I went back to the staff building campfire with Barbara, but I had to separate from Barbara before I joined Alice-chan.
Before the night got deeper, she wanted to secure a bed for Bella, so she’s going to take care of Bella in the Department of Holy Magic.

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“I got her from Marieta, but do I not have to go?”

“It’s okay.
My sister Miriana is also in the Department of Holy Magic.
My sister also regretted what we did to Marieta, so I think she wants to help her.
Instead, can you leave a message to Marieta on the bulletin boards here and there, or if you find Marieta, can you tell her that me and this child are in the Holy Magic Department?”

“I’m fine, but is it really okay?”

“That’s fine.
In the first place, I don’t have the strength to walk around, so I want to take a rest soon.
Oh, I’d like to give something to my sister.
Can I get lemonade and pudding?”

So, in case there was someone else who wanted it, I gave her an additional amount of food items, and in case the students of the Holy Magic Department would be too busy to participate in the campfire, I got a lot of barbecue meat, packed it in an item bag and handed it to Barbara.

“By the way, what department is Barbara going to enter?”

“Me? I want to learn how to make potions in this country, so I’m going to enter the alchemy department.”

If that’s the case, I think it’s better to build up your strength.

“Why? It’s alchemy? It’s not a magic warrior department, is it?”

I was going to tell her that the alchemy department is black, but I think it would be fun to have an acquaintance in the same department, so I kept quiet.
Marieta was there too.
It seems that even in the magic department, you can make magic potions and other magic items in a canned state, so it won’t change no matter which way you enter.

Let’s make potions together and have an endurance race, Barbara.

When I saw Barbara off when she went to the Department of Holy Magic with Bella, I immediately started to go around the bulletin boards while eating meat stuck on a skewer with Ursch-kun.
Each bulletin board is big, so if we separate and see if there are any messages from Marieta from both ends, join Ursch-kun in the middle, and share each other’s information.

At a first glance, I didn’t see a message from Marieta-ojou.”

“I see.
Well, I’ll write a message to Marieta and paste it, so please wait a moment.”

In the meantime, I’ll gather information.”

So that Marieta could find it right away, I wrote three sheets of the same content and pasted it on both ends and in the middle.
By the time I finished pasting everything, Ursch-kun had just come back.

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“Welcome back, Ursch-kun.
Did you find any useful information?”

“I’m back, Isabella.
I just found an employee, so I listened to him.”

And the information that Ursch-kun got is as follows.

-First thing tomorrow morning, the Knights, the Magic Division, and the military police will come and investigate the cause of the fire, and until then the premises have been blocked.
-From the burn marks of the five department buildings, a ceremonial sword made of Mithril came out, and we don’t know where it came from.
-There is information from the security guards and staff that they saw strangers.

“It seems that a lot of information is flying around, but it seems that these three things are certain now.”

“Is that so? After all, all the people here have to spend the night on the premises.”

“The auditorium and the main school building are safe, so it seems that they will temporarily open it as an evacuation site.”

“The main school building is.
it was off-limits during the introduction of the departments.
When it’s not a subject specific class, you take basic classes there.”

“That’s right.
I hope we can be in the same class.”

I’d be happy if I was in the same class as Ursch-kun.”

When I was talking about that, a boy in a red robe approached me.

“Oh!! It’s been a while.
Did you find the little one’s mom?”

When I was called out and looked at him, he was the senior member of the Magic Warrior Department who put me on the flying dragon from the library building.
I think the name is.
What’s your name again? Well, I think.

“Ah!! Marilyn-san!!”

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“No way!! That’s the flying dragon!! Oh.
I didn’t say my name, my name is Davis.
Nice to meet you again.”

“Yes, nice to meet you, Davis Senpai.
My name is Isabella.
Thank you for today, you saved me.
Bella’s mother has not been found, but her aunt said she would take care of her, so I decided to ask her.
She seems to know how to take care of a child better than me.”

After a little conversation, Davis Senpai said that he had to look around from the sky temporarily, and left for the dragon house.

When I saw off Davis Senpai and turned to Ursch-kun, Ursch-kun was tilting his head with a straight face.

The angle of your neck is amazing.”

“Just now, who was that?”

“Just now? Davis Senpai.”

“I’m sure Isabella’s acquaintances and related people didn’t have such a man.
Who is he?”

Ursch-kun, aside from my acquaintances, do you know everyone I’m involved with?! That’s amazing, Ursch-kun!! Even I didn’t understand it!!

I answered questions while admiring Ursch-kun’s memory.

“We got to know each other today.
It was very helpful because he gave me a ride on Marilyn.”

“Can you explain from the beginning?”

So, I explained step by step from when I met Davis Senpai, to the place where I left Bella with Barbara.
After listening, Ursch-kun smiled with his head tilted back.
I almost laughed at that smile, but for a moment I sensed something strange.

There isn’t a black aura coming out of Ursch-kun, but for some reason I’m afraid of that smile.
Let’s say it again, ‘He doesn’t have a black aura.’


“This is the first time I’ve heard that story, right?”

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Why are you talking separately as if you were emphasizing something so much, Ursch-kun?

I forgot.”

There were a lot of fire fighting activities, and what I was asked earlier was why I was wearing the national costume of Zahar.
To be honest, I even forgot that I rode a flying dragon until I reunited with the senior.

“Why did you get on the ride of a man you don’t know? Why were you alone in the sky with a man you don’t know?”

“Huh? I don’t know him, but it wasn’t dangerous because he was good at handling flying dragons, and it wasn’t just the two of us because Bella was there.
It’s okay, even if you fall down, I can land intact, so there’s nothing dangerous, right?”

“It doesn’t change whether there are infants or not, it’s almost just the two of you.
That’s not what I mean, why are you flying in the sky with a strange man even though we’ve never taken a walk in the sky?!”


Could it be: Jealousy

Waaaaaaaaaaah!! Ursch-kun, who recently reached puberty and recently started seeing me as the opposite sex!! That Ursch-kun!! He’s jealous just from me riding a flying dragon with a boy I don’t know!! There was also an infant!! Even though it’s not exposed!!

Ursch-kun!! This is the third jealousy today, isn’t it?! It’s amazing!! Ursch-kun is jealous!! Alright!! Today is Jealousy Day and we should celebrate every year!!

That’s right!! Ursch-kun, can you bake rice cakes every year to commemorate this day? Do you want to bake rice cakes?”

“What happened all of a sudden? What is it, a memorial?”

“Every year on this day, let’s bake and eat rice cakes while riding a flying dragon wearing a jumpsuit!!”

“I can’t do such acrobatics.
I mean, I’m angry right now, right? Do you understand?”

“I know, so I’m celebrating!!”

“Eh, Ehhhh.

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When I was talking about that, the students gathered around the bulletin board started to move around.
Some students were running.

“Huh? Look, Ursch-kun.
It looks like everyone is going somewhere.”

“Yeah, that’s right.
Let’s go talk to them for a moment.
Oh, I’ll discuss what we talked about earlier later.”

Come on!! I’ll listen to Ursch-kun’s jealousy as much as you want.
Because Ursch-kun, who is jealous, is really precious.
I like it.

When I was grinning at jealous Ursch-kun, he grabbed my wrist tightly and started to walk.
Ursch-kun grabbed my wrist tightly and started to walk.
Ursch-kun grabbed my wrist tightly and started to walk.
Ursch-kun grabbed my wrist tightly and started to walk.

Waaaaah!! What is this repeating!! My head bugged for a moment!!

Ursch-kun is grabbing my wrist and pulling it with a little bossy feeling!! Oh no, what’s wrong all of a sudden, manly?

Ursch-kun is about to kill me!! I’m going to die from cuteness!!

“Ahhhhhhhh!! Ursch-kun!! Please marry meeeee!!”

“I’ll do it!! I’ll marry you!! For sure!! Huh! Even though I’m angry.”

While he was saying that, when Ursch-kun turned around, the boys ran side by side while talking loudly.

“The dragon knight candidate who was looking around discovered the altar of a suspicious magic ceremony!!”

“So, a few students who were put in a cage were saved.
They all seem to be freshmen.”

“I can’t find someone I know.
They’re not in it, are they?”

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