For the time being, I didn’t want to talk in a place where the students were gathering and having a campfire, so I decided to move.

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We entered the main school building, which was open as an evacuation site, and looked for a vacant room, but there was no place where we could talk about important things, so we went out to the hanging garden on a large semicircular balcony.
As expected, there were no students who came to see the hanging garden at this time, and there was no one including the staff, so we decided on a place there, and Ursch-kun and I held the handrail on the balcony and looked down at the burning staff building.

who is the person who planted the Mystic Eye of the Seven Deadly Sins on me and tried to artificially create a demon king?”

Certainly, at that time, Ursch-kun said, ‘He’s someone you know, a man I hate, and we’ll never see him again.’ I was curious because I still don’t have anyone that I can think of.

“Do you remember the day Isabella came to visit my workshop and imitated a creature called a gorilla?”

“Forget it.
Forget about that.”

Now that I think of it, I can’t believe I did such a thing in front of the boy I liked.
It’s a shame, black history, forget it as soon as possible, Ursch-kun.
But Ursch-kun shook his head ruthlessly and refused.

“It’s no good.
I will never forget any memories of my precious days with Isabella, even if it’s Isabella’s request.
Every minute and every second I spend with Isabella herself is my treasure, so I won’t lose it and I won’t give it to anyone.
Even if it’s my other self.”

Another self? What is that? I wonder if Ursch-kun is still burning his rivalry to Ursch-kun, the game character of ‘Love Magical’ that I played in my previous life.
But I already like Ursch-kun, who is in front of me more than Ursch-kun, who who was a sub-character of the game, so you don’t have to worry.

Come to think of it, he was jealous that I was wearing the costume created by Game Ursch-kun during the day.
Well, in a way, thanks to that, I was able to get Ursch-kun’s freshly taken off jumpsuit, so I can only get it.
By the way, I’m not going to return this jumpsuit.
I’m 14 years old, the villainess, who is going to borrow my fiancé’s work clothes.
But instead, I’ll give him a new jumpsuit at a later date.
Let’s also embroider the name.
My embroidery skills are neither good nor bad.
and it’s not interesting at all, but Ursch-kun will laugh and forgive me.

While I was thinking about that, Ursch-kun continued to talk.

“For the first time on that day, I appraised Isabella’s status with [Eye of the Greed King], but at that time, there was a phenomenon that I had never experienced before in the appraisal results.”

“A phenomenon you’ve never experienced?”

“Yes, there was a message addressed to me on top of the appraisal results of Isabella’s status that day.”


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Eh, I don’t get it.
What did you say? Was there a message addressed to Ursch-kun on top of the status display that came out after the appraisal? How do you put a message on top of the status display? I mean, why is it addressed to Ursch-kun? Ursch-kun, did someone know you were going to appraise me that day? No, that can’t be true.
That shouldn’t have been planned.

Wait, wait, wait.
Before that, the person who left the message addressed to someone on someone else’s status is troublesome.
It’s too much of a transcendent technique to say that someone might be a demon king, so I can’t keep up with my level understanding.

“Let’s see.
I’m not sure, but does that mean that I was made into a carrier pigeon without knowing it? When on earth was it put there?”

What’s up with that? I’m lightly angry, and I’m scared because I don’t understand the meaning.

“When asked when, before Isabella was reincarnated.
When Isabella was still a woman of ‘Nihonjin’, she was also given a message along with the Seven Deadly Sin Skill.”

“Hmm, ahhhhhhhhhh.
What is it? Certainly, in the next life, that is, beyond the world line and time in the current world, the person who embedded skills into me in the previous life put a message together.

What’s that? I’m really scared.
It’s a message from a dangerous person who tried to create an artificial demon king, right? If such a thing is sent in an incomprehensible delivery method and by name, it will be confusing and difficult to explain.

“That’s right.
If you embed the ‘Seven Deadly Sins Skill’ into Isabella in that message and evolve all those skills, the ‘Demon King’ will be created.
He wrote what he was thinking, and it was written that he would leave the work of evolving that skill to me.
But it seems that he also had a miscalculation, it was certainly addressed to ‘me’, but it was a message to ‘me who is in the Magic Academy’.”

Oh my god.
Even though the delivery date and time arrived significantly incorrectly, the shock to a six-year-old boy who was suddenly entrusted with such a reckless work by name is immeasurable.
If an ordinary six-year-old is entrusted with creating a demon king, he will be at a loss because it is too heavy.
Before that, they may not understand the contents of the message at all.
Because it was Ursch-kun, after understanding the content, he was able to pass it without me noticing it, and kept silent until today.

No matter how you look at it, Ursch-kun, who was six years old at the time, has too many specs.

“So, who the hell is that crazy man? I was told that it was someone I knew, but as far as I know, I can’t think of a person with such a broken performance.

Ursch-kun is the one who I think is the best cheat I know, but I feel like he’s in a much different dimension than Ursch-kun.
Who on earth will insert a message while interfering with the previous life of an acquaintance and embedding their skills?

It’s me.
In the other world lines, I grew up without meeting Isabella, so I did it.”

“Ah! That makes sense.”

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Okay, I understand.
Certainly, there is no other than Ursch-kun who can do such a thing.

Yeah, yeah.
While I was nodding, Ursch-kun looked at me with his head tilted.

“Isabella? Aren’t you going to get angry?”

“Eh? Why?”

“Because I, in the parallel world line, tried to create a demon king by using Isabella as an experiment, right?”

“Yeah, I just heard that.”

“Aren’t you angry with me? Don’t you hate me?”

“Eh? Huh? Why would I hate Ursch-kun? Ursch-kun, that’s not what you did.”

“It’s me.”

No, it’s Ursch-kun, but it’s not Ursch-kun.
How on earth should i explain this to Ursch-kun? In the first place, during the day, Ursch-kun said that he and the game Ursch-kun are different men.
The remarks are contrary to what he said in the daytime.
Is this that thing? The Ursch-kun in game that created amazing things is a different man from himself, and the Ursch-kun in the game that did bad things feels like he’s the same as himself, and he’s only carrying the downside?

No, cut off the downside that is something other people did!! In fact, Ursch-kun in this world didn’t do anything!!

Ursch Schneiver in a different world!! Because of your tricks, my fiancé feels strange guilt and in debt, and his self-esteem is getting low!!

“Well, it’s not something Ursch-kun did after all.
I can’t find a good metaphor, but for example, if you have an identical twin brother, you obviously know that the ‘twin brother’ did something bad, and you say ‘my brother and I are the same, so it’s as good as if I did it.
That’s why I came to apologize.’ Even if you apologize, it wasn’t you.
He did it.
the brother should come and apologize, right? Do you think you’re the same if you have the same genes? Well, even if it’s a person with the same blood and looks the same, it’s a different person!!”

“But twin brothers don’t have even the same souls.
Me and Ursch Schneiver are the same person in the parallel world line.

“No!! It’s so annoying!! Then clench your teeth right now!!”

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I’m going to slap Ursch-kun’s cheek at my words, and I’m going to slap him as much as I can.

The sound of ‘Bachin’ echoed in the hanging garden illuminated by the light from the burning staff building.

Ursch-kun put his hand on the cheek that was struck by me and is still warm.
And I’m.
I was in a cold sweat holding my heart beating at a tremendous speed.

Th, Thank goodneeeeeess!! I managed to manage it well!! With my slap, Ursch-kun’s head and body didn’t wave an eternal goodbye, so I’m really glad!!

It’s beating inside, but I’ll leave it to the momentum and say it.

“It’s all messed up with the current slap!! To be honest, I think Ursch-kun is not bad at all, but if Ursch-kun doesn’t calm down, that’s the punishment.
Yes, this case is settled!! It’s over!!”

“Eh? Eh?”

“It’s not ‘Eh?’!! It’s over!! Yes, is there anything else you should tell me?”

Oh, yeah? No, in that message, I called myself a ‘great sage’ in the parallel world.”

Oh, wait, wait!!

“You’re the ‘great sage’!!”

“Well, uh, I still only have the [Wise Man] skill, but.
That’s, yeah.”

The moment I heard that, I tackled Ursch-kun and hugged him.

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“Uwah, Isabella.

“Yes, secured!! Secure the ‘great sage’!! Successfully captured alive!!”

The moment I achieved the ‘Great Sage Live Capture Quest’ that I thought of with Marieta, light music began to play.

I thought it was a quest achievement melody for a moment, but it seems that the dance started around the campfire.

“Okay, Ursch-kun.
Let’s go dancing too.
It’s a reconciliation dance.”

Holding Ursch-kun, I drug him back to the staff building.
Ursch-kun was hanging from me with his legs lifted on the way, probably because his feet hit the step when we went down the stairs.

When I laughed because it was strange, Ursch-kun was caught up and started laughing.

When the two of us joined the dance circle while laughing, we bounced and spun around with each other’s left arms looped together.
By the way, there is no dance in this world where you hold each other face to face like waltzes and tango.
Maybe this is my guess, but I think it’s influenced by the muscle brain climate that thinks that it is defenseless to expose each other’s backs to others in a situation where both arms are blocked.
The result is this dance in a tavern where rough people dance with a mug in one hand.
To be honest, there is no sex appeal.

But I really like the culture of saying that dancing is something to make a fuss when you’re having fun or when you need to cheer up.

I jumped around while laughing with Ursch-kun.

It’s okay.
We can do it.
We still have no idea what the Demon Lord was or what the great sage was thinking, but we can live while laughing and trusting each other.


This was the last chapter of this arc.
Tomorrow we will start on the ‘Mystery of the Demon Lord’ arc.
Well, now we know for sure that the ‘great sage’ is definitely Ursch.
Looks like Isabella won’t be getting the answers from him that she wanted since Ursch doesn’t remember his past lives (though that would be an interesting development).
Hopefully we will find out some of the answers we have been waiting for in the next arc.

We are almost completely caught up with the raws, and unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in a while.
When the author updates, I will also translate the following chapters, but I will need another novel to work on until then and between future updates.
Any pick up or translation suggestions are welcome.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and thank you for reading!

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