The System’s Era

Chapter 5: Plans

Chapter 1.04: Worries

Aurora College, Cardano Arena, 01:45 P.M

”Move. Fast. ” He told them as he moved and walked down the stairs.

After hearing Jays order, everyone immediately followed him and though some looked a little hesitant at first, it didn take long before they followed the group.

”Good, ” Jay mumbled as he watched the last person walk through the door and closed it behind them.

Now, it could be said that the thousands of zombies in the arena wouldn be able to pose a threat to them anymore. Though they weren completely safe either as they still had to deal with the zombies in the staff area.

Anyway, the situation now was much better than before as the number of zombies here was pretty negligible compared to the amount in the arena. Besides, there were many tools he could use as weapons. Well, he also had teammates now.

Speaking of those teammates, some were already fighting against the zombies who were attracted by the arrival of their group. However, Jay could only shake his head as he watched them wildly swing whatever weapons they could get their hands on in a futile attempt to repel the zombies. If things went on like this, they would just tire themselves out before being able to take a single zombie down.

Still, Jay didn really blame them as it was clear that most of them had almost no experience when it comes to fighting. Also, zombies weren exactly the easiest of adversaries they could have to fight.

Well, it is already good that they aren just expecting me to do all the fighting for them. Also, no matter how bad they are, they are still useful as long as they can help stall the enemy, he thought as he grabbed a red pipe wrench and rushed toward the zombies.

Now that he had a weapon in hand, it became all too easy for him to take care of the zombies as he didn need any fancy moves and could go straight for the kill. All it took was two or three swings of his wrench to take down any zombie and send its brain matters flying through the air. And as he waltzed through the crowd, zombies kept dropping left and right until no one was left.

It went so fast that before he even noticed it, all the zombies were dead, and all that was left was their cold corpses littered everywhere around him.

It was easier than I expected, Jay thought as even he couldn help but be surprised by his efficiency. He wasn even that tired after killing all those zombies. And Jay who had a good understanding of his own abilities knew that this wasn normal at all.

”Man, you are insane, ” he heard someone say behind as he turned to see everyone staring at him with a variety of expressions. There was fear, confusion, shock, respect, and anticipation. However, the dominant expression was acknowledgment.

In front of this, Jay could only shake his head and ignore them as he checked whether there were any casualties. And luckily there was none, and nobody seemed to be hurt.

”Alright, we should go to the locker room and rest first, ” he said as everyone once again nodded and followed after him. This time, as all the zombies around were already taken care of, they could move quickly and reach their destination in no time at all.

Once they reached the locker room, Jay didn talk to anyone and immediately rushed toward his bag. First, he took his Holobrain out, however, as expected there was no signal and he could only put it aside.

Quantum network, my ass, he grumbled as he took his talkie out and with a tight heart tried to join his sister. Unfortunately, this time too, things didn go his way and all he heard were white noises. Even after trying a dozen of times, he was still unable to get to her.

Disappointed and somewhat panicked, he then proceeds to try calling some other people. First, it was Selena, then Cole, then the twins, then Josie. Unfortunately, no matter who he called, nothing changed and all he heard every time was the same annoying white noises.

Shit, he cursed as his fist tightened around the talkie and he did his best to calm the worries within his heart.

If it was just about fighting against those zombies, Jay wouldn be so worried about them. After all, they were all good fighters and could easily take care of themselves. What he was afraid of was the possibility that one of them may have turned into a zombie. After all, he had no idea of the reasons why some people became zombies while some didn . As far as he was concerned it all seemed random and he hadn noticed a particular pattern here.

Right now, all he wanted to do was rush to his sister and make sure she was safe. However, he knew it was a foolish move to make especially now that he couldn grasp the whole situation.

Now, all he could do was pray to his sisters and his friends good stars and hope that theyd be safe.

Sigh, I shouldn worry too much. I am sure everything will be alright, he mumbled as he put his talkie away. He could try again later and hopefully, the result would be different.


Meanwhile, as Jay was sorting his thoughts, the others were also talking.

”So, what should we do now? Should we wait for help or what? ” Silvi asked Louisa.

”Help? What kind of help? ” a player sitting beside her asked.

”I don know. The military. The police. Whoever is supposed to help us in this kind of situation. They should be able to do something, right? ”

”We would be dead by the time they come, ” the player replied.

”Yes, I don think we should expect any help from anyone. If the shit happening here is happening everywhere, they would be too busy saving their lives to even think about saving someone else. ” Louisa shook her head as she heard sadly.

”Yeah, and do you even know what is happening? How can you be even sure that it is happening everywhere? ” a blonde girl retorted, seemingly dissatisfied with Louisas words. After all, not everyone would take kindly to the fact that they would have to fend for themselves in this kind of situation.

”Chuckle, this looks pretty much like a zombie apocalypse to me. Shouldn you youngsters know more about this stuff than us old folk? Besides, that voice we all heard clearly said that whatever is happening is a global event, ” a middle-aged man said with a chuckle. Though, from his tone and expression, it was clear that he didn find the situation amusing at all.

”Zombies!? This isn a movie you know. There is no w… ” the blonde girl was about to say something only to be interrupted by Louisa.

”There is no way it is possible, right? Listen, girl, I don know whether it is the apocalypse, or if those things are zombies. All I know is that they killed and ate my brother and my father without any hesitation. And they would have probably done the same to me and many of us here if it wasn for Jays help.

I understand that you are having a hard time accepting everything that is happening. We all are. However, you need to understand that the world as we know it is no more and for now, and for a long time we may have none but ourselves to count on.

For your good and the good of all of us you should accept it sooner than later. ”

After Louisa said those words, a heavy silence fell upon the room as everyone took some time to let those words sink in. It was the first time since all this began that they truly had the luxury to sit and think about everything clearly.

Some, like Louisa and the middle-aged man, were already expecting the worst and took it more calmly. While some who like the blonde girl were still optimistic only started to realize how bad things were and started to panic. There were even some who started crying on the spot, filling the locker with a tense and depressing atmosphere.

”Sigh, the little lass is right. We are in deep shit, ” the middle-aged man said, breaking the tense atmosphere in the room.

”However, it didn matter. We still need to think about what to do now, ” he continued and this time he turned to look at Jay who was silently sitting by the side and listening to their discussion.

”Yeah, boss, you should have an idea, right? ” Kenny, a player on Jays team, added.

When did I become their boss now, ” Jay mumbled as he looked at the crowd in front of him. However, he wasn too surprised as it is in human nature to seek a leader to follow. especially in such times of struggle. And he who saved their lives once apparently fit the bill.

In some other conditions, he may not have wanted such a burden. However, in this situation, he had different considerations and if his thoughts were right, taking on such a mantle could prove beneficial in the long run.

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