parents were killed either . But what she knows is that it wasn a normal death . Someone murdered them in cold blood and left their bodies on the floor .

” Ill avenge your death mother- father , doesn matter if I die in the process . Ill accept death with open arms as I have nothing to loose anymore ” Scarlett had an emotionless face , it seemed as if she had lost every fibre of light in her body .

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