When I got off Marilyn, who landed a little away from where people were gathering, I went with my senior to talk to people who couldn’t leave the gate.

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Many students were confused that they couldn’t get out of the premises even though the department buildings were on fire.
The information seemed to be complicated, and I talked to a lot of people, but I couldn’t judge what was the right information.

“It seems that there is a suspicious person in the academy, and it seems that the fire in the department buildings is said to be the work of the suspicious person.
I heard that it’s a blockade to prevent that person from leaving.”

“The attack on the staff building is not allowed, and the strong defense of the staff building has also been breached, so it’s rumored that it’s a commotion caused by someone with malicious intentions.”

“It seems that something important has been stolen.
This is my prediction, wasn’t the entrance blocked to prevent the stolen thing from being carried out of the academy?”

“It started to burn all at once!! At the same time!! It’s definitely multiple offenders!! There’s no way one person can burn everything alone!!”

“Look at these clothes.
How much do you think it is? Actually, it was 500 gal.
It’s cheap, right? Well, I’m good at shopping.”

“The flame burning the department buildings seems to be a special flame.
They’ve been trying a lot of things, but it won’t disappear.
That’s why the fire fighting is delayed.”

“It seems that someone very similar to the teacher who was fired th3e year before last was seen.
Doesn’t it have something to do with that?”

“I read a scene similar to this situation in a novel.
I’m sure it’s a copycat.
If you go according to the development of the novel, you should discover Mithril’s ceremonial sword with built-in magic jewels after it burns.”

“I heard there was a similar fire 30 years ago.
It seems that the criminal group at that time has been caught, and the motive and means have been figured out.”

Have you seen a macho wearing a neat dress with long red hair? No, he’s my brother, but I can’t see him even though he looks so conspicuous.
If you see him, can you tell him that his siter is waiting here?”

After splitting up and gathering a certain amount of information, I joined my seniors and exchanged information.
However, the information I got didn’t seem reliable.

“I don’t understand the situation at all.
It’s different for those who ask why it’s blocked, we don’t even know when the blockade will be broken.”

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“Is that so? At the moment, Bella is sleeping quietly, but it’s been a while since she had baby food and breast milk in the library building.
I think she’s going to get hungry soon, but I don’t have anything that she can eat.
Is it possible to let Bella out alone?”

Bella was sleeping soundly in the commotion.
It’s a bit impossible.
I’m too tense.
I’m sure it will be a big deal in the future.

“The cause of the blockade is also unclear.
In the department building of the Department of Holy Magic, there is a daycare center that students use, and sometimes students with children take the little ones there when they have a fever, so they might have left something behind.
If the fire doesn’t go out.

Considering the treatment of injured people, the fire fighting activities of the Holy Magic Department should be a priority.
But even if I want to cooperate with the fire fighting, I can’t move loudly because I have Bella.

When I was thinking about what to do, a yellow-green shadow suddenly jumped at me from the side.

“Hey, hey!! You, Isabella?! It’s Isabella, right?!”

When I looked at the yellow-green color that jumped in front of me, there was a girl with yellow-green hair in twin tails.

“Do you remember? It’s me!! The ‘Bloody Doll Case’ in the Kingdom of Diana!!”

“Could it be.
Barbara? Is it Barbara? Why are you here?”

The girl with yellow-green hair is Barbara Rami Hillson, the daughter of former Viscount Hillson.
Currently, she changed her name to Barbara Rami Taylor due to her mother’s remarriage, and she is the villainess and Marieta’s half sister in the Brian Route.

She moved to the Kingdom of Diana due to her mother’s remarriage during the Colors Collector Case.
At least when I ran away from home to the Kingdom of Diana with Ursch-kun, she lived in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Diana.

So she and her older sister, Miriana Lily Taylor, got involved in the case, and when we solved the case with Ursch-kun, we became friends.

“My sister and I came to study abroad! But now is not the time for that! My sister is a healer of the Department of Holy Magic!! My sister is left underground in that fire!! Help me!! You can do something about it, just like that time!!”

Holy Magic Department, I was thinking of going to help, but I don’t know if I can do anything about Bella.

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Hmm? Come to think of it, Barbara and Miriana are sure.

“Hey, Barbara you had little brothers, right? You loved them so much and took good care of them, didn’t you?”

I’m sure Barbara’s mother divorced Viscount Hillson and gave birth to two sons in the Kingdom of Diana after she got married to her childhood friend.

“Since the, two sisters like angels have been born!! What is it?!”

Has it increased even more since then? There are a lot of children in the Taylor family.
But that’s convenient.
Considering the deredere condition of the younger brothers of the Taylor sisters at that time, they must have taken good care of the sisters.

“Also, when you were desperate in the Bloody Doll incident, you were crying that you want to apologize to your half-sister who you used to bully a long time ago, right?”

“Forget about that!! .
I told you I don’t have time for that right now!!”

“No, this is important for going to help Miriana.”

“Is that so? But I don’t know where she is or how to make contact anymore, so it’s impossible!!”

I held out Bella in front of Barbara who was screaming like that.

“Well, what you can see here is Marieta’s beloved daughter, Bella.”


“She’s the daughter of your half sister.
In other words, your niece.”


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Barbara looked at me and Bella alternately.
I understand that feeling.
When I heard from Marieta that she had a child, I didn’t understand the meaning.

“Eh? Huh? No.
What? That girl, Marieta’s child? Did I become an aunt? Really? Oh, but it certainly looks like that girl.

“I’m taking care of this child for Marieta, so I can’t go even if I want to help Miriana.
So, I wonder if Barbara, the aunt of this child, could look after this child for a moment.

Actually, the problem is, I don’t think it’s good to leave the infant I took care of to another person because it’s not responsible.
But I think it’s much better to ask Barbara, who has taken care of a lot of siblings, than me who has never taken care of a small child.
Besides, I wonder if the relationship between Barbara and Marieta will start being repaired by this.

But Isabella took care of that child, didn’t she?”

I didn’t accept it.”


“Marieta suddenly passed Bella to me and went somewhere.
There was no agreement.”

“Huuuuh? What is she doing!! It can’t be helped! Okay, I’ll take care of that girl, so Isabella, go and save my sister!”

Saying that, Barbara held out her hands, so I handed over Bella, and Barbara hugged Bella tightly.
Barbara’s expression, which was tense because of her worries for Marieta, loosened a little as soon as she looked into Bella’s face.
It’s more stable than when I was holding her.
I’m a little relieved.

“By the way, the child’s name is Bella.
I separated from Marieta in the library building, so she might go back there, but the library building seemed to be an evacuation center, so I came out.
As soon as the blockade is lifted, Bella should return to the mother and daughter dormitory.”

“That’s right.
If we can get out, I think it’s better to get her out of here as soon as possible.
Got it.
I’ll take responsibility and take care of this child until Isabella or Marieta comes back, so leave it to me.
If the blockade is lifted, I’ll be waiting for you while taking care of this child in the mother and child dormitory.
If you see Marieta on the way, tell her that too.”

Thank you.”

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Saying that, when I tried to head to the department building of the Department of Holy Magic, Barbara stopped me.

“No, wait a minute!! What about this child’s diapers and food?”

“I didn’t receive it either.
Marieta went somewhere without giving it to me.”

“Huuuuuuuh? I don’t even know when the blockade will be broken, what am I going to do!!”

It’s bad.
But there is no baby food or milk.
If it’s my mystery sludge, there are a lot of them in the [Closet], but you shouldn’t feed her that.
There are other fruits and puddings made at game events, but .
is it better than nothing? Let’s leave it just in case.

I took out the [Subspace Pouch] created by Ursch-kun from the [Closet] and put fruits and pudding in it.
While I was at it, I included lemonade.
Is there anything else?

Ah, let’s have her wear physical and flame-resistant items so that Bella doesn’t get hurt.
Is this good? S rare ‘Dragon Costume Pajamas’ from the ‘Costume Lotto’.
It specializes in flame resistance and physical resistance, and the size changes according to the wearer’s body.

“I’ll put this costume of Bella for a moment, because it’s made of physical shock and flame-resistant material.”

Saying that, when I tried to put on the costume over Bella’s clothes, Barbara got mad at me.

“Infants have a high body temperature, so it would be hot if the wore such thick clothes!! It’s stuffy and they can get sweat rash!! Even though it’s already hot because of the hot air of the fire!! Think about it a little!!”


“I’ll put this on, so Isabella, go now!! After that, I’ll use magic or anything to grate fruits, and I’ll make her drink hot water and somehow survive!!”

She got angry.
For the time being, Barbara seemed to be doing well when it came to babysitting, so I decided to leave it to her and somehow go get rid of the fire of the Holy Magic Department.

When I asked Barbara to take care of Bella again, I hurried to the place where the department buildings were lined up.


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