It’s good to plunge into the flames for fire fighting, but your clothes will burn.
I’m resistant to all attributes, so I don’t get burned with this level of flames, but I don’t have clothes.
I dressed Bella in a dragon costume, so I don’t have it anymore.

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Another costume that is resistant to flames is the costume of ‘Scorching Cat Dancer Lotto’ at the request event from the Crown Princess from the Kingdom of Zahar.

However, this costume has the exposure intensity level of a samba dancer, so I feel resistant to wearing this and doing fire fighting.

No, in this world, no one cares if you walk around the city in the costume of a samba dancer, but it takes courage to wear it as a former Japanese sensibility.

Whether you look at people with bikini armor in the city, or look like a samba or Arab dancer, I don’t care, but when it comes to wearing it myself.
My style is much better than when I was Japanese.
Even though she’s a villain, she is one of the main characters in the otome game.

Even though she’s a duke’s daughter, for some reason she has a complex with abs.
I don’t need that kind of physical beauty in the field of physics.

Even though it’s not a six pack, why don’t I remember doing any muscle training? It was normal when I was a child who had just regained my memory, but as I grew up, my muscles grew.

I wonder if the body has evolved to match Lv and HP? No way.

You can’t tell if I wear a dress like now, but I don’t want Ursch-kun to know that I’m a woman with abs.
If I were an adventurer or a female knight, I wouldn’t have anything in particular to think about, but it would be unnatural if the current duke’s daughter had abs.
No, it’s not impossible in this world?

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Well, it can’t be helped.
The costume system was released in the exchange of items in my previous life, so there are fewer than other items.
There are only rare, S rare, or true rare costumes left, so I’m in trouble because the options are limited at times like this.

That’s why I wore it.
True rare ‘Crimson Lotus Girl’ from the ‘Scorching Dancer Lotto’.

A mysterious ornament is hanging in a gold and red bikini-like costume.
And bracelets and ankle bracelets(?) There were a lot of them and it made a squeaking sound.

And there were many huge feather ornaments on my head.

I mean, what kind of feather is that? Isn’t it more than 1 meter long? Only that decoration looks like an indigenous person.

I was thinking of removing just the feathers on my head, but the head feathers manage my body temperature and the surrounding air conditioning, so it seemed like I could spend time comfortably even in the flames.
Even though I wouldn’t get burned, it would be so hot that I sweated, so I decided to wear it.

However, what kind of festival is it to dismantle a burning building in such a cheerful outfit?

In fact, since I started the demolition work, the onlookers of the fire quickly turned into the audience of the show.
Even though I was seriously extinguishing the fire, the dilemma seems to be playing happily from the people around me.

Give up and the audience doesn’t care, go up to the building and hit the building in order from the top, kick it, jump up high and hit the body.
If something collapses, I avoid falling with backflips and [Three-Dimensional Maneuvering], and then rotate with a lariat or elbow, and remove the rubble from the square in front of the department building so that the rubble is kept away from the foundation of the building.

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As I continued to do such work, some of the onlookers rolled barrels and drums from somewhere and started percussion instead of drums.
At the end, the audience took on the rhythm by clapping and taping their feet accordingly.

No, it’s not entertainment!! And who started singing a folk song like that!! You’re good at it!!

Don doco don doco don doco ♪ doo do do do do do.

“Tee~iooo r r r r Rua!! Tsuoru r r r r Ah~!! Tutu~rinano Miitsa~!!”

As the percussion got intense, the mysterious song got exciting.
My tongue rolling is bad.
But I’ve never heard such a language.
I’m going to peddle around the world with Ursch-kun, so at least I have a tutor to learn the main languages of this continent, but I’ve never heard of it.

Maybe you’re singing appropriately in coined words, aren’t you?

Zudon!! Don don doo pa pa don ♪

“Faganami Tiirui~da!! Tutu~rinano Miitsa~!!”

I mean, stop putting accompaniment and singing in my fire extinguishing work!! I’m the type of person who unconsciously adapts to the rhythm when I play music while cleaning or doing something!!

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“Tutu~rinano Miitsa~!! Aah~~Ah Ah! Tutu~rinano Miitsa!!”

Enough Tutu~rinano Miitsa!! I’ve been thinking about Italy’s pizza!! It feels like it’s being called repeatedly, and it sticks to my ears desperately!!

While I was working hard on Tutu~rinano Miitsa by myself, the enthusiasm of the surrounding audience was at it’s peak.
It’s just an audience-participatory show.

Instead of becoming one spectator in the clapping, could you participate in the fire fighting?

Some spectators are trying to extinguish the embers of the collected rubble, but there are many people who are overwhelmingly clapping.

As I continued to dismantle beside the excited audience, I saw the square in front of the alchemy building built far away.
The water gushing out of the large fountain installed in the center of it stopped, and the undulating surface of the water began to shine light pink.

When I was watching what king of phenomenon it was, a large golem with a bronze color appeared slowly as if pushing up the water from the center of the shining fountain.

When the whole body of the golem was out of the water, both eyes turned pale and it left the fountain while dripping water from the whole body.

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And when it got out of the fountain, it turned around from the slow movements until then, started running agilely with a clean form, and tackled the burning alchemy department building.

They did it!! The golem of the alchemy department will be put into the fire extinguishing activity!! Thank you, the golem production team of the alchemy department and Ursch-kun!! And thank you, Golem-kun!!

The department building, which received the tackle of the golem, collapsed into the backyard, which has become a minefield, and was further shattered by the activated mines.

As expected, it’s only big.
There is more rubble that can be pushed out with a single blow than destroying it with my limbs.
With just a golem tackled about 10 times, the demolition of one building can be completed.
With this, the fire fighting will proceed all at once!!

With that in mind, another golem appeared from the center of the fountain.
The second golem that was carried out was a reddish copper color other than the head.

The head was transparent, and Lewis Hunt Senpai was packed in it.

It feels like it’s just packed.
Even if Lewis Senpai has a small body shape with a legal shota frame, it’s quite impossible.

Because you’re sitting in a gymnastics position on the head of the golem, right? Is there such a cockpit? Moreover, no matter how you look at it, you can never move in that position.
A cockpit designed so that you can never scratch even if your head gets itchy.
It’s kind of sad.

That operable golem definitely needs to be improved.

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