VWMC Chapter 117

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8-10 minutes 21.07.2022

Ursch-kun and I were standing in line under the blue sky to receive the robe of the alchemy department.

Since then, they have been repairing the damage caused by the fire of the five department buildings and the staff building, and the safety of all the students have been confirmed.
And the start schedule of the classes was significantly off due to the search for suspicious people who are believed to have caused the fire.
Normally, on the first day of the classes held in the main school building, we would receive a colored robe representing the elective department in the classroom, but the start of class was postponed, so it became like this.

By the way, about the color of the robes,

-Magic Warrior Department: Red Robe
-Magician Department: Blue Robe
-Magic Department: Green Robe
-Department of Holy Magic: Yellow Robe
-Alchemy Department: Tea-colored Robe

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That’s it.
There is no proper uniform.
Some students are wearing uniform-like clothes, and other students are quite free except for robes, such as plain clothes, work clothes, and innovative clothes.

Ursch-kun is wearing a uniform or work clothes because it’s troublesome to choose plain clothes every morning.
It seems that there are many types because common people around the royal capital and commoners in local cities can’t prepare a lot of clothes.
Commoners in rural areas wear a few plain clothes.

yeah, a lot of things.
The aristocratic children who live around the royal capital are dressed in their own way, but the aristocratic children who came from the countryside.
somehow, a guy with a naked upper body and pants, a mysterious high-class cloth wrapped around his waist and neck, what kind of barbarian magician is he? A guy dressed like the son of a Don, the chieftain of a mafia with a flashy fur coat on his shoulder.
A guy who looks like a clown, a guy in full-featured armor even though it’s a magic academy, and so on.
It’s free.
It seems that there are things like local areas, but basically, those children are more wild than the nobles of the royal capital(?) That’s a lot.
It makes sense to be told that someone is the chief of the son of the mercenary corps.
There are trains running in the Kingdom of Roserial, and civilization should be progressing.
Shouldn’t the son of the master of the adventurer guild dress more intelligently?

The noble ladies are dressed relatively decent because they wear dresses that don’t get in the way of classes and work, or expensive plain clothes that incorporate trends.
There are some ladies carrying scythes on their backs, ladies in bondage suits, and ladies who are restrained in pure white restraints, but it’s much better compared to the men.

By the way, my clothes today are a dress made by Ursch-kun.
After that flashy national costume of the Kingdom of Zahar incident, Ursch-kun created several of my plain clothes as declared.
Ursch-kun asked me what I wanted, so I asked him to make it mint green to match the chocolate robe of the alchemy department.
I liked chocolate mint ice cream and drinks in my previous life, and I like chocolate mint color.
There is a chocolate-colored corset type belt around the waist.
The belt also has metal fittings, so it’s a practical thing that can hang tools used in the alchemy department and a test tube belt.
The skirt part is about the length to hide the knees, and I like it because there is a chocolate pattern in the mint and beige vertical stripes.

This beige color is kind of a very calming and good color, and when I thought it was a color that I often see somewhere, it was the same color as Ursch-kun’s hair.
Even if this skirt doesn’t fit, I’ll keep it for the rest of my life.

And one more thing, I asked Ursch-kun to make the same goggles as Ursch-kun, so recently I’ve always been wearing those goggles around my neck or head.
When Ursch-kun saw it, he started to wear it the same way, so it’s matching.
I feel like we’re a production couple, and I can’t stop giggling.
Sometimes it doesn’t fit a giggle, and a strange voice comes out.

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Today, while waiting in line to receive the robes, Ursch-kun looked down at me comparing myself and the goggles around Ursch-kun’s neck.

“The robe that Isabella will receive, can I keep it until tomorrow?”

“Huh? It doesn’t matter, but why?”

According to the news posted on the bulletin board, the scheduled start date of classes was a week later, so I didn’t need the robe yet.
So there’s no problem letting him borrow it, but when I asked a question because I didn’t understand what it’s for, Ursch-kun answered while taking a few steps with the movement of the line.

“At this academy, the robes can be remodeled if you don’t change the color of the robe.
Some students are remodeling at the level where the original look of the robe disappears, but if the original is a designated robe, there is no problem.
I have the skills of a sewing artist, so I’m thinking of adding various effects to Isabella’s robe.
Is there any decoration you want me to put on?”

Is it okay to remodel the robe? I wonder what would be good.
When I heard about remodeled uniforms, I feel like a delinquent in the late Showa period in Japan.
Shall we go with that image?

“Well, then I want you to put an embroidery on the back where a dragon and a tiger are facing off against each other.”

I’ll think of something that would suit Isabella.”

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It was rejected unexpectedly.
But the embroidery of the dragon and tiger figure has a lot of work and it can’t be helped.
And isn’t it the embroidery of the duke’s daughter’s robe? In a way, it may look like a villain different from the villainess, but I’m not aiming for that.
No, it might be cool, right? She wears a robe with a dragon and tiger embroidery on her shoulder and stands with her arms folded.

“Isabella, you’re thinking about something strange again, aren’t you? Like the figure of yourself wearing a robe on your shoulder and standing with your arms folded.

How did you know.
I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I wonder if Ursch-kun’s ability to understand what I’m thinking from my expression is getting stronger? No matter how much you say that what I’m thinking is showing on my face, do you even know what came to mind with delusions?

“We’ve been together for many years.
I’ve come to have a rough idea of what Isabella is imagining.”

What did you say? I still can’t read Ursch-kun’s thoughts!?

“Ursch-kun, I feel complicated.
Ursch-kun understands me even if I don’t say anything, but I can’t really guess from Ursch-kun’s expression.

But when I’m angry Isabella will know right away.”

If you have such a black aura around you, anyone will understand even if it’s not me, Ursch-kun.

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“Let me just tell you.
Isabella and Brian are the only ones who can sense that I’m angry, except my father and brother.”

“If you’re talking about Brian the muscle brain, I’m not sure if it’s amazing or not.”

“Brian is simple, but he has skills such as [Divination], [Super Sense], [Super Detection] and [Psychiatric Appraisal] and natural wild intuition, so that area is pretty amazing, isn’t it? However, it seems that he can’t decide how to use the information he’s read, so it’s just a waste of treasure.

Brian, you’re being praised and degraded by your best friend Ursch-kun.
Also, maybe, but I’m the type who doesn’t know how to make use of the information I got.
I don’t like things that are the same as Brian because we seem to have the same character category.

While talking about that, I looked forward at the line with Ursch-kun.

Even so.

“”The line isn’t moving forward at all.””

This was a very simple fluffy chapter with not much going on.
Just an explanation of the robes, and a nice little chat between Isabella and Ursch.
A nice little break from mystery solving.
We are now in the ‘Mystery of the Demon Lord’ arc.
I’m really excited about this one and hope to get some answers to some of our long standing questions.
But when will Isabella start calling him Ursch without the ‘kun’.
Isn’t not using honorifics in this case supposed to show how close they are? Yet Isabella only uses them with Chris, Alice, and Ursch, the people she is closest with, but not her acquaintances like Marieta and Barbara.
Isn’t it backwards?

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and thank you for reading!

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