The Sovereign Ascension

Chapter 9 - Senior Brother, Your Sword

The paws of the tree Iron Clawed Wolves merited a huge amount of cash, also that Lin Yun didn owe any other individual a piece. The last fight had given an immense lift to Lin Yuns certainty and a more than adequate collect. Consequently, Lin Yun continued chasing after the following couple of days.

The experience of waiting among life and demise continually fortified his will as he figured out how to release the embodiment of the Flowing Wind Sword in the fight completely. The sword showed incredible lethality, and it wasn similar to other middle blade procedures. In only three days, he made a shockingly huge collect, filling his pack to the edge. Hooks from the three Iron Clawed Wolves, a Spotted Tigers Fur, a Shaped Bulls Horn… His sack was loaded up with a wide range of materials that he had collected from monsters.

”I need to track down some place to conceal them. ”

It wasn helpful for him to stroll around with such a lot of stuff on him. Consequently, Lin Yun found a mysterious area in the forest where he concealed the sack on a tree. He canvassed it in leaves and branches before he got back to the ground. Raising his head to take a gander at the sack, the leaf covering impeccably hid it from the unaided eye. Out of nowhere, Lin Yun felt a thick otherworldly emanation blowing toward him.

”Otherworldly areas of interest? ”

Lin Yun was very amazed. He realize that there were many spots on the planet with a wealth of otherworldly emanation, known as profound spots, in any case, in the Azure Sky Sect, such areas were completely consumed by inward trains and Elders. Some way or another, he had figured out how to find one while attempting to track down some place to conceal his collect. Its a given, he needed to investigate!

Following the otherworldly air, Lin Yun quickly ventured forward before he felt something surprising about the climate. As he took in his environmental factors, he saw the forest had out of nowhere become calmer. In the forest, you could for the most part hear even the smallest wisp of twist, however Lin Yun lacked the ability to hear the humming of bugs or the calls of monsters.

Eyes sharp, Lin Yun gripped his jaw as he marshaled his mental fortitude to travel forward. On the off chance that it truly was a profound spot, he could utilize it to propel his Pure Yang Art. Along these lines, he would have rather not offered up this chance. Around 50% of an incenses time later, Lin Yun showed up at the wellspring of the profound emanation.

”Its actually an otherworldly spot! The profound air here is a few overlay more thick contrasted with different spots, perhaps higher! ”

Stifling the energy in his heart, Lin Yun glanced around. Beside a few wild plants and grasses, he was unable to see something else strange about this spot.

”Whatever, how about we simply carry my Pure Yang Art to the subsequent stage and leave this spot rapidly. ”

After Lin Yun decided, he plunked down under a tree and shut his eyes. As he coursed the Pure Yang Art inside his body, the profound emanation in his environmental factors started immersing his body. The thick profound quality was continually fortifying his body, feeding his skin, muscles, bones, and meridians.

In the ten phases of the Martial Path, the initial three phases fortify the skin, bones, and meridians, while the following three phases reinforce the blood and five viscera. The accompanying three phases channel the muscles, change the bones, and change the marrow prior to arriving at a definitive 10th phase of the Martial Path. Each three phases was an edge, yet being in this otherworldly spot made Lin Yun feel something uncommon. He was gaining significantly more headway with the Pure Yang Art than he regularly would. Under the enormous flood of inward energy moving through his body, his stopped up meridians started clearing. Simultaneously, he was additionally gaining quick headway in his development. In any case, Lin Yun resisted the urge to panic. He must be mindful consistently while venturing on the way of the military way. All things considered, he could undoubtedly harm himself in the event that he wasn cautious with his interior energy. In light cases, his meridians would be harmed. In extreme cases, his whole development would be disabled. Damnation and paradise were just a foot away.

At the point when he finished a whole course of the Pure Yang Energy, his inside energy streamed internal and framed a strand of yellow emanation inside his Dantian. He had arrived at the second phase of the Pure Yang Art! Be that as it may, Lin Yun realized this present time was not the opportunity to celebrate. He needed to use his time in this otherworldly spot to its fullest. He focused himself and continued his development.

He needed to concede that there was an intense distinction between the first and second phases of the Pure Yang Art. He was engrossing the encompassing profound quality at two times the past rate!


Lin Yuns eyes shot open, shimmering with euphoria. Shockingly four hours had passed. He had figured out how to clear his meridians, which implied he had arrived at the fourth phase of the Martial Path!

He could undoubtedly tell the inner energy inside his body was fundamentally more dense than previously. Besides, controlling it additionally felt a lot simpler.

”I don completely accept that there is any profound spot equivalent to this in the Azure Sky Sect. I hit the big time! ”

With the two his development and developing procedure making leap forwards simultaneously, Lin Yun couldn cover his bliss.


Out of nowhere, the profound atmosphere in this area began to turn. The profound atmosphere in this spot was getting so consolidated he could see glimmers with his unaided eyes.

”Whats going on? ” Shock spread across Lin Yuns face as he saw an average natural product lying in the grass up ahead engrossing the entirety of the otherworldly atmosphere. All of the abrupt, he had sorted out the justification for why otherworldly emanation was so thick here. A fortune was being brought into the world here. Also, according to the circumstance, the organic product seemed, by all accounts, to be progressing.


Be that as it may, right when the profound air was going to be consumed by the wild organic product, an outline streaked past, eating up the organic product. At the point when Lin Yun got an unmistakable gander at the outline, he saw it was a Saber-toothed Tiger!

The Saber-toothed tiger was a monster with the strength in the Fourth Stage of the Martial Path, an entire level over the Iron Clawed Wolves! Up until this point, Lin Yun had made a point to keep away from all the Saber-toothed Tiger he ran over. There was an extraordinary distinction between their solidarity, and going toward one was the much the same as seeking passing.


After the Saber-toothed Tiger ate up the natural product, it raised its head to take a gander at Lin Yun, bloodlust flashing in its eyes. A cool air blew toward him. As it went through his body, Lin Yun felt a shudder run down his spine.

”Devilish quality! ”

Lin Yun felt like he had coincidentally found damnation. This Saber-toothed Tiger would before long develop into a satanic monster!

A remarkable frenzy moved throughout his heart. He shouldn have gotten insatiable in the wake of seeing the natural product. He ought to have been happy with his leap forward and left right away. In any case, at the present time, he was unable to move. Alarm set in when he understood that he was unable to try and move his legs. All it had taken was one look from the Saber-toothed Tiger. He perceived that this was his base impulses answering the danger before him.

With a profound snarl, the Saber-toothed Tiger started gradually moving toward Lin Yun. As dread consumed him, dots of sweat began moving down his brow. He had never felt so near death. Simultaneously, despair began ascending in his heart. One minute prior, he was luxuriating in the delight of making a leap forward. Yet, in a matter of moments, he was loaded up with despair.

No! I can bear to bite the dust here!

He was unable to acknowledge kicking the bucket like a quitter. Regardless of whether he was ill-fated to kick the bucket, he actually needed to rip off a piece of tissue from the Saber-toothed Tiger. He would have rather not given his destiny over to another person. Grinding his teeth, Lin Yun thundered in his heart. He needed to draw his blade, however his appendages wouldn tune in.

As of now, the oncoming hunter thundered as it jumped at him, covering Lin Yun in its gigantic shadow. While confronting his looming demise, Lin Yun was astonished that his apprehension had quit developing. In actuality, he had quieted down. Abruptly, he could move his appendages once more.

Typify the tiger, smell the rose!

Envisioning the tiger from the composition as those words jumped into his psyche, Lin Yun drew his sword. He lacked opportunity and willpower to think as he charged the Saber-toothed Tiger. Nonetheless, the sword instilled with his inner energy was smacked away, showing the distinction between their solidarity. In any case, the sword had figured out how to stop the Saber-toothed Tiger briefly, pulling Lin Yun back from the entryways of misery. Decisively, Lin Yun moved aside, evading the deadly swipe from the Saber-toothed Tiger.


A tree so enormous it would take two individuals to surround it broke under the Saber-toothed Tigers assault.

Taking a full breath, Lin Yun restricted his concentration. Glancing around, he could see there was no chance to get out. The Saber-toothed Tiger became irritated subsequent to missing his assault. Yet again he immediately convoluted and jumped at Lin Yun.

Seeing that his blade had become stopped in a tree, Lin Yun realize that he was unable to depend on it any longer. With simply one moment to choose, Lin Yun decided to confront the decried Saber-toothed Tiger with his more prominent dominance of the Ferocious Tiger Fist.


At the point when the paw and clench hand came into contact Lin Yun was tossed ten meters. After he landed, he could feel the disturbance in his body as he staggered back three speeds. Shockingly, however, Lin Yun was grinning. With the inner energy from the Pure Yang Art powering the Ferocious Tiger Fist, Lin Yun found he got an opportunity with the Saber-toothed Tiger and his normal loss wouldn happen. Of course, the Pure Yang Art was known for the thickness of inward energy. Matched with the Ferocious Tiger Fist, how is it that it could be powerless?

In particular, he had arrived at the fourth phase of the Martial Path. Consequently, he started his savage fight with the Saber-toothed Tiger. The tension of battling for his endurance constrained Lin Yun to perform past his typical norms. He carried the Ferocious Tiger Fist as far as possible as the tiger from the canvas waited to him, permitting him to oppose the satanic emanation pervading from the Saber-toothed Tiger.

Bang! Bang! Blast!

Lin Yun could dubiously detect his Ferocious Tiger Fist gaining ground during the battle, giving indications of making a leap forward to finish dominance.

He had been on guard from the beginning of the battle, yet the progression of the fight gradually began to move in support of himself as his clench hand was replied by excruciating snarls from the Saber-toothed Tiger. Like a ruler among tigers, the emanation discharging from Lin Yun steadily stifled the Saber-toothed Tiger.

His structure presently culminated, Lin Yun saw his opportunity to release the primary hostile move of the Ferocious Tiger Fist. Making a stride back and bringing down his body, Lin Yun released the Tiger Roaring in the Forest! Inside the thunder, the joints in Lin Yuns fingers popped as he tossed a poke forward.


The Saber-toothed Tiger was sent flying. This was the initial time Lin Yun enjoyed acquired a benefit during this fight.

Fierce Tiger Descending the Mountains!

Not allowing the Saber-toothed Tiger to recuperate, Lin Yun changed into a tiger as he jumped out of sight. With a vicious storm following his clench hand, Lin Yun tossed one more poke at the Saber-toothed Tiger, who was attempting to get back up. As he threw his punch, Lin Yun could feel his blood bubbling all through his body. Maybe there was a fire consuming in his chest ready to be released.

Hundred Beast Wave!

Decisively, Lin Yun executed the most grounded move in the Ferocious Tiger Fist. The Saber-toothed Tiger, who was all the while battling to stand, had fear in its eyes when it saw Lin Yun charging over. To the tiger, Lin Yun resembled an instrument of obliteration instead of a wild monster.

Lin Yuns clench hand was similar to a blade of unrivaled sharpness, thundering among the breezes, the Hundred Beast Wave!

Joined by a thundering breeze, Lin Yuns clench hand went clean through the Saber-toothed Tiger. After it took its final gasp, the tiger looked as though it were bowing to Lin Yun as it imploded.

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