I zoomed in and checked if Lewis Hunt was really okay in that state.

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Lewis Hunt’s eyes were dead.
I mean, the expression was dead.
I don’t think he agreed to get in the cockpit.
As I could see, Hunt senpai was completely escaping reality.
Do your best and don’t run away.

Hunt senpai, who was much more empty than Chris-sama in his childhood, moved to the department building of the Department of Magic, packed in the head of the golem.
Apparently, they split up to dismantle the department buildings.

I was the Holy Magic Department.
The Alchemy Department was a golem.
The Magic Department was Hunt senpai in a golem.
The rest are the Magic Warrior Department and the Magician Department, but someone who saw how to do it from me and the golem would deal with it.

If it’s dismantling work, I’m sure the magic warrior department and the magician department would be good at it.

Thinking so, when I was resuming the work of the Department of Holy Magic, I saw a dragon knight riding a red flying dragon rushing into the burning Magic Warrior Department building over and over again.
Is the red flying dragon a flame-type flying dragon? The dragon knight was safe because he was able to put up a shield.

When I thought that the rest was the magician department, a golden flash ran from the department building of the magician department, and the next moment the department building blew away.

that was a mad bomber, no, it was the work of Alice-chan, who is now called ‘Explosion Queen’.

Alice-chan’s title remained a bomber, and she hadn’t married Chris-sama yet, but she came to be called ‘Explosion Queen’ by the people around her.

Chris-sama recovered from the nervous breakdown caused by constantly activating his skills, and the number of daughters who wanted to be his fiancée increased for a while.
If the curse was lifted, there were a lot of houses that said, “I’d love to make my daughter his fiancée,” thinking that it would be okay if the fiancée’s house didn’t have a lot of power.

Both the king and the queen were planning to make Alice-chan Chris-sama’s fiancée at that time, but the people around them were noisy.
So the queen admitted that “a daughter who is weaker than Christopher (because he can read her mind) can’t be his fiancée.
Those who say that they deserve to be Christopher’s wife should convince us with that bravery,” so Alice-chan’s heart dynamite ignited.

As a result, not to mention Chris-sama, Alice-chan with bombing magic, who kicked the other fiancée candidates, walked through the medium-sized dungeon alone, and presented the drop item from the bottom boss’s defeat to the royal family, was confirmed as his fiancée.

Since then, all the love rivals standing in front of Alice-chan will be destroyed by bombing.
She is the immovable fiancée of the second prince, and the daughter who was promised by the second prince and queen.
Even so, she came to be called ‘Explosion Queen’ with fear and respect.

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I don’t think there are any more maidens in love in this country who can defeat Alice-chan (for Chris-sama).

Alice-chan and Chris-sama said they were going to the Magic Warrior Department, but they left the fire fighting of the Magic Warrior Department to the dragon knight candidate and went around the Magician Department to extinguish the department fire.

However, if you look at how they blew away that department building, are the surroundings and underground okay? Oh well.
They will do something about it over there.

While looking away, after dismantling the Holy Magic Department building, I looked for an entrance to the basement while moving the rubble to the square.

Even though it was a special flame that was hard to disappear, it went down a lot because the things to burn became smaller, and even the surrounding onlookers managed to extinguish the flames that remained in the rubble.

When I was searching for the underground doorway, the audience approached me and took care of the rubble and exchanged words of gratitude.

To be honest, I was worried about Ursch-kun, so I took advantage of those words and left the Holy Magic Department.

I had a lot of ideas, such as looking for Marieta and having to join Barbara who I left Bella with, but I’m tired today.
Anyway, I want to meet Ursch-kun and be healed.

With that in mind, I proceeded to the Alchemy Department building that was being dismantled by the golem.

Apparently, the golem production team that came out of the basement with a transfer device seemed to be checking the operation of the golem, and students dressed in brown robes from the alchemy department gathered to record.

In that group, I find Ursch-kun with a light brown fluffy head wearing a gray jumpsuit.

Ahhhhhh!! Ursch-kun is wearing a jumpsuit!! It’s really like an engineer and looks cool!!

I was excited, so I was going to run up to Ursch-kun.

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“Ursch-kuuuuuuuun!! Yay, Ursch-kun!! Over here!”

Ursch-kun, who looked back at my voice with a smile, became stiff for a moment, and came towards me with an agile movement that I had never seen before.
He wasn’t running, but while walking with beautiful posture, Ursch-kun came at a surprising speed, but he didn’t stop in front of me.
He held me in one arm with a flowing movement and kept moving.

“Ursch-kun, the fire fighting is over.
Thank you for making the golem.”

I called out but there was no reply.
What’s wrong? When I looked at the situation, there was the expression of Ursch-kun with a thin smile like a Noh mask.

Oh no.
I’m kind of scared of Ursch-kun.

It doesn’t feel like a black aura is blurring as usual, but I’m afraid of that smile.
Oh, by any chance, is this the one that says ‘dark smile’? No, but he doesn’t have a black aura.

While I was thinking about that, it seemed like we came to the back of an unpopular big greenhouse, and I was gently dropped off there.

What is it? Ursch-kun.”

“What is it? That’s what I want to say, right? Hey, what is it? That outfit.”

When Ursch-kun pointed it out, I remembered how I looked.

Waaaaaaah!! My abs were still showing!! Oh my god!!

“Uwaaaah!! Ursch-kun, wait!! I can’t show you my stomach!! Don’t look at my stomach!!”

“Why can’t I look at it? I don’t know how long you’ve been dressed like that, but you showed it to other people, didn’t you?”

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“Because I have abs!! Don’t look at it, Ursch-kun!!”

I tried to hide my abs with both hands, but Ursch-kun grabbed my wrists and lifted them up.
If I resisted with all my strength, I would be able to shake it off, but if I did that, I would feel scared of the result and I couldn’t shake it off.
I twisted my body to hide my abs from Ursch-kun even a little, but I had a strong sense that resistance was useless.

“Other people can see it well, and it’s strange that I, your fiancé, shouldn’t see it, right? So, why are you dressed like that? That’s the national costume of the Kingdom of Zahar, isn’t it? Why is Isabella wearing the national costume of the Kingdom of Zahar?”

I thought I wouldn’t be released until I told him why, so I decided to honestly explain what I did after I finished the call with Ursch-kun.
When I started talking, Ursch-kun released my hands, but when I hid my abs, he would get angry, so I explained while wandering my hands restlessly.

But I wonder why? The more I told him honestly, the more I was afraid of Ursch-kun’s expression.

It’s true that I’m not a Zaharian, but I often see people in Roserial Kingdom with similar exposure, such as magician sisters, adventurers, female knights, and so on, and I often see people basking in the sun in swimsuits in parks and squares, and it’s not unusual.

I don’t know why Ursch-kun was angry, but when I looked up silently without the courage to listen, Ursch-kun slowly opened his mouth.

“For now, can you take off that costume right now?”



You want me to.
take off this costume right now?

“Eh, no, well.

“Why are you worried? Can’t you take it off?”

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No, no, no.
Ursch-kun, no, Ursch-sama.
As expected, it’s crazy.

“Well, even though it’s not visible.
I’m resistant to being completely naked in public.



No, no, no.
What do you mean ‘Eh?’, Ursch-sama? Is it the pressure to take it off without saying anything else, is that so?

Come on!! This place is.
Women have courage!!

When I put my hands on the bikini-like costume with enthusiasm, Ursch-kun stopped me impatiently.

“It’s different!! That’s not it!! I don’t mean to take it off!!”

Eh? It isn’t? Then what do you mean?

I didn’t understand the meaning, and when I looked up at Ursch-kun, he covered his face with both hands.
But there’s a gap between your fingers at the important eye, Ursch-kun.
I can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed, but I can definitely see it.

“I don’t want you to be completely naked, I want you to take off that costume!!”

Eh? No.
That’s why I’m saying that when I take off my costume, I’m completely naked.

“Ahhhhhh no!! Isabella can change her equipment directly from [Closet]!! You can change it from that sexy costume!!”

Oh, that’s what you mean.
I’m finally convinced.
That’s right, you’re not telling me to be completely naked outdoors.

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