The Villain’s Scumbag System

7: He\'s certainly not a robot

”Internet…..what? ”

The girl seemed more confused than ever while she struggled to repeat what I just said. She had almost raised an eyebrow as she stared at me in confusion.

”Yeah, An Internet Cafe! ” I repeated, saying it more slowly hoping shed understand.

”Whats that? ”

That one question from her got my expectations drowning and hope to lose. Now it seemed like she didn even know what it was to start with. ”You… don know what it is? ”

The girl shocked her head.

”What do you mean you don ? Okay… ” I guess Ill have to do some explanation ” A room where there are computers for games and….for games and stuff…is there any of those things here? ” I hoped she got it this time.

But she stared at me once again as though I had spoken a foreign language or something!

”You still don get it? ” I confirmed.

”I don think I do, ” She said rather casually.

With a long sigh, I slapped my hand against my forehead as I rolled my hands wondering what sort of world this?!

What sort of game world is this where they don even know the basics?!

I guess trying to explain to her wouldn make any sense. Itd be better to make any attempt in finding it even when I didn even have any hope on that option!

I looked back at the exit of the house and into the streets which were as dry as always ” Then I guess Ill have to go out and look for it ”

”Huh? Master, itd be dangerous Outside. Those androids are patrolling and if they find you theyll eliminate you! ”

That was another bothersome point. but in a situation like this, I didn think Id be bothered by it anyways!

I was in a critical situation and had to get home as soon as I could. I had to escape this madness of a world! So I didn think about Hesitating.

I looked at her ” At Least you know whats a computer, Right? ”

She blinked again staring at me ”sorry Master but I don know much about anything ” She stated.

And again I rolled my eyes. How can a pretty girl like her be this Ignorant?! Not even a computer?!

For a while, I wondered if it was appropriate to have such in a game world.. Maybe not? But at least there would something similar to it.

An electrical device. Yeah. That would also work. I guess.

I need to find it first before the next step of looking for lightning. It was the perfect plan for me at least!

With that Concluded I turned and began walking away without even talking to the lady much.

”Hey! Master…. where are you going? ” She had asked running after me.

I headed to the restaurant door and walked out into the empty street as she followed me behind.

”Master you can be out here… Youll be eliminated by them ” She was persistent enough to keep on convincing me. But at This point, I didn seem to care.

I had both hands on my waist as I looked around the street ” Don worry about me…Your top priority now is to find an electrical device ” I pointed out.

”But… ”

Before she could complete her sentence, we heard something otherwise.

It was glitching and rolling sounds and noises from Robots which seemed to be approaching!

I stuffed as I turned to look at another group of robots approaching! This time they were seven! and they had set out their weapons as though they were going to attack as soon as they approached.

I blinked wondering if they always passed by whenever I was out here or something?!

”Master Don worry! Ill protect you. Ill fight for you till the end! ” The girl insisted as she came to stand before me while attempting to attack.

But it was at this moment that an escape idea flashed through my head. And having thought it through for some seconds, I knew itd work!

”Step aside, ” I Said as I gently pushed her aside and then confidently stepped ahead with both hands behind me.

I was slightly trembling within as I prayed my dear plan would work because if it didn , I would be dead meat!

Just as the robots came before me pulling up their weapons to attack ” Eliminate all humans. Eliminate all characters.. ” They kept saying on repeat as the one in the middle scanned us through

The green light of confirmation flashed and at the same time, another red light of failed confirmation flashed!

The robot In the front paused with his head going left and right from me to the girl beside me.

”Human detected…god level gamer detected…. ” It said… ” Kill the Human! ” He said as he raised his gun to the girl.

”Don ! ” I quickly snapped as they looked at me.

”How…can you do such a thing without my consent and order?! ” I had demanded trying to put on a cool expression.

The robots looked at me with their head twitching with mechanical sounds and noises.

I swallowed. Why were they so silent? Could it be that Ive been discovered?!

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