Tang Bo Te is a general of the Empire. Because he suffered injuries, he left his post and went home to recuperate, taking time out to accompany his Omega. Incidentally, he responded to the Empires policy and worked hard to create a baby.

Because General Tang Bo Te worked very, very, very hard, and so his Omega Yuan Qiu got unsurprisingly pregnant.

Tang Bo Te was overjoyed. Pleased with himself, he accompanied Yuan Qiu to the hospital for an obstetric examination. The doctor was shocked when the results came out.

The test results showed that Yuan Qiu was pregnant with septuplets, which is really rare, and everyone was shocked.

Yuan Qiu was stunned with the test results. Tang Bo Tes first reaction was to be happy, but before he could be happy for long, the doctor started to say how weak an Omegas body was and how dangerous it was to have multiple babies. Tang Bo Tes heart trembled.

In his heart, nothing is as important as the health of his Omega, so he immediately endured the heartache and wailed to Yuan Qiu, “We wont give birth, lets get rid of the baby.”

The doctor did not expect that General Tang, who was accustomed to the battlefield, would be scared to tears. He couldnt help but start to reflect on whether what he just said was too scary.

Yuan Qiu directly beat Tang Bo Tes head with the test result sheet in his hand, and said angrily: “This is our child, how can we just say that we dont want it! Besides, according to the Interstellar Law, casual abortion is not allowed at all.”

Omegas are getting more and more scarce, and the interstellar population is rapidly declining, so the congress enacted a law the year before that, unless the body does not allow it or there are special circumstances, private abortions are not allowed, or heavy penalties will be imposed.

Tang Bo Te, like Yuan Qiu, was reluctant to give up the children, but he would never let his Omega risk his life to give birth to the children: “With me around, those old guys in the congress dare not punish you.”

The doctor coughed lowly, “Based on Mr. Yuans physical condition, abortion at this time may be more dangerous than giving birth.”

Hearing this, Tang Bo Te felt even more regretful, helplessly holding his wifes hand without letting go, “What should we do then?”

Yuan Qiu touched his stomach and made a decision.

“Give birth!”

The doctor smiled and comforted: “Now that medical skills are developed, the embryos can be grown in vitro after being formed. You dont have to be burdened, there will be no danger.”

During Yuan Qius pregnancy, Tang Bo Te took care of him with trepidation every day, cooking, serving tea and water, and didnt dare to leave even half a step. When Yuan Qiu had a headache or fever, he had to rush to call the interstellar ambulance.

The Interstellar doctor was tossed by him several times,

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